Romeo and juliet meet analysis

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romeo and juliet meet analysis

Before Romeo and Juliet meet, the audience is only aware that he is a 5 of William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet In this essay, I am going to analyse the . Romeo and Juliet study guide contains a biography of William Shakespeare, literature essays, a complete e-text, quiz questions, major themes. Need help with Act 1, scene 5 in William Shakespeare's Romeo and Juliet? Check out our Romeo and Juliet's meeting sets in motion Tybalt's part in their fate.

To draw attention to Romeo and Juliet's first meeting, Shakespeare uses the sonnet - a complex and highly artificial verse form, popular in the 16th century and generally regarded as the proper medium for love poetry. Romeo starts with devout religious utterance: If I profane with my unworthiest hand, This holy shrine This will be shown through the usage of movie techniques like Act 1 Scene 5 of Romeo and Juliet demonstrates Shakespeare's skill as a dramatist.

It is central to the development of the plot as a whole Essay Essay It supplies us with the meeting of Romeo and Juliet whose love affair advances the play.

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Shakespeare shows his skill as a dramatist in his use of language, imagery, change of pace, characterization and timing. He uses these skills to link this scene with those that come before it and to entertain and create suspense for the audience. When Romeo first sees Juliet he is amazed by her beauty and this comes out in his language.

How does Shakespeare present the relationship between the older and younger generations in Romeo and Juliet? Williams Shakespeare's talent for instilling passion in an audience via words and action is aided by the way in which he presented and developed his characters. Exterior influences shaped his work due to the societal attitudes and effects that events would have on the audience at the time.

The flamboyant props, such as the red, long curtains and the golden statues at the staircases, and the setting of a lavish mansion really add to the chaotic atmosphere.

How does Shakespeare present the first meeting between Romeo and Juliet Essay

Capulet is clothed as Caesar which underlines his power and wealth. Tybalt is dressed as a devil to show his evil and dark nature.

romeo and juliet meet analysis

Lady Capulet is dressed as Cleopatra to show her beauty and also her seductive personality to lure men. After Romeo and Juliet get taken apart from their first meeting. Tybalt is quick to realise Romeo without his mask.

romeo and juliet meet analysis

Luhrmann uses many techniques to change of assert an atmosphere at any given point. Baz Luhrmann uses a low angle shot when showing Capulet scolding Tybalt and having Capulet above the camera signifies he is an important and powerful person because it is as if the audience is looking up at someone superior.

Capulet being upstairs where there is no one could symbolise a higher place like heaven where powerful people watch you from there. Tybalt getting enraged over Romeo suggests that he is disrupting that solemnity and peace that you are meant to have in heaven. In this particular moment Luhrmann uses both high and low angles to convey the different positions or statuses that Romeo and Juliet are in.

Juliet is like the cursed beauty that has to marry someone who her parents want.

Romeo and Juliet

Luhrmann uses medium shot eye-line matching while Romeo and Juliet have eventually found