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WAS Waterloo Road the pinnacle of British Television? We've scraped high and low to find you the pupils from the first series – so look no further. Donte and Chlo BBC. COUPLE GOALS: Chlo and Donte had the relationship of the announced across the country as the Met Office predicts 48 hours of. The third series of Waterloo Road, a British television school drama series created by Ann Chlo does return to Waterloo Road, but she and Donte's relationship may never Jason Merrells starred in the first six episodes of the third series, before on with him than meets the eye? and what is Steph so desperate to hide?. MADTURK - Chlo and Donte named their daughter Izzie after Chlo's mum. . grabbing my cuppa and catching up on the episodes i bet their great judging by the first. i LOVE waterloo road & i think the reunion one is fab! hoping this will help us stay connected and maybe even arrange a few meet ups.

After the court case, Donte and Chlo plan to marry. Donte asks Chlo to stay the night and they come to a decision Chlo lies to her mum about staying at Holly's and it seems as it will go according to plan.

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Donte uses the money his dad gave him to take Chlo out for a fancy dinner. Edit In the first episode Chlo and Donte marry behind Tom's back. After the ceremony, they go outside where Tom is waiting. He pushes Donte up against the wall. Chlo then tells Tom that Donte is moving with her and Mika in the house their mother left them. Tom is about to move out until Mika says if Tom goes, she will. Chlo gets upset, rushes after Tom and tells him not to leave. Donte gets some money and rents a flat out for him and Chlo so they wouldn't have to live with Tom.

Subsequently, the pair end up in bed during one of their lesson assignations.

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Luckily, they get dressed before Donte gets back. Donte then tells Chlo that they can move back in with Tom if she wants. Donte decides to cook a meal for the two of them at Tom's but Chlo has had lessons in French with Brett and Chlo succumbs to Brett's charm, before sleeping together again.

Donte attempts ringing Chlo to see why she is late, whilst she is still getting intimate with Brett in bed. He hears her phone upstairs and enters her bedroom to see her in bed with Brett. The next week when Chlo is at school, Donte turns up and smashes Mr Lawson's car. Whilst doing so, he tells the whole school ,except Mika, about her affair with Brett.

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Later in the day, as Mika goes with Brett to get Tom a birthday present, Brett dumps Mika and tells her he is going home. Mika returns to school to see Donte and Chlo arguing.

Chlo tells Mika that they need to talk. They start walking up the stairs when Donte tells Mika that Chlo slept with her boyfriend Brett. Mika and Chlo fight then Mika tells Chlo that she better never go home. Chlo then goes home and pack her bags and leaves. While at a cafe, she meets a girl called Lucy and she takes her in and looks after her. Chlo then decides that maybe she should get a job to help pay Lucy her rent. Lucy then comes up with the idea that she could work for her boyfriend, which includes stealing.

Since her stint in the high school drama she's starred in Casualty and The Royal. Mika was the more sensible of the Grainger sisters Celebrity face transformations These celebrities don't look how they used to, in fact they hardly look like themselves. From Kylie Jenner to Cher Lloyd, here are celebrities who appear to have an altered look. The actress who played Mika has seriously grown up In Laura joined Holby City as new nurse Chantelle Lane but left the role after two years.

Remember Waterloo Road's Janeese Bryant?

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The loud mouth brunette schoolgirl had it in for Donte in the first series following Adam's death. She even helped to lock Donte up in the storage cupboard in a twisted revenge plot. Chelsee Healey played the hilarious sass queen and she's certainly no stranger to the limelight — as her Waterloo Road appearance definitely catapulted her acting career.

Chelsee is still in the limelight and is currently starring in Hollyoaks After a six year stint on the show Chelsee went on to perform in Stricty and finished the dancing comp as a runner-up. She's currently in Hollyoaks playing the fiery Goldie McQueen.