Information on mokuba kaiba and rebecca hawkins relationship

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information on mokuba kaiba and rebecca hawkins relationship

Rebecca Hawkins, a young girl, shows her dueling prowess on Yu-Gi-Oh!, proving (as well as viewers at home) how card effects resolve in relation to each other. in. Media, Lectures, Articles, Commentaries, Contributors. Advanced Search Info to big money, big monster decks such as the one played by Seto Kaiba. It's really hard to have a normal relationship when you're the beloved little brother of multi-billionaire, and protective big brother extraordinaire Seto Kaiba. Read Introducing Unlocked Potential: Rebecca Hawkins/Hopkins from the but when my book comes out, that's when this relationship info will be filled up!) + Seto Kaiba, the most intelligent person to sustain his company and that little girl.

She accused Solomon of stealing her grandfather's prized " Blue-Eyes White Dragon " and demanded he Duel her for it, when asked about how she knew that Solomon "stole" the card, she replies that Bandit Keith told her. As he was recently discharged from the hospital, Solomon cannot Duel, so Yugi Dueled Rebecca in his place.


Rebecca in her original appearance. While they Dueled, Solomon recounted how he met Arthur, an archaeologist who believed that the ancient Egyptians played an ancient form of Duel Monsters. Arthur's colleagues laughed at his strange ideas, and he set out on an expedition with Solomon to find proof. They were trapped when a tomb caved in, and as there were only enough supplies for one person to live, they Dueled for them.

Now, Yugi and Rebecca are fighting, card for card, the very same Duel, and Solomon claims he knows how it will end. Rebecca discarded various monsters to her Graveyard to power up her " Shadow Ghoul " monster, and Yugi conceded defeat. Rebecca demanded the card, but Solomon reveals it was destroyed. An angry Rebecca yelled at Solomon unaware that it was really Seto Kaiba that destroyed it until Arthur arrived, telling her to behave.

Just then, Arthur arrived, showed that Yugi could have won, and explained why he surrendered. Mokuba arrived at Kame Game and informed Yugi and his friends that Kaiba's mind had been trapped in the Virtual World by The Big Fivewhile testing out a virtual reality machine that he created.

They Summoned monsters to battle them, but the zombies kept reviving stronger than before. However Joey continued to attack them, until Yugi reminded him of his Duel with Bonz.

Upon beating the zombies, they were each given a card displaying how much currency they have. Here they heard that a prisoner, who may be Kaiba, had been taken to the Cave of Death.

They were unable to travel there due to the sandstorm and a townsman informed them that they would need a " Niwatori " in order to cross that desert. Upon searching the town, they found a battle competition with "Niwatori" as a prize. Offering to help, Mai got her " Harpie Lady " to snatch the "Niwatori" card from the Coliseum owner and the four of them ran for the desert.

At the edge of the desert, Mai played the "Niwatori" card, producing four large birds for them to ride on.

Inside they found themselves in a maze and were chased by " Labyrinth Tank ". Yugi used " Magical Hats " to hide them and transport them to another part of the maze, where they met Iru and Edina. Iru guided the group to the exit, but it was guarded by " Gate Guardian ".

Outside the maze, a rescue party arrived and took Yugi and his friends to the palace as a reward for saving Edina. At the palace Yugi and his friends learned that Edina was the queen of the land.

In the dub, she was a princess. Edina informed them of Mythic Dragon ritual where they must offer sacrifices to the Mythic Dragon. They learn that Edina is to be this kingdom's sacrifice and Kaiba is to be another kingdom's. Edina tells them of a legendary flying machine which can access the castle where Kaiba is and how she believed that Yugi and his friends are prophesized heroes who will destroy the Mythic Dragon. Yugi, Joey, Mai and Mokuba agreed to help and were given hero costumes to wear.

