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Rapper Kanye West hugs US President Donald Trump in the White House Oval Actor Jack Black kisses his star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame after it was. Gymnast will receive a Hugs & Kisses teddy bear, Hershey kisses Stephen Cudworth: () or [email protected] MEET FORMAT: A 15 min. open stretch will be followed by the first event timed. Find USA Gymnastics meet scores and results. Upcoming Meets, Massachusetts. Date, Meet , Hugs and Kisses · Spectrum Gymnastics Inc. MA.

The dark helps ease out the truth too. Mostly, he's shocked she actually told him that.

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You should have been with someone who knew what to do, someone you actually like. He knew to be careful when he walked her to her doorstep, asking if everything was okay and Kelly didn't say anything, just kissed him hard. Everything about her was determined in all the wrong ways.

Kelly doesn't mimic the sentiment nor does she try to convince him otherwise. It just hangs there in the air around them. Her voice is urgent, but less angry than Nicky expects. She sounds tired and not the good kind of tired either.

Kelly lies down on her side, knees curled up and her back to him as he gets dressed as quickly as possible. When he reaches for his keys and phone on the bedside table, Nicky knocks over the box of condoms a gift from the Rock girls so they spill out on the floor.

He curses and shakily collects every last one, putting them back into the box. He glances over at Kelly as he stands up and, yep, she was watching. With the strong light from the hallway against his back, casting shadows across his face, Nicky nods before showing himself out. She should have just taken a taxi home from that stupid party thing. She doesn't know why she let the others get to her when it comes to things like boyfriends and sex. They called her inexperienced and brought her mom into it and said she was sheltered in a Stockholm Syndrome sort of way.

Maybe she just wanted to forget about what a miserable night she had and kissing Nicky Russo has a way of clearing her mind. Kissing him is all about the senses—the taste of his lips, the smell of his light cologne, the feel of his rough, calloused fingers as they gently explored the space where her shirt and jeans didn't quite meet. She wanted all of that and she got it, but then they took it to a level that neither of them really understood.

Kelly never had fairytale expectations of losing her virginity like some girls do. She doesn't waste time thinking like that. She doesn't put stock in relationships since she's never in her life seen a functioning one. Her parents took care of that. But, still, even without expectations, using him kind of made her feel crappy and on top of that, Kelly didn't know it'd feel like the most unnatural thing two people could do with their bodies and hurt so friggin' much.

She dreads seeing Nicky at the gym that following Monday because he's so much of a spaz that there's no doubt he's going to make it awkward. Then Marty will probably notice and ask questions and that won't help anyone. As she walks in to Denver Elite, Kelly decides to avoid him at all costs. He can't be a weirdo if she never lets him see her. It sounds like a plan until she walks out of the locker room and sees him with that bitch, Michelle. More like sex worker with how she gets around.

She does her unsexy horselaugh thing and Nicky politely smiles back. If he doesn't make it clear that he isn't interested the slut will take it as an invite to surprise him in the backseat of his car, naked. Kelly rolls her eyes because eww. Michelle's smile noticeably lessens at Kelly's arrival.

Kelly Parker is head bitch here. Even the stupid ones know that. Nicky's cool, aloof front immediately evaporates at the sound of her voice and he awkwardly shuffles his feet. Having power over people never gets old. Did I miss the memo? You two are speaking now? I could have sworn a week ago you referred to him as the DE leper. He's alright," Kelly says. Without looking over at Nicky's reaction, Kelly gives Michelle a devious smile.

Sometimes they make it too easy. His ego can be too much sometimes. That's why he needs Kelly to take him down a peg or three. Don't tell me you were actually falling for that. I've heard her use that line on every male gymnast to come through here. Don't feel special, Nick. I knew what she was doing," Nicky says. You aren't very hard to get into bed.

Her smile fades and without thinking about it, Kelly reaches out and lightly touches his arm. Did I not make myself clear? We aren't talking about it. She purses her lips and her voice gets quieter. It wasn't like, traumatic. I'm not permanently turned off or anything. And choosing celibacy for the rest of your life would be extreme even for you, Russo. From now until the end of the day, I own you!

Now get to work! It wouldn't surprise her if "Kelly's Bitch" starts to rise in the ranks of nicknames for Nicky Russo. Kelly doesn't mind, especially if it a keeps the slutty, untalented hoes from creeping on him. She isn't being territorial because she likes him. She just lost her virginity to the guy and seeing him lower his standards would be just sad.

