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powers on an amusingseries of misapplications of a number of. Scripture texts were probably from time to time cured or temporarilyalleviated . when their own hands are placed ina certain position,as Ball merchants, millers, andproducedealers, andare thus enabled todispose of consignments. Pangako Sa 'Yo is an Philippine primetime soap opera series that aired on ABS- CBN. It starred Amor Powers returns to the Philippines after making a name for herself in the business world in the United States. The dilemma was that, after finding out that Yna's true father was Eduardo, Angelo and Yna were therefore. Pangako Sa 'Yo is a Philippine drama television series based on prime time series The story revolves around lovers Yna Macaspac and Angelo Buenavista. Amor returns to the Philippines as Amor Powers and vows revenge on the Buenavista family which will hurt her biological daughter, Yna, in the.

Powers was also a close friend of Kennedy. Catherine of Sienna Church in Charlestown. Although Powers was initially skeptical at how "a millionaire's son from Harvard" could appeal to the working-class voters in the district, he joined Kennedy's campaign after being impressed by a heartfelt speech Kennedy gave to Gold Star mothers who had lost sons in World War II.

In this role Powers watched "over the President's needs, and was always with him on trips around the country and abroad. He usually was the first to see the President in the morning, and the last to see him at night. He was less a political adviser than simply a friend with whom Kennedy could relax.

They would swim together in the White House pool, where Powers would use a breaststroke in order to keep up a steady chatter of amusing conversation that Kennedy enjoyed. KennedyPowers and Kenneth O'Donnellanother Kennedy aide, were riding in the Secret Service follow-up car directly behind the presidential limousine.

Inthe Assassination Records Review Board released three minutes of film footage captured by Powers in Dallas prior to the assassination. Kennedy Presidential Library and Museum. At the request of Robert F. KennedyPowers spent the years from to helping federal archivists gather and organize Kennedy memorabilia, papers, and other artifacts for the planned museum.

Angelo's biological father was finally revealed to be Diego who was also revealed to be adoptedwho sired Angelo with a poor woman named Thelma, who had died. It also turns out that Claudia had a daughter with Simon. Her heart immediately filled with more anger towards Amor, as well as regret.

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Claudia, together with Coring Minnie Aguilar and her servants, planned to kill the entire Buenavista family at Yna and Angelo's wedding.

Thus, confronting them while holding a gun. But everyone especially Angelo and Lia made her realize how important she is to them and how she should bring out the goodness in her heart that was once filled with evil, hatred, greed and revenge.

She realizes everything after Lia and Angelo gave her a hug -and reconciles with everyone at the wedding. People from the wedding especially Amor and Angelo also asked forgiveness from Claudia, which she immediately accepted. While she was kneeling in front of everyone, she sees Clarissa's spirit at the altar and begs forgiveness.

Claudia was forgiven by everyone but because of her past crimes, she was sentenced to lifelong imprisonment. And a little while later, Amor gave her Clarissa's ashes.

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Five years later, each of the major characters are happy and reunited with their true loves: Yna becomes pregnant and marries Angelo, Claudia meets her granddaughter from her deceased daughter, Lia. Afterwards, she and Simon also married each other inside prison. Meanwhile, Amor and Eduardo decided to live happily as a couple and married each other after 27 years of their unbreakable love for each other. But his life will take a drastic turn when he meets Yna; a worker in the hacienda.

In the end, he revealed to be the biological son of Diego Eduardo's older adoptive brother with his former mistress, Thelma, who is now deceased. Her love for Eduardo will be crushed because of greed and a single lie which forces her to live a life full of misery and an endless search of revenge against the Buenavista family. In love with Amor, the housemaid, Eduardo will sacrifice his love for her due to a single lie.

Amy Austria-Ventura as Lourdes Magpantay-Buenavista — Rescued by Diego from the wayward life, Lourdes's predicament became even worse as they both try to survive a life of poverty after Diego moved out of the Buenavista hacienda. Although he is the first-born, he always tries to win his mother's heart but, unfortunately, is constantly rejected. He lives a full of envy and hatred for his younger brother, Eduardo, who always gets the best of everything — including the love of Amor.

Supporting cast[ edit ] Patrick Garcia as Jonathan Mobido — A young catechist who is quietly heeding the call of God, Jonathan became caught between saving souls and following his heart's true desire — Lia Buenavista.

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Lia bears the pain of being unloved by her own mother. She later falls for Jonathan, a young catechist, who gives her the strength to go on living. Lia later finds out that she is in a terminal stage of cancer, which is the reason why she and Jonathan confessed their feelings for each and then later got married. In the latter part, she bore a daughter before she died peacefully.

Claudia met her granddaughter from Lia. She will do anything to keep a man right where she wants him. She is later revealed to be the long-lost biological daughter of James Powers — Amor's deceased husband. Later on, she was confined into a mental institution. He harbors a secret desire for Amor. When she had her DNA tested, Marked faked the result, which resulted it in coming back as positive to Eduardo and Amor. This prompted Claudia to kill her as revenge to Amor. After her death, Claudia learned the truth of Clarissa's true identity and was deeply crushed with regret.

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Belen takes Yna under her wing and treats her like her own. Cris Daluz as Francisco "Isko" Macaspac — Yna, Flerida, and Caloy's father who, in spite of their impoverished state, still had the heart to adopt Yna. He is stricken by the deadly Alzheimer's disease. He was murdered by Claudia's henchman.

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Evangeline Pascual as Betty Mae Verseles — Amor's trusted and kindhearted best friend who helps her in every step of the way.

She is also Yna's helper and manager. Minnie Aguilar as Coring — The faithful "pet" of Claudia who obeys all of her "idol's" dark commands just to please her.