Yugi, Joey and Mai unsuccessfully tried fighting them off. However Mokuba, who had previously swapped clothes with Edina, was kidnapped instead. While trying to find a way to save Mokuba, Yugi noticed a recent storm had revealed the outlines of the flying machine on the floor below them. Yugi asked Edina how long ago the legend involving the flying machine took place. With the unlikelihood of the machine still working and not enough time to dig it up, Yugi hinted to Joey that they needed to restore it to the condition it was years ago, prompting Joey to use " Time Wizard " to take the machine back years.

information on mokuba kaiba and rebecca hawkins relationship

On the way they were attacked by monsters, which they countered by Summoning their own monsters. Yugi was attacked while his "Dark Magician" was too far away to save him. However Iru, blocked the attack, sacrificing itself. Yugi then played " Swords of Revealing Light " to block attacks. Angry over Iru's death, Yugi switched to Yami Yugi, who led the group to the castle. Shortly after Edina thanked them and revived Mai, Joey, Mokuba and Iru, the group returned to the real world.

He ordered Yugi to stay away from the new shop. Joey was jealous of Duke's popularity and challenged him to a game of Duel Monsters. Yugi objected to the condition that Joey and Duke both use Decks from packs they open on the spot. Joey lost the televised Duel and in keeping his end of the bargain had to do whatever Duke said. Yugi became disgusted after Duke forced Joey to wear a dog suit and behave like a dog, so he switched to Yami who challenged Duke to a Duel.

Unfamiliar with the rules, Yami got off to a rough start. His chances did not improve as Duke revealed that he designed Dungeon Dice Monsters with Pegasus' aid. Duke blamed Yugi for Pegasus' disappearance after Duelist Kingdom. Yami succeeded in calling " Dark Magician ", which Pegasus had added to the game, and used it to defeat Duke. Duke lamented that his dream has been crushed as nobody would want to play Dungeon Dice Monsters now. However Yugi assured him that it was a great game and his friends agreed.

Duke apologized for how he had treated them and they agreed to be friends. Embarrassed, Yugi asks what he was talking about. As Yugi left the room, his mother asked who he was talking to.

In the dub, they were going to a soccer game Yugi told her that Yami was worried about his destiny and had no memory of his past. Falling for the disguise, Yugi reluctantly let him hold the Millennium Puzzle in order to read his future. In his search, Yugi followed a series of arrows, although he knew it was a trap, he felt that he had no other choice.

Yugi caught-up with Keith, who had the Puzzle bolted to a wall. Yugi was unable to switch to Yami during the Duel and quickly realized that Bandit Keith was his opponent after seeing he used a Machine Deck.

Yami Bakura sensed an evil presence and pinpointed it to the Duel.

Mokuba Kaiba

Keith struggled to resist being repossessed, but Marik took control long enough to have Keith smash the Puzzle. Bakura swung down from a rope, knocking Keith unconscious.

information on mokuba kaiba and rebecca hawkins relationship

Bakura then collected a piece of the Puzzle and sealed a fragment of his soul inside itbefore returning it to Yugi. Keith regained consciousness and continued to struggle with Marik's mind control, setting fire to the warehouse in his confusion. Unable to remove the piece of the Puzzle connected to the wall, Yugi stayed in the burning building to reassemble it.

After inserting the last piece he collapsed and goes unconscious from the heatbut was rescued by Tristan and Joey and was taken to the hospital.

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The duo suspected that their new enemy is in possession of a Millennium Item. However Yugi explained that while "Dark Magician" is powerful, " Maha Vailo " better suits him, as it's not the strongest card, but it had hidden power. He would have liked to have picked "Dark Magician", but thought it's better suited to the other Yugi.

Yugi noticed his robes were the same as the ones Bandit Keith wore, while he was possessed. Seeker refused to face Joey again, but challenges Yugi to a Duel. Marik then used Seeker as his puppet to communicate with Yugi. He introduced himself, told Yugi how he's after the power of the pharaoh and warned him that there are more deadly Rare Hunters. Yugi offered Joey back the "Red-Eyes", but Joey refused, saying he will wait until he's a true Duelist before earning it back. Yugi was lured into a tent by a harlequin and confronted by the Rare Hunter, Arkana.

As Yami Yugi, he faced Arkana in a Duel, where the loser's feet got cut off by a buzzsaw. In the dub, they got sent to the Shadow Realm by energy disks. Kaiba, who had appeared during the Duel challenged Yugi to a Duel on the spot, but Marik warned Yugi that he was going to take control of Joey. Yugi declined Kaiba's challenge as he had to find and save his friend. Each player had their ankles chained to an anchor, which would drag them underwater to drown after the timer reaches 0.

