Bill russell and red auerbach relationship

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bill russell and red auerbach relationship

As a rookie Bill Russell challenged Celtics coach Red Auerbach . Phil Jackson has spent his entire Knicks tenure destroying relationships. Bill Russell just published a book describing that relationship from the inside, remembering his days with Auerbach, who died in Red Auerbach, the coach of the Boston Celtics, is by far the most The Ring Leader: Bill Russell helped the Celtics rule their sport like no team ever has . but Loscutoff and Heinsohn single out his relationship—or, rather.

Had Fisher been Celtics coach inwe may not even know Bill Russell's name. Nearly all coaches and players at the highest level have egos — often a prerequisite for greatness. But not all ego types are created equal. The "winning over everything" type of ego is precisely what Phil Jackson lacked as Knicks president.

Sports Executive Course is you never decrease the trade value of your own players by publicly disparaging them.

When Bill Russell Writes About Red Auerbach

Executive is you don't devalue them by force-fitting them into your pet offense. His public jabs and insistence on his triangle offense were both related to his own ego. Phil's ego that came for Porzingis was nothing new.

bill russell and red auerbach relationship

Years earlier, Phil's ego disparaged, devalued and discarded J. Smith, but few noticed — because it was "The Zen Master" vs. While Phil's trash became LeBron's treasure, his ego kept growing. More, but still not nearly enough, noticed when Phil's ego inexplicably threw jabs at Carmelo. Why devalue your best player instead of highlighting how god-awful the Knicks were without Melo? While touting the Knicks putrid record without Melo in the lineup would increase Melo's trade value, it might also highlight Phil's inability to surround Melo with talent.

Elevating Knicks' trade assets also required decreasing his ego — and that is the one Knicks trade Phil was never willing to make. Advertisement In contrast, Red's swallowing of superficial pride to gain Russell's trust was the best trade of his illustrious career.

bill russell and red auerbach relationship

His only thought was, 'How can I help this team to win? For the rest of that road trip, I played center all the time. Posting up the Cousy and Sharman was a bad idea.

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Russell said of Red: It was the secret of his success. Bill respected Red as "a co-worker. It stimulated me to reciprocate. And it arrived in the form of a bold trade only days before the draft. Of course, there was still the very distinct possibility that the Rochester Royals would take Russell with the first overall selection.

And this is where the story leaves the confines of established fact and enters the realm of Celtics legend. As the story goes, Auerbach got Celtics owner Walter Brown to guarantee Rochester owner Les Harrison a lucrative series of shows performed by the Ice Capade dancers whom Brown was a part owner of.

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  • That time Bill Russell rebelled: And what Phil Jackson should have learned from Red

Heinsohn relayed the story in a recent interview: Walter Brown was a prime stockholder in the Ice Capades, which was a big draw for all of these arenas.

Of course, it was never proven to be exactly true. Auerbach was the only major party to convey details. As subsequent investigations have notedneither Brown nor Harrison ever confirmed anything of the sort. As a United Press Association story from draft day in noted: It was said three factors caused Rochester to name Green over Russell; 1. The fact that the Harlem Globetrotters should bid high for his services; 3. InSeeing Red was written with Dan Shaughnessy.

Legacy[ edit ] Among Auerbach's accomplishments during his year professional coaching career were eleven Eastern Division titles including nine in a row from —6511 appearances in the finals including ten in a row from —66and nine NBA championships.

With a total of 16 NBA championship rings in a span of 29 years —86 as the Celtics coach, general manager, and team president, Auerbach is the most successful team official in NBA history.

As Celtics general manager, he created championship-winning teams around Hall-of-Famers Dave Cowens in the s and Larry Bird in the s. Bill Russell won two titles as Auerbach's successor, Tom Heinsohn won a pair of championships as a Celtics coach in the s, K.

Jones led the Celtics to two further titles in the s, and Bill Sharman coached the Los Angeles Lakers to their first title in In addition, prototypical sixth man Don Nelson had a highly successful coaching career and joined his mentor Auerbach as one of 10 Greatest Coaches in NBA history.

Red Auerbach

Throughout his coaching tenure in Boston, Auerbach served several other roles including, but not limited to, general manager, head of scouting, personnel director and travel agent. At the end of every season, regardless of their on-court success, he would approach owner Brown and ask, "Walter, are our last paychecks going to clear?

Despite Brown's own close association with the NHL 's Boston Bruinswhose owners also possessed the Boston Garden, the Celtics were fleeced on concessions and profits as tenants.

As Auerbach represented management of the Celtics, team members frustrated with their salaries had only him to complain to, or about, in their role in the formation of the players' union. These interpersonal dynamics are construed as follows by journalist David Halberstam: That was not surprising; Red Auerbach went after the players of the highest intelligence and character, and then of course paid them horribly. That made the Celtics a mass of contradictions. They had great coherence as a team, great personal loyalty to each other, great respect and love for Auerbach, who had created this unique institution and honored each of them by making him a part of it, and then of course great anger at him for paying them so little.

Pertaining to the above, Walter Brown was not rich; also that as Auerbach was as tough at the negotiating table as he was on the practice court and in the locker room, it was always for the purpose of getting the most out of his players. In the summer ofwith much trepidation, Auerbach reluctantly signed former finals MVP Cedric Maxwell to a lucrative guaranteed contract to stay with the Celtics. Then, Auerbach's worst fears came true when Maxwell arrived that fall out of shape, and, suffering from various injuries, provided little contribution as the team lost a playoff for the first time ever to the Lakers in the Finals.

Two subsequent facts are perhaps most relevant in evaluating Auerbach's legacy: First, he was able to trade Maxwell to San Diego in exchange for former MVP Bill Walton, who was a major contributor to the team winning its 16th title inthe last of Auerbach's career.

bill russell and red auerbach relationship

Second, Maxwell continues to be embraced as a beloved member of the Celtics family, including having his number retired alongside the team's legendary greats. Inthe Boston Celtics retired the 2 jersey with Auerbach's name. His story is documented in The First Basketthe first and most comprehensive documentary on the history of Jews and Basketball. He is also featured as an interviews subject for the film.

Coaching pioneer[ edit ] From his early days, Auerbach was convinced that the fast breakwhere a team used a quick outlet pass to fast guards who run downcourt and score before the opponent had re-established position, was a potent tactical weapon.

This new strategy proved lethal for the opposition. We have never had the league's top scorer. In fact, we won seven league championships without placing even one among the league's top 10 scorers.

Our pride was never rooted in statistics. For his fiery temper, he was ejected more often and received more fines than any other coach in NBA history. Concerning his own team, Auerbach was softer. Earl Lloydthe first black player to play in the NBA, said: Jonesand Willie Naulls.

bill russell and red auerbach relationship

When Auerbach gave up coaching to become the Celtics general manager inhe appointed Bill Russell as his successor.