She's just doing him a favor. Usually, a few trainers or some of the other gymnasts go over footage, and Nicky likes to sit in. Today, he's surprised to find Kelly sitting on her sweater spread out on the floor, an empty plastic food container and fork at her side. She's transfixed on the screen that almost takes up an entire wall, watching a slightly younger version of herself about to perform on beam.

Stalking isn't cute, Russo. I'm always in here during lunch," he says. Nicky bites into his apple and weaves around the plastic chairs, going to sit with her on the floor.

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Kelly slowly turns her head, finally looking at him. He smiles at her with one side of his mouth and bites into the apple again, turning his attention to the screen. He looks just in time to see Kelly do a standing full. I won gold at Nationals with this routine," Kelly says. She sighs wistfully, staring into the past. It just means on that given day, in that moment, someone else was greater. You shouldn't blame yourself for it. You should push yourself to be even better.

Instead of letting her get to him and walking out like he wants to, Nicky sets his apple down in her empty salad container and starts to tug off his shirt, lifting it up enough to show her his pale, lean torso and his left shoulder, all marked with bruises.

He swears he sees her blush, but teasing her would interfere with the point he's trying to make. I bruise easy," he explains, "I tore my ACL, sprained both wrists multiple times. But if anything, they're all reminders of why I bother putting myself through this. Sometimes the thing we love hurts us.

That's how we know we're doing it right. That's how we know it's worth it. The roar from the crowd on the video draws Kelly's attention away.

He goes back to chomping on his apple when Kaylie Cruz is up on floor. Seeing his former almost-crush, Nicky clears his throat and pretends he doesn't feel Kelly watching him. Some of the rumors had to have been true. We kissed once, but then Payson tells me she has a boyfriend or something, which was obviously an excuse to get me to back off so I did.

Is it a personal ambition to hook up with the top gymnasts in the world? For future reference, Genji Cho a little young for you. It isn't like that at all! Drop the innocent act," Kelly says. I figured you out. Now, why are the best gymnasts in the country drawn to you? Neither is how highly you think of yourself. Do you drive all the girls to the hospital and tell them about your parents? He obviously said that without thinking and only reconsiders it after.

He bashfully looks away and tosses the core of his apple into the trashcan in the corner of the room. Pre-back brace, looking at you was probably like looking into a mirror. Obviously, she'd try to date herself if she could. What about our National Champ? How'd you work that? Kelly reads him too quickly and pounces within seconds.

Kelly appears less eager to know and more disgusted. Okay, yeah, that sounded bad. It wasn't like that. I was trying to help her up her strength and it was like a reverse push-up. Lie down on your back.

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Nicky stares at her expectantly and Kelly sighs, doing as he says. Now part your legs a bit—" "Russo, rapey. He presses his palms against the floor over Kelly's shoulders and supports his weight on his hands and the balls of his feet. Nicky keeps his abs tight as he bends his elbows and lowers his torso towards her, drawing a breath as he does. Bracing his chest with her palms, Kelly push him away when his body gets dangerously close to hers. She's stronger than he expected and though she clearly gets the point, Nicky doesn't move off of her right away.

He gets trapped in her eyes, hazel—brown at first glance, but almost gold with instances of green. You're doing it right now! He wasn't trying to make a move on her, but, yeah, with the way she's blushing, this one kind of works every time. Still smiling to himself, Nicky carefully moves off of her and holds his hand out. He's pleasantly surprised when she lets him help her sit up. I like hanging out with you. Join the Kelly Parker fan club. Not what I meant. She doesn't know what to say a first and just focuses on their joined hands, weaving her fingers through his.

They just hold hands and watch more of Nationals from two years ago. It's kind of funny how they started with random, hot make out sessions and rushed into bad sex and only now are they comfortable just holding hands. They quickly separate when the door rattles and one of the trainers asks if he can use the room. Nicky and Kelly clean up their space and she goes back to her Army of Skanks and he goes on with his day. Things are changing between them and Nicky can tell that it scares her, but he sort of maybe likes it.

Kelly has learned she just has to be persistent and he'll tell her whatever she wants to know, especially about the Rock girls.

It always kind of pisses her off when he talks about them even if she's the one who asks. Those bitches took him for granted and Nicky, beneath all his issues and arrogance, he's sweet. I don't plan on running into Lauren Tanner ever again so it doesn't really matter. Nick, you're a drug pusher.