The only way for either player to save themself was to defeat their opponent, which would open a box, giving them a key. Through talking to Joey and using "Red-Eyes Black Dragon" to remind him of his promise to become a true Duelist and even giving him the Millennium Puzzle, Yugi managed to get Joey's subconsciousness to ignore Marik's commands.

With Joey back to normal, Yugi told Marik that he was the true loser of this Duel. Yugi let his Life Points fall to 0 and collapsed, releasing Joey's key. Using the chain, Joey swung to Yugi's side of the field and grabbed his key, before the anchor dragged them both down.

information on mokuba kaiba and rebecca hawkins relationship

He unlocked Yugi, who floated to the surface and was brought ashore by Tristan. Serenity dove in with the other key to save Joey.

information on mokuba kaiba and rebecca hawkins relationship

Mokuba shows Yugi and Joey how to summon a monster. They then run into a fairy Named Earu, that leads that to an old town. In there, Yugi suggests they split up to look around the town for clues about Kaiba.

An old lady told Mokuba that she saw someone with a prisoner going towards a mountain and the only way to get there was to cross a large desert. They all end up back at the town with Mokuba shaken from the twister. An old man tells them that to cross the desert they need a special monster, a Niwatori card.

In order to get it they must enter a tournament and win against the champion, Madame Butterfly. Joey goes up against the champ using the name Senor Porky. She decided to help them out by getting the card by force and the running for it. While crossing the desert, they ran into a monster but Joey got rid of it.

When they finally reached the temple after the desert Mokuba runs towards it, desperate to see his brother again. However, they are all ambushed by labyrinth tanks and only manage to escape thanks to Yugi using Magical Hats. They then find the exit but it is blocked by a Gate Gaurdian. Adina, thankful that they had saved her, took took them to her castle where they discussed the Heroes of Legend.

Soon, however, the castle is surrounded by monsters. One of them captures Mokuba, who was dressed up like Princess Adina and then taken to the castlein the sky, to where Kaiba is.

Upon meeting his brother, Mokuba set him free and gave back his Deck. Unfortunately, the Big Five decide to make the Mythic Dragon appear even though there were no sacrifices. Joey, however, ordered his Red-Eyes Black Dragon to take the hit therefore losing the game and disappearing. Then Mai gets hit and is taken. The Mythic Dragon goes to attack Kaiba, but Mokuba, the only one realizing that the attack was for Seto, pushed Seto out of the way but got hit, leaving his brother devastated.

In the end, Kaiba and Yugi worked together and defeated the mythic dragon. Reunited at lasteveryone left the virtual world. While his brother Duels, Mokuba wanders around town. The first violation he sees is performed by the Roba brothers. While the eldest, Espa dueled, his brothers used binoculars to see his opponent's hand. Mokuba tackles Espa's brother, and is about to throw Espa out when the younger Robas tell Mokuba about how their big brother protects them from bullies by winning Duels.

This reminds Mokuba of his relationship with Seto, and he does not disqualify the Robas, commenting that big brother stories get him every time.

Rebecca Hawkins

As Mokuba walks away, he is ambushed by Rare Hunters and kidnapped. He is tied up and dangled from a helicopter, which flies over his brother's head. The loser of the Duel would plummet to their death In the dub they would be sent to the Shadow Realm. Mokuba was ordered to go find Yugi and Seto. Kaiba's younger brother took a helicopter to pick his brother up. After Kaiba wins the Duel against Leichter, Noah brainwashed Mokuba, who forgot who Seto and his friends are, in an attempt to split them up.

In the Duel between Kaiba and Noah, Seto was about to win the Duel when Noah used Mokuba as a shield by putting him between Noah and Noah's monster, so that Mokuba would be harmed by the attack should Seto choose to do so. Kaiba was unable to bring himself to harm his last living family member, allowing Noah to get the lead in the Duel.

information on mokuba kaiba and rebecca hawkins relationship

Shinato, causing Seto to lose the Duel. Mokuba ran to his brother after he lost but unfortunately, Noah turned them both to stone before they could be reunited. After Noah's defeat against Yami Yugi, Noah tried to "help" the gang to escape from the Virtual World after Gozaburo reveals his plans.

However, Noah tricked all of them so that he could escape using Mokuba's body.