Tango meet sebastian arce and mariana

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tango meet sebastian arce and mariana

SEBASTIAN ARCE & MARIANA MONTES. How rare and so Technique for Mixing Tango Elements Preview This is a collection of lessons for tango writers . Ángel Sebastián Arce is an Argentine tango dance and teacher. Sebastián's dancing career The topic of this article may not meet Wikipedia's notability guideline for biographies. Please help to establish tango in regular classes. In September Sebastián and Mariana launched one of the first online tango schools. Tango Festival in Ayia Napa, Cyprus. Starts on Friday, 30 October , and lasts until Sunday, 1 November

At my school they would have various workshops, for art and dance and home ec, and I would always try to get out of the worshops on cooking, or music, to go to the dance class. I enjoy other activities, like jazz, ballet, or pilates classes, gyratonics, I like to do a lot of things with my body.

Interview with Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes « Tangueos

But dancing professionally, just tango. In your experience, how long does it take for someone to learn enough not to embarrass themselves on the dance floor?

  • Interview with Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes
  • Sebastián Arce

It depends a lot… the tango is so rich technically that there are many different ways you can approach it. You can begin through physical aspect or you can take it as a game, which is what attracts a lot of young people today. That really, just listening to the music and walking a bit not just to the rhythm of the music but to her body, her rhythm, is enough.

tango meet sebastian arce and mariana

To respond to your question, I think it takes at least 6 months to on year to be able to make a woman happy—at least on the dance floor. Not a single tango class. You should know that her mom is— MM: But she goes out every weekend, she waits for Friday and Saturday to go out dancing. So I think it depends on what you are looking for in tango, in order to know how long it will take you to reach that objective.

Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, "Sacachispas", Maspalomas Tango Festival 2018

Tango allows everyone to seek their own space and express themselves. One thing I would like to say about this is that tango, as a social phenomenon, as a dance, is one of the few dances that are complicated in their execution, but which have a very rich social culture behind it. Tango has social codes that make it very open to different social and economic groups.

Sebastian Arse and Mariana Montes Headline Belgrade Tango Marathon

For example, I may have only one coin in my pocket but I can go to the milonga and not feel bad about it, because their not forcing me to buy three drinks a night. And the same thing for the girls, they want to dance with the older men because they know that the older men will take care of them. So different generations different social groups mix in the community of tango.

tango meet sebastian arce and mariana

What is the difference between this reinvented tango and traditional, or more purist tango. I think there was a wave of categorazation of tango styles in the 90s, and what we dance became called new, or nuevo.

After doing tours around the world, we realized that we had to make the dance much more accessible to people. And to make it accessible we had to get rid of some of the dogmas, especially some of the dogmas of the latino male: And to a certain extent we were also looking for a generational expression outside of what our grandparents had done.

And this is what was categorized as Nuevo. We no longer feel part of this new wave. We already consider ourselves pretty old. I can dance what my grandfather danced, I can dance what that guy over there dances, and I can dance what I feel. Because limiting your thought limits your freedom. So what do you think about musical groups like Gotan Project, or Bajofondo Tango Club who also take old and new elements of tango and forge them together to make something new, something really attracts new people come to this rhythm?

If we look at Bajofondo, their production is very rock and roll, what Santolaya does is awesome. But what am I going to play after that? No, I need to have my big jazz band, I need six bandoneones, 4 violins, 2 basses, one violoncello, drums, I need a huge orchestra.

And people loved it. We will now continue the interview with Sebastian Arce and Mariana Montes, tango dancers. What made you decide to leave Argentina and try your luck elsewhere? The idea was to go for six months, complete the tour, and return to Argentina. But thanks to my partner and the work that we did the time kept getting longer and longer, and I ended up returning to Argentina 2 years later, after planning on only six months.

I still enjoy living abroad very much. We love the cultural exchange between countries, the physical proximity between countries here. I love my country, my whole family is there, I love returning there.

Festival Internacional de Tango de Maspalomas

But I love the liberty I have in Europe. I love the freedom to do the activities I like, the organization of things, the fact that I know that things are going to work, that things will not get changed at the last minute. That peace of mind is good for me.

Maybe when I need more affection, more family… Today I do a lot for my career, for my dance. Maybe when I begin to live more for me, for my family, then maybe I will feel closer to Argentina. I always had a different point of view. Even when we were a couple, we had different ways of thinking. When I left Argentina, I left without looking back, with out any second thoughts or nostalgia.

And I went with the recommendation, I studied for three months to take the exam. The test day arrived. It had been scheduled for 7am so I went. Soon it was 8, 8: Go away, live something, and then come back. We left, and I said to Mariana, look, we can stay in Europe as long as we can survive. I kept pushing for more time, more time, more time. Until finally the opportunity arose to stay and live in Paris. And there we stayed for six and a half years.

You had such a conjugal life, to put it that way. The crowds in every country are very different, they have different tastes and different vibes.

Could you comment a little on that?

tango meet sebastian arce and mariana

As teachers they have succeeded in differentiating themselves for the quality of their teaching, as dancers for the elegance and fluidity of the movements, for interpretation and musicality. In a short time they obtained the esteem of the most expert public and results recognized nationally and internationally, confirming themselves among the most requested Italian couples at the moment.

They have participated in numerous festivals and events in Italy and abroad, among them: She works as a psychotherapist and Tango teacher in Munich. She started dancing Tango in The first dance with her partner Marko was on Since then they dance together and travel through Europe to learn from different teachers.

She is still learning from her main teachers, especially in private lessons with Sebastian Arce. He graduated in music piano and in civil engineering. He has acquired experience in teaching Piano, Martial arts and Tango. In the last years he has been focusing on tango, and has been dancing with Heike since During this time he has also been travelling around Europe to meet relevant teachers in order to deepen his knowledge of this wonderful dance and improve his technique, style and musicality.

Together with Heike he set up a Tango school in Munich www. His love for Tango drives him to learn and improve his skills in this magic dance. They are a young and elegant couple that has been dancing together since As teachers they care a lot about their students.

tango meet sebastian arce and mariana

Therefore, their teaching method is very personal and combines excercises singularly and with partner, clear explanations about the movements and how to put them into music. Liliana and Santiago are dancers totally dedicated to teaching, promoting and disseminating the culture of tango. The passion, freshness and elegance of their dancing has taken them to Germany, Turkey, England, Italy, Holland and beyond. Tango has always been a presence in their lives, at first through their love of the music and then for more than two decades, as dance.

They began working together ingiving classes and workshops and dancing at festivals, concerts and other tango events.

tango meet sebastian arce and mariana