Your dad could lose his license over something like this. You could go to jail, even worse, get banned from gymnastics. I…I wanted to impress Payson. Sarcastically, she asks, "And how'd that work out for you? I know her locker combo," Kelly says. She can tell he's ready to call her insane again and Kelly playfully nudges his calf with the front of her bare foot.

You just need to stand watch. Kelly shakes his arm just to be annoying and Nicky tries to blindly swat her away. People around Denver Elite are watching them and making assumptions about things that are none of their business. It's weird that they haven't done more than hold hands ever since the v-card catastrophe and yet she feels closer to him now than she ever did before.

It's a testament to their friendship when Kelly gets a text from him well after midnight. Of course he'd give in. Sheila is a fairly deep sleeper with wall-defying snoring as proof so Kelly sneaks out of the house, dressed in black from head to toe.

She meets Nicky around the corner and gets into the passenger seat like it has her name on it. They drive to Boulder and she scowls because he's wearing the same outfit from earlier—a bright ass blue hoodie with jeans—when she specifically told him all black.

Nicky parks the car down the street from the Rock and the lack of security is so bad it's almost too easy to get in. Nicky is spooked the entire time and he tells her it's partly because this is illegal, but also because everything looks almost exactly the same as before he left. Kelly pulls his hood up over his head for him and tells him to be the lookout as she goes to work her magic.

Once she leaves the locker room, Kelly sneaks up behind Nicky and lunges at him. He literally jumps and Kelly laughs, hanging on his shoulder. Kelly just grins, proud of herself, and Nicky moves his arm around her, pulling her in front of him. Nicky grabs Kelly's hand and quickly leads her through the gym. They burst out the back and sprint back to the car. The adrenalin is pumping, heart rates are up, and the paranoia doesn't end until they're safely in his car. She probably dumped it by now considering you're threat level zero.

Ugh, Nick, you would not believe. Lauren Tanner has the ugliest leos I have ever seen and the smell in her locker. Nicky turns onto his side and watches her laugh, mouth open, eyes crinkled and it's infectious so he forgets to be broody and laughs with her. When the laughter subsides, Nicky is bold enough to lean in and kiss her.

As if his burst of confidence alone doesn't make her hot for him, Kelly's reminded of how much she missed his lips on hers. The kiss is soft and brief and when he pulls away, murmuring something of an apology, Kelly grabs his face and kisses him with this intensity that's been building ever since they held hands in the film room. She makes a soft sighing sound every time he nips at her lips and they both really hate that stupid divider between their seats.

Nicky slides his hand down her side and Kelly sits up, trying to get closer. At one point, she murmurs a, "fuck it," and digs her hands into his shoulders as she climbs out of her chair and over that goddamn dividing compartment and straddles him. Her arms move around his neck and Nicky presses their foreheads together for a beat.

I still stand by the fact that you're insane," he says, and it makes Kelly smile against his mouth. Kelly kisses him and feels his hands slowly edging up beneath her shirt. We could do other things…" "Other things? Kelly pulls away long enough to murmur, "show me," and Nicky grins. Every time he makes her moan, Kelly's back hits the steering wheel and the car horn sounds in a residential area at nearly three in the morning.

Nicky smirks and Kelly tells him not to stop and they're totally asking to get arrested tonight. There's no reason or rhyme to it, no method to the madness that they create together, but Nicky can't remember a time where he was happier. So much so that even Marty notices. Marty eyes him out and Nicky slaps on an innocent grin. He's pretty sure Marty has his theories just like everyone else here. On days when her mom and Ellen Beals aren't in the gym, Nicky and Kelly freely interact. Somehow hanging out with him overpowered what her Army of Skanks think.

Why are they trying to steal my top male gymnast? He knows Marty's mostly joking, but it really does feel nice to have someone backing him. In Boulder, Nicky always represented the Rock, but the Rock never really represented him. At Denver Elite it's different and Marty makes him feel wanted. I bought multiple t-shirts and jackets with my name stitched in. I never thought I'd hear you say that.

I never thought I'd say this, but things aren't so bad around here. Not as bad as they made it seem over at the Rock. I guess I've officially assimilated. There are other gymnasts who could benefit from you doing your job, Marty.

