Dan and blair relationship

Gossip Girl: 20 Things That Make No Sense About Blair And Chuck’s Relationship

dan and blair relationship

So, I just finished re-watching Gossip Girl on Netflix and the one thing that always REALLY bothers me is the way Dan and Blair's relationship. Eventually the whole relationship was later retconned into an afterthought, with Dan claiming he'd only ever wanted Blair because he was. the fan-favorite relationship between Gossip Girl's Chuck Bass and Blair Despite being a better fit with Dan, which surprised us all, she still.

The toxic and emotionally abusive relationship between Chuck and Blair is just disturbing to watch. I will never understand the appeal of a romance where the woman has no self-respect.

Blair literally lets Chuck treat her as his property. Who can forget in Season 3 when Chuck sold Blair to his uncle Jack as a prostitute just to save his precious hotel?

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How about the time when Chuck was drunk and physically abused Blair out of anger that she was engaged to a prince? Apparently that kind of relationship is Blair's idea of an epic romance. Even sadder is the fact that there are young female fans who buy into this idea. Chuck and Blair "Chair" weren't always this toxic.

Before they became a poster-child for a bad relationship, they were actually one of the most entertaining couples. Of course that all changed when the writers tried to make Chuck into a romantic lead. What used to be two fun scene-stealing characters became a couple whose scenes took themselves too seriously. Their dialogue is intended to sound epic, but instead sounds like it comes from a cheesy adult romance novel. One of the many reasons that Chair delay their relationship is because Chuck wants his empire back from his father.

dan and blair relationship

He wants them to be a power couple. But Chuck -- you didn't exactly build that empire. Bart came back from a fake death to take was rightly his. In the first episode of Season 6, Chuck tells Blair, "I would give up my empire for you. You could establish yourself separate from your father without his business.

Let's not forget the cringe worthy moment from the Season 5 finale when Blair pleads for Chuck back on top of the hotel she was sold as a prostitute for. Dan and Chuck have always represented two different sides of Blair's personality. This is something Blair, Dan and Eleanor Blair's mother have all acknowledged.

Chuck brings out the immature, high school Blair who loves to scheme for fun. Chuck and Blair's relationship is based on their shared interest in kinky sex and scheming. Dan brings out the mature, independent Blair who we all fell in love with in Season 1. Blair in Season 1 would never let a boy treat her like his property. Yet that's what Blair becomes when she is with Chuck: He is her kryptonite when it comes to character development, and she reverts back to immature scheming and lets him dictate how she should live her life.

As the years progressed, the reasoning became more unsound and eventually involved false pregnancies, faked identities, and a few princes.

dan and blair relationship

During their first chance to be together back in the season 1 finale, Chuck was at fault for running away. However, Chuck got last minute cold feet and left Blair waiting for him at the helipad.

Not only did he appear untrustworthy and underhanded but he seemed too focused on carnal activities as well.

The End of Gossip Girl : Chair vs. Dair

Think of the many times he tried to hit on someone or force himself on someone. Where is the loyalty from either of them? Both characters usually stuck to their beliefs regardless of the negative consequences on themselves or others.

We see this deeply ingrained pride when Chuck came face-to-face with losing his fortune. She also told him she would use her soon-to-be fortunes from Waldorf Designs to support them both. However, Chuck immediately rejected her and her offer, basically choosing poverty over her support.

If they had to use each other as potential collateral, they would do it. In an attempt to salvage her broken ego after being rejected by Yale, Blair tried to restore her former title as the queen of her peers. So, she utilized her best weapon to win the spot: She even expressed no remorse for using her own boyfriend for her manipulation.

They constantly try to one-up each other not just for the satisfaction but, occasionally, push the other to achieve more. Although they can seem quite shallow at times, they do try to be there for each other the best that they can.

Uncle Jack will give Chuck the hotel if he can spend the night with Blair.

Dan and Blair : GossipGirl

There are some aspects that they get right. Cute little moments like Blair making Dan cover Cedric's eyes before they hook up and Dan and Blair bickering about art in bed prove how great those two could have been.


I also love the quote "Our relationship isn't about choosing one world or another. Our relationship is our world. High School Dan constantly judged the rich kids, while High School Blair bullied anyone outside of the upper class.

It's crazy to me that those two characters going from enemies to reluctant allies to secret best friends to lovers was so underused and quickly thrown away. I do understand why people enjoyed Chuck and Blair.

dan and blair relationship

They had an interesting dynamic at the beginning, and the writers practically tell you to root for them no matter what.