Batgirl and batman relationship beyond comic

batgirl and batman relationship beyond comic

When Dick Grayson left Gotham, Batman found himself calling on Batgirl to work with him drove a wedge between them; the intimate relationship was terminated after a time. Batman Beyond Comics Barbara Gordon in Batman Beyond. The Batman Beyond concept—featuring the fictional character Terry McGinnis as Batman and . Using a Bat-Wraith, Bruce attempts to apprehend Hush, allowing Catwoman an opportunity to escape. .. (as seen in the flashbacks of Return of the Joker), Barbara quits being Batgirl and ends her relationship with Bruce. The comic book Batman Beyond is set two years after the end of the and Barbara Gordon had a relationship, as boyfriend and girlfriend.

During the escape, he notices that a fight is occurring above him and, upon realizing that it is Batman, expresses his disgust that someone new has taken on the mantle of the Bat. This is not the first time someone has tried to recruit him, and McGinnis remains resolute in his refusal to accept the League's offer. When Terry returns to the Bat Cave and mentions that a member of the League tried to recruit him again, Bruce WayneTerry's mentor, immediately replies to "tell them no".

The death of a minor costumed criminal, Signalmanprompts Bruce, to send Terry out to investigate. They discover that the M. Reports of alarms at St. James Hospital disrupts them and Terry investigates, it has been the home of the Mad Hatter since Arkham Asylum closed down.

After checking in on the Hatter, who has become docile and somewhat senile, Terry discovers a nurse under attack by a man in a trench coat. The mysterious rogue flees at the sight of Batman and Terry checks on the nurse, who says the man told her to " Hush ". During a fight with him, Hush dived through a window and was shot by the homeowner. Bruce then fled without inspecting the body, but was satisfied with the report that it was Thomas Elliot, for a while. Bruce admits Hush's skill for strategy and plastic surgery meant that Thomas could have planned the entire scenario.

After a brief encounter and chase with a new CatwomanTerry discovers that another villain has been killed, this time with the use of the Penguin 's classic trick umbrellas.

Choosing the latter, Terry arrives too late as a bomb detonates, killing Day. After he returns to the cave, Terry receives a talk from Bruce about commitment to Batman. Meanwhile, Amanda Waller talks with Doctor Reid about reports of the murders; Reid insists that they report their role in this, but Waller shoots down the option. Terry returns home and lives a normal life for the day, meeting up with his girlfriend, Dana. Unhappy about their lack of time together, she asks whether anything long term will ever come out of his working for Wayne.

Terry soon after returns to the cave and confronts Bruce but finds nobody around and investigates Bruce's secret new "gadgets". The "gadgets" turn out to be Bat-Wraiths, robotic drones created to help assist Terry in his duties.

Terry decides that he will prove himself to Bruce, without the drones and sets out to capture "Hush" once and for all. Terry's first lead is to check on Tim Drake confirming that Tim has been under constant physical and psychological observation since his time as the Joker. Terry then proceeds to confront and question Dick Grayson. We see "Hush" hired the new Catwoman to plant a tracking device on Batman so that he can monitor his whereabouts, before proceeding to betray and strangle her to death as part of his 'vendetta'.

The attack fails as Hush attempts to hack the Drone, forcing Bruce to activate the Wraith's self-destruct. Meanwhile, Terry talks with Dick Grayson, who now runs an athletics training center. Dick explains that he retired as Nightwing after he was shot, resulting in losing an eye while aiding Batman. He then retired in disgust at Bruce's lack of concern for Dick's health after the shooting.

As Terry leaves, Dick warns Terry but Terry disregards it. At Cadmus, Waller learns that Doctor Reid has gone missing. Attempting to lure Hush into a trap, Terry uses a hologram to pose as a villain, only to be hit by Hush using Shriek's Tech.

Mocking Terry, Hush unmasks himself and reveals himself to be Dick Grayson, determined to replace Bruce Wayne once and for all. However, she is being pursued by Cadmus' security, under Waller's orders, but Reid manages to escape. Dick Grayson arrives and saves the doctor, however Reid is terrified and faints after seeing Grayson's face.