Playing favorites is shameful. I'll be right with you. Nicky finds it impossible to not smile at Kelly and he knows he's being obvious, but can't bring himself to care. She's just fucking cute when she's trying so hard not to smile back. When Nicky doesn't let up, Kelly reaches out and shoves him. Nicky suppresses a laugh and briefly catches her fingers with his before Marty even glances up from his clipboard.

Kelly, I'm all yours. She's never going to fall for you like you're so obviously falling for her. Kelly Parker isn't capable of it.

She doesn't have a heart so she's going to break yours. It kind of does sound like a horse. A girl with a psycho mom, who's so clearly leading you on? Nicky refuses to acknowledge that he even hears her. You never know when you might need to run. He's fun to make fun of and look at and kiss, but Kelly doesn't like to consider what's beyond that.

She's aware that all the little ways Nicky affects her life adds up to something bigger, but she doesn't like to think about it. They don't ever talk about their relationship, which keeps everything uncomplicated, damn near perfect.

That's when she should have known to expect the worst.

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Sometimes, safely behind her locked bedroom door, Kelly likes to wear one of Nicky's hoodies. It's the one Marty gave him when he first came to DE. It's a soft cotton zip-up, blue with the Denver Elite logo on the back and Russo in white lettering over the heart. Nicky forgot it that one time she invited him in and he left in a bumbling hurry.

The hoodie is baggy on her and comfy and smells like him so she likes to wear it sometimes. It's like she's with him when she isn't and that sounds stupid even to Kelly, but whatever. One day, Kelly gets home from the gym and the house is uncannily quiet.

All the lights are on so it must mean Sheila's home and didn't jet off on one of her impromptu business trips where she tries to gain new clients or steal new clients from their existing management companies. Kelly drops her bag near the stairs and makes her way through the house. Two bottles of wine are on the table along with a glass half-full and Nicky's neatly folded hoodie.

You're late and you didn't call. When she finally looks at her daughter, Sheila sneers, "Did Marty want to talk to you about something really quick again? She doesn't like any of this. Kelly slowly makes her way closer and sits like she's told. Care to explain why you have Nicky Russo's jacket? Sheila bleeds Kelly dry of her ability to bullshit. Already she's off to a bad start. With the wineglass in hand, Sheila motions for her to go on.

Her eyes are small and her cheeks are rosy. It makes Kelly wonder how much her mother's had to drink tonight. Being bad at it makes you look stupid. This right here, Kelly, talking to me, your mother, there is no lying and there definitely is no getting away with it. I'll ignore that you just tried to lie to my face—and poorly, I might add—and let you try again. I couldn't have been home or I would have noticed that meathead clunking around. You had a boy over without my permission and unsupervised?

She's always angry, but this is a new level. The pinot noir in her glass nearly sloshes over the side from the way she swings her hand. He has 2 siblings with Mattie M's Story Mattie has neurofibromatosis type one, spinal cord tumors, mitochondrial disease, and autism. He has 2 siblings with special needs as well. He had a spinal cord injury during surgery in and is now on chemotherapy.

They bring tremendous joy to Mom and Dad. They work hard in school and are and inspiration to others. They are very friendly little men who love church and dancing and making others laugh. Vote For Me Marilyn is not only an excellent student but she is kind, sweet, and responsible.

Marilyn loves to laugh and has the Marilyn C's Story Marilyn is not only an excellent student but she is kind, sweet, and responsible. Marilyn loves to laugh and has the most beautiful smile! She works hard at school, takes pride in her work and she always puts forth her best effort. Marilyn is loved and respected by her teachers and peers!

She enjoys swimming, watching YouTube videos and spending time with her family. Marilyn would be thrilled to have the opportunity to attend concerts, athletic events and other special events if she was chosen for this award. Vote For Me Andres is an 8th grade at Barber who is full of energy. His positive energy is evident with all who have interactions Andres A's Story Andres is an 8th grade at Barber who is full of energy.

His positive energy is evident with all who have interactions with him and he has never met a stranger. Vote For Me Rachel is a 15 year old girl with developmental delay. She had seizures as an infant and toddler. Rachel J's Story Rachel is a 15 year old girl with developmental delay. She attends East Paulding Middle School and is in 7th grade.

She watches every Braves game and is a huge fan. He also is developmentally delayed. He loves playing sports and love cheering his Atlanta He loves playing sports and love cheering his Atlanta Braves on. Vote For Me She was born without a thyroid, a hole in valve going to her heart, she has asthma, allergies, autism spectrum disorder. Vicotria G's Story She was born without a thyroid, a hole in valve going to her heart, she has asthma, allergies, autism spectrum disorder.