Elsewhere, the other Dick savors the moment over an incapacitated Terry, and spares him so that he can witness his plan. Catwoman arrives after the second Grayson departs, and saves Terry's life from his wounds. Bruce deduces Catwoman's true identity as the daughter of supervillain Multiplex. In the Batcave, all of the Bat-Wraiths have been activated and controlled by Hush after developing his own remote sparing Bruce as the drones leave.

At Cadmus, more inmates have escaped, including Killer Croc and Waller deduces that Hush must have done it. However, the clone escaped before he was ready, believing himself to be the real Dick Grayson and wanting to replace Batman as Gotham's champion.

Reid also reveals that she is a granddaughter of Thomas Eliot, and is seeking to atone for her family's sins by working for Waller. In the Batcave, Bruce begins treating Terry's wounds, he monologues that he has been making faults in Terry's actions where none existed.

Terry had regained consciousness during his monologue, to which Bruce confirms to Terry that everything he heard is true. Hush reveals by transmission that he, inspired by Gotham's last earthquakewill save the city by performing mercy killings of its corrupt, by a mass of explosives at the epicenter to set off another quake. The group defeats Hush when Bruce temporarily overrides Hush's control of the Bat-Wraiths, resulting in the clone being accidentally impaled on a Bat-Wraith.

Catwoman departs quickly and Grayson departs despite Bruce's attempts to offer an apology for how things ended between them. Terry returns to Bruce where they discuss the ideals of heroism. Bruce offers Terry a chance to step down as Batman, Terry refuses, stating that it is better than anything else he could do.

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Unknown to them, Waller has escaped blame for her role in Grayson's cloning by claiming that Reid was acting alone, and is now aided by a new geneticist, Doctor Thawne. Waller has begun research into a new line of clones, stating that recent events have merely confirmed her belief that the world will always need a Batman. It featured two major storylines, the first of which featured the Justice League Beyond and a person who would become the Matter Master of the future. The second storyline featured the return of Blight, Terry's original nemesis.

Two issues also provided an in-depth exploration of characters Max Gibson and Inque, whose origins were revealed. Several plot threads were not resolved and left for relaunch.

Art by Dustin Nguyen. The Beyond universe returned as a tri-weekly digital issueswhich were published on a monthly basis in print as the Batman Beyond Unlimited ongoing page comic book. Superman Beyond ceased publication with its 20th digital release, in June Justice League Beyond then ceased publication with its 25th digital issue, in June Batman Beyond eventually ceased publication with its 29th digital issue, in July Starting in AugustBatman Beyond 2. Terry is now a freshman at Gotham University and now has more experience as Batman.

One of his classmates is Melanie Walker. Terry is no longer working with Bruce, instead it is Dick Grayson sitting at the computer. The Justice League also must deal with Superman when his powers go out of control and an old foe from his past also returns. After the final arc 'Justice Lords Beyond' the series concluded in Plot[ edit ] 10, Clowns Prelude [ edit ] Bruce and Barbara have noticed an influx of Jokerz lately that have all gathered to Gotham from around the globe.

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Meanwhile, Terry goes to Dana's house and meets her brother, Doug. Dana tells Terry that she broke up with him because she's increasingly felt like less of a priority in his life and is open to him making it up to her in the future, but still thinks they should still keep their distance.

Later, Bruce sends Terry to the park when he and Barbara suspect a large group of Jokerz. Batman is attacked by a small group of hammer-wielding Jokerz and easily defeats them. Bruce tells Terry to leave as he realizes they're just being tested by the leader of the Jokerz, who is revealed to be Doug. Mad Stan and his dog, Boom-Boom, arrive and bust the deal as revenge for the Russians using his houseboat without permission, taking the device in the process.

Back at Dana's home, her father confronts Doug in the bathroom and orders him to take his medication. Doug fractures his father's skull and runs off while Dana witnesses the ordeal in shock. Shortly after, they get word of a gunfight near the boathouses between Mad Stan and the Russians.

Batman primarily goes after Stan and lets the Russians escape. Stan defeats Batman and is determined to go after the Russians as they've kidnapped Boom-Boom, threatening to blow up Gotham in the process. After interrogating some criminals, Terry is requested by Max to meet her at a diner, where she plans to tell him about Undercloud.

Before she can, a distraught Dana arrives and tells Terry about Doug's past and what he did to their father. Afraid of what her brother will do, she requests Terry to use his connections to Bruce to find and stop Doug. Terry agrees to help her, but decides to focus on taking down Mad Stan first. Mad Stan and the Russians agree to an exchange between the device and Boom-Boom at an old supermarket.

Stan learns about the device's functions and prepares to use it to activate nearby bombs, but he and the Russians are stopped by Batman. Bruce agrees to make finding Doug the top priority. At prison, Stan's lawyer convinces the judge to let Stan see Boom-Boom twice a month. Jake[ edit ] This side story focuses on the great grandnephew of Joe ChillJake.

Jake is an alcoholic who lives in the lower streets of downtown Gotham through government checks wracked with guilt. He was formerly a security guard at Wayne-Powers Industries before being upgraded to a special security that Derek Powers called his "Quiet Squad" under the command of Powers' right-hand man, Mister Fixx.

He enjoyed upgrading his weaponry and the benefits he got from the job until he was ordered to kill Warren McGinnis. After Warren's death, Jake became depressed after watching Warren's funeral on television and seeing the family that Warren left behind. He descended into alcoholism and was fired after Batman defeated Powers and Fixx and the temporary management at Wayne-Powers discovered the Quiet Squad's existence. He didn't look for another job and was evicted from his apartment, which led him to the lower streets.

During the night Jake is narrating this, he finds a group of thieves ransacking his house and lashes out at them, using his combat experience to gain the upper hand. After defeating the criminals, he finds a new purpose in life and takes out his old armor from his Quiet Squad days.

Jake begins planning on upgrading his equipment and becoming a new hero in Gotham to atone for his sins. Bruce has Terry go to the Middle School since the police have the Ostrander under control and there are other power plants to make up for any damage done to one of them.

After checking on Dana in the hospital, Terry returns to Wayne Manor, where he finds Bruce under critical condition. Bruce is quickly rushed to Gotham Mercy Hospital, where he's in the final stages of liver failure due to his over usage of painkillers and injuries from his days as Batman.

The doctor tells Terry that Bruce is at the top of the organ donor recipient list, hinting that he's known about this for a long time. In a suburban graveyard, Doug has gathered all the Jokerz from around the world for a common goal of chaos, and has now dubbed himself, "The Joker King.

Terry and the doctors refuse to have him leave. Bruce was aware of his impending liver failure well before he met Terry and has made a large effort behind the scenes to figure out a way to fix it.

After Terry storms out, the doctors start panicking as one of them tells Terry that there was a suicide bomber on one of their floors. Terry puts on his Batman suit and heads outside, where he sees another explosion that kills dozens of people. When he tries looking for someone responsible on the scene, he finds an armored man and attacks him. The man dubs himself "Vigilante" and claims to be on Batman's side as he's trying to find the mastermind of the attack.

Batman and Vigilante track down another bomber and fail to stop her from blowing up near a skyscraper. With few options left, Batman is forced to ask Tim Drake to operate the Batcomputer to aid them, requesting him to use the device he got from Mad Stan to deactivate the explosions and send drones with an antidote to rid the other Jokerz of any mind control. Back at the hospital, Bruce requests to stay behind with Dana's family when the other patients are prioritized and evacuated.

Doug arrives and throws Bruce out the window as he prepares to kill his family. Bruce barely manages to contact Terry to come to the hospital. Batman arrives just in time to stop Doug from harming Dana or her parents as Bruce escorts them out.

batgirl and batman relationship beyond comic

Doug shoots Batman with a projectile that nauseates him, gaining an upper hand in the fight. However, Dick, Catwoman, and Vigilante return to save Batman after they defeated the remaining Jokerz.

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When Dana shows up to confront her brother, he grabs her, but she elbows him which causes the two to fall off the building. Batman rescues Dana while Doug catches his foot in a large rope and slams his head against the building, killing him instantly. In the fallout of the Jokerz attack, Dana reflects on her life, from her brother's obsession with the Joker turning him into a supervillain to meeting Terry at a dance.

Dana and her mother are in the lobby of the hospital telling the police about Doug while being there for her father. Terry and his family are also there for support.

After walking with Terry to talk to her father, she takes him to see Bruce. Dana reveals she figured out that Terry is Batman after Batman called out her name during the rescue, causing her to recall a lot of changes Terry went through after his father's death and that he was supported by the original Batman, Bruce Wayne. Bruce confirms Dana's suspicions and she tells them that she's ready for any consequence that will come from knowing Batman's secret identity.

Bruce is then taken away for surgery, as Dana's parents have agreed for Doug's liver to be transplanted into Bruce.

Dana tells Terry that they can't hold anymore secrets from each other and the two share a kiss. When Max outranked all the other hackers of the organization, Rebel One takes Max to her laboratory and reveals her master plan is to bring giant robot made of large, flexible metals with unknown origins to life and destroy Gotham City.

Rebel One threatens to kill Max's friends and family if she doesn't comply. After checking on Bruce in the hospital, Batman is requested by Commissioner Gordon to stop a bomb threat at a music concert.

Batman discovers the villain behind the threat is Shriek, who was sent by Rebel to distract Batman. While finishing up the robot, Max purposefully overloads the resonator to cause a temporary blackout in the Batcave, allowing her to alert Terry without Rebel's knowledge. Knowing the risks of the blackout, Rebel activates the robot she calls "Alloy" to annihilate Gotham.

After taking her and Max outside, Rebel plans to destroy Gotham and rebuild it from the ground up, citing her blames on how Gotham treats the underprivileged poorly.

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Batman arrives to take care of Alloy, who starts following him despite Rebel's commands and blows up the Batmobile. Max and Batman encounter the creature in a moment of vulnerability, in which it's split up into six parts and appears to know Batman's name. Batman and Max manage to separate the six creatures by using the electricity in Batman's suit and Max rewiring Rebel's remote control to six units instead of one. The six are reformed and are revealed to be Doc Magnus' old creations, the Metal Men.

Batman uses the aid of the Metal Men to prevent the Reed buildings that Alloy was smashing from collapsing. Rebel tries smashing her hover car into the building with Max on it, but the Metal Men form a large net to stop her. During this, Dick Grayson helps Commissioner Gordon evacuate the building and says that he's being more active in the superhero community lately because he doesn't want Bruce to lead Terry down a dark path.

Bruce returns from the hospital to Wayne Manor while Terry and the Metal Men contain the crumbling buildings. To protect the Metal Men from the government and CADMUS, he erased their records, deactivated all of them, reformed them into different objects, and gave them to friends and acquaintances who had no idea what they were holding.

To give them a purpose in this new world, Bruce told them they could continue Magnus' plans for them to protect the people of Earth, even providing them with the Injustice Gang's old satellite base to use as a home. Max thinks that they shouldn't dismantle Undercloud, but instead redirect it to contribute to society rather than destroy it like Rebel One intended.

Bruce accepts the plan and puts Max in charge of handling Undercloud and looking over the mainframe for the Metal Men's satellite. Bruce tells Terry that he thinks re-establishing old connections and making new ones is especially important with his fluctuating health. He's understanding if Terry doesn't want to continue being Batman, but he still wants Terry to remain a part of the Bat-Family, as Gotham always needs a Batman.

She starts to get overwhelmed by the rioters until she is assisted by a young woman dressed as Batgirl. The mysterious vigilante criticizes Gordon and the police force for aiding more of the richer parts of Gotham and informs her that someone has been poisoning them for the last couple of weeks.

Gordon talks with a forensic pathologist of the GCPD and finds out that there's been an increased number of individuals who had a strong poison going through their systems before they died. The poison acts as a super steroid that causes the citizens to anger more easily and grow muscles at an exponential rate, similar to Bane's Venom.

She goes to the Roake corporation and interrogates the head of the company, Randolph Westley-Smythe. After testing the water and knowing that the citizens of Crown Point aren't taking any drugs, she concludes that the Roake corporation is slowly killing them as they have control over all of Crown Point's food division.

Randolph confirms her suspicions and tells her that he's killing off most of the citizens to clear the area and make a profit, and they can not stop him thanks to his lawyers. When Barbara leaves, he sends his security to kill her, but she is rescued by Batgirl. After getting a warrant for Randolph's arrest, Gordon and Batgirl go to his office and defeat him. Batgirl figures out that Gordon was testing her when she nearly lets Randolph go. Randolph was bailed out of jail by his competition, hinting at a larger conspiracy.

While Gordon doesn't approve or sanction Batgirl, she will not take action against the vigilante unless she steps over the line. When Batgirl doubts Gordon's skills, Gordon shows up to a high school the next day and reveals she knows Batgirl's secret identity, a teenager named Nissa. Despite seeming like a natural cause, Commissioner Gordon and the Mayor's family suspect he was killed by an unseen force.