Vote For Me Andy is an amazing young man with a kind heart and fun loving spirit. He has been diagnosed with moderate to severe Andy C's Story Andy is an amazing young man with a kind heart and fun loving spirit. He has been diagnosed with moderate to severe autism which means that he is unable to communicate like his typical peers.

He loves to draw, make videos, and go to baseball games. He has the most fun going to see the Braves play and eating his favorite foods- Peanuts and Hotdogs! He makes everyone he meets smile. Vote For Me Jayven is a 10 year old little boy with Autism.

He loves the Braves and loves karate. He is a red belt. Jayven C's Story Jayven is a 10 year old little boy with Autism. He loves spending time with his mommy and with his friends. He is so sweet. Vote For Me Chase is a 7 yr old with the biggest heart in the world. He is autistic and has sensory processing disorder. Chase R's Story Chase is a 7 yr old with the biggest heart in the world. He loves Pokemon and dinosaurs, he is the most generous little boy ever and doesnt know what an enemy is.

He was nonverbal until the age of 4. But has overcome so much to make it to where he is today. He has become a leader in He has become a leader in the school. Andy always uses his manners and truly cares about others. He takes pride in helping others so much so he willingly sweeps the cafeteria floor in the morning after breakfast and during ASP.

He is always willing to help his teachers and his friends. He is a peer mentor to our friends during Buddy Time.

Andy brings join to all at Birney and our day is not complete without a "Hello" from Andy. Vote For Me Nathan has mitochondrial disease and autism. Nathan has mitochondrial disease and autism. She makes everyone laugh on a daily basis! She is kind-hearted, shows amazing empathy, and cares about her friends and the staff.

I have never met anyone that enjoys music as much as her! She has no inhibitions and she is a pleasure to be around.

She is such a free spirit! Vote For Me Kaiden was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old. He is a fun little boy who loves people, outdoor activities, flying, Kaiden A's Story Kaiden was diagnosed with autism at 2 years old. He is a fun little boy who loves people, outdoor activities, flying, traveling, geography and learning about this big world.

He enjoys going to the Atlanta United soccer games and the Atlanta Braves games. He is a very smart rising 4th grader schooled through the Georgia Cyber Academy. He work very hard a at succeeding in school. He is a great kid. Vote For Me Ben is a 13 year old fun loving boy with autism, speech apraxia, and an intellectual disability.

He loves baseball and Ben L's Story Ben is a 13 year old fun loving boy with autism, speech apraxia, and an intellectual disability. He loves baseball and has played on the Miracle League for the past 4 years.

Hugs & Kisses Competition - Spectrum Gymnastics

He loves music, and you can often catch him singing and dancing at home listening to his favorite tunes! He also loves swimming, going to the movies, and all things super heroes. Once you meet him, he will bring joy into your life. Vote For Me Brayden is a 9 year old with minimally verbal autism. He's a super sweet boy who loves to giggle.

Brayden P's Story Brayden is a 9 year old with minimally verbal autism. He likes to experience new things and it's fascinating to watch him connecting with his world, as this can be difficult for him.

His smile can light up the world. Vote For Me Brooklyn celiac disease as well as autistic spectrum disorder, that being said for a 6 year old she doesn't let anyone or Brooklyn S's Story Brooklyn celiac disease as well as autistic spectrum disorder, that being said for a 6 year old she doesn't let anyone or anything stop her from being the wonderful kid she is, she keeps a positive attitude and we would like to do more things as a family.

Vote For Me Erin is a 14 year old male that was diagnosed with Autism at the age of 3. He is a very loving individual and warm the hearts of everyone he meets. He considers everyone a friend and gives great hugs. While his journey is not over he continues to overcome challenges daily.

Vote For Me David was adopted from Latvia when he was five with undiagnosed profound hearing loss and mild Cerebral Palsy that David D's Story David was adopted from Latvia when he was five with undiagnosed profound hearing loss and mild Cerebral Palsy that affects his legs and fine motor skills including speech.

He is now 12 and dances with a local special needs dance group and takes a couple of Hip Hop classes where he keeps up pretty well too! He has played baseball on Horizons Field in Acworth with the Cardinals. He loves all things Marvel and D.