Terry has made a number of changes since he was last seen. He is now a freshman enrolled in Neo-Gotham University with his new roommate Ryan, has broken up with Dana, and had a falling out with Bruce which led him to choose Dick Grayson as his mentor and to work closer with Barbara and the police. Gordon tells Batman that all the inmates claimed they killed the Mayor with the exception of Ghoul.

Batman interrogates the criminal, but doesn't get any useful information. Gordon receives info from the coroner, David, that someone killed Dusk by pumping his phone with electricity through the air. Shortly after, the electricity in Arkham is shutdown, leading to a massive prison break.

Batman contains the breakout as best as he can, while Dick receives a call from Bruce with more information about Dusk's death. Dick ignores Bruce and tells him they have everything under control. Greg Hoffman is sworn in as replacement mayor and expresses his distrust of Gordon as Commissioner. Terry struggles to maintain his social, academic, and family life due to his duties as Batman. While talking to his mother about his situation, Dusk's killer appears on television and demands Batman to meet him at the offshore rig alone, threatening to overload other people's cell phones for every minute he doesn't show.

However, he breaks the illusion and finds three of his recurring foes Spellbinder, Shriek, and Inque with the unknown criminal that killed Dusk. Batman easily takes out his familiar foes, but the electrical powers of the fourth villain are too much and nearly kill him.

Dick shows up at the rig and saves Batman from Rewire's hands and rescues the rest of the police while Rewire recharges with Ghoul's assistance. Ghoul provides Rewire with a toxin that fuels his power. When Dick returns to his jet ski, he finds Batman missing. Meanwhile, Gordon and her men find out that Dusk was transferring a certain amount of credits to a blind account for a long time, but stopped two months before his death.

His wife claims that they were for therapy for Doctor Bennett. Bennett disappeared shortly afterwards, but is found by Gordon in a hidden compartment in his laboratory. Bennett reveals that the funding Dusk put towards therapy and the Arkham project was for his son, Davis, who is secretly Rewire and became a villain due to his hatred for his father's hunger for power and obsession with the city. Davis increases his power by using his father's machine that created renewable power through gravity.

Following Batman's disappearance, the freed criminals wreak havoc on Gotham. Bennett reveals to Gordon that Dusk put funding towards a machine in Arkham that could contain Davis and his electrical powers as a last resort.

Terry wakes up in the Batcave and finds his wounds patched, his costume fixed, and all the information regarding the case. Terry leaves the Batcave without speaking a word to Bruce. He returns to Dick's hideout, expressing his frustration that Bruce had everything about the case figured out without leaving Wayne Manor.

Dick tells Terry that he might never be as good as Bruce, but he should stop pushing his loved ones away and embrace his own life rather than replicate Bruce's. Batman lures him into the containment machine by having Dick use Spellbinder's orb to disguise himself as the deceased Dusk, giving Davis enough of a distraction for Batman to knock him into the machine to defeat him.

Afterwards, Terry takes Dick's advice and takes a few days off to spend with his family and friends. Back at Arkham, Davis' mother is reading a story to the incarcerated Rewire, who shows hints of his powers resurfacing. The next day, Terry discovers that his former crush and super villain Melanie is attending Neo-Gotham University part-time. Despite her attempts to start a normal life on her own, Terry is still hesitant to talk with her after the last two times they tried to get together.

As Batman he aids her in taking down a couple of criminals, and she angrily tells him not to see her again, as she's dropped all connections with her family and doesn't know where any of the Royal Flush Gang are. Meanwhile, city assessment workers Sam Byers and Edward Sears are kidnapped by an elderly Kirk Langstromwho is now a bearded Man-Bat capable of human speech.

He's turned their sonar scanner into a long range weapon in the Historical District that could kill tens of thousands of people, and demands three pounds of kanium from Gordon and the police in 24 hours in exchange for their freedom. Mayor Hoffman plans to wipe out the Historical District by calling in the Bureau, but allows Gordon ten later seven hours to break into the district, save the hostages, and disable the weapon.

They pair Terry up with Bruce, as his history with Langstrom could aid Terry in this endeavor. Batman and Bruce sneak in the sewer systems to get to the device. Bruce tells Terry that Dick isn't the best partner for him since they didn't take the influx of Man-Bats as a sign, but Terry still trusts Dick more than Bruce.

Before they continue arguing, they are attacked by a large group of Man-Bats. They find the formula to be much stronger than Kirk's previous designs. Despite the effort of the two, they are defeated by Kirk and the new She-Bat, Tey. The two are imprisoned, where Bruce tells Terry what happened to Kirk and his family after their last encounter in "Terror in the Sky" from Batman: Thanks to a grant from Wayne Enterprises, they became industry pioneers in the study of sonics had two children, Max and Michelle.

Unfortunately, Francine was diagnosed with an aggressive form of Parkinson's disease and was given a year to live. Determined to save her, Kirk returned to studying the Man-Bat formula to find a breakthrough that would allow Francine not to lose her mind to the beast.

Though he eventually succeeded, he was too late, as Francine died after falling off her chair and breaking her hip in the room when no one was there. Kirk's children left him in anger after discovering what he had been doing during Francine's final months.

When real life proved too much for him, Kirk became Man-Bat again and started the Cult of the Bat to have a family again. Batgirl was also with Batman when Tim Drake was kidnapped by the Joker and tortured into becoming a "son" of the Clown Prince. While Batman took on the madman, Barbara confronted Harley Quinn.

In the fight, they fell off a cliff, and though Batgirl tried to get Harley back to safety, she fell into Arkham Canyon. Post-Costume Barbara was the last of Batman's partners to relinquish their roles.

She was also the girlfriend of Bruce Wayne for an undetermined period. She would eventually become police commissioner as her father had been. Over the years, she lost touch with Bruce Wayne.

According to Barbara herself, the fact that Bruce Wayne's drive wouldn't allow him to "settle down" from his life of crimefighting eventually drove a wedge between them; the intimate relationship was terminated after a time. She eventually went on to marry District Attorney Sam Young. Whether or not she told her husband about her time as Batgirl is unknown. Initially, Barbara was distrustful of the second Batman, Terry McGinnis ; this distrust was stressed when Spellbinder used his technology to make her believe that Terry had killed Mad Stan.

She also expressed a measure of resentment towards Bruce for not talking Terry out of becoming the latest Batman. At first, she strictly refused Batman's help and warned him to stay out of police matters.

batgirl and batman relationship beyond comic

But she eventually formed a mentoring relationship with Terry, even helping him on occasion, especially when the Joker returned and had attacked Bruce in the cave. As she was one of the few people who knew Bruce's secret and who could be trusted, she was presumably, the person Terry contacted after Bruce was hurt and she may have helped him treat Bruce.

As Bruce recovered, she briefly took over Bruce's role, sitting behind the mainframe in the Batcave providing guidance to him in the field. Barbara has since welcomed Batman back to fighting crime. She saved Terry's life by throwing a discarded batarang at the killer, amazed she still "had it". Barbara came into the line of fire again when Dr. Cuvier attempted to have her husband killed, leading to a melee in her home with Cuvier's minions and a mutated, out-of-control Batman.

After Terry was returned to normal and Cuvier was defeated, Barbara personally encouraged Terry who had recently avenged his father's death to give up his life as Batman. However, Terry was undeterred, and answered that the small rewards were sometimes the best. Batman Beyond Comics In the comics we learn that not only did Barbara becoming romatically involved with Bruce but became pregnant with a child. She discovers this soon after Dick Grayson comes back into her life.

Barbara would eventually lose the baby break up with Dick and meet Sam Young soon after. Background information In the comics, Barbara Gordon is one of six women to have held the title of Batgirl. In the DCAU, the title is hers alone. The Killing Joke, she retired from the Batgirl mantle after the Joker shot her in her spine and left her paraplegic. She currently operated as Oracle. Gallery Batgirl in Batman: Batgirl in The New Batman Adventures.

Barbara after training with Bruce. Barbara Gordon in Batman Beyond. Add a photo to this gallery Trivia In an episode of Batman Beyond an older Barbara Gordon looks over her old costume in the Batcave and remarks about the bullet holes being gone.

In the Gotham Girls episode " Bat'ing Cleanup ", Barbara is seen studying a bullet hole in her costume. At one point during the later series Justice League Unlimited, an episode featuring Batgirl was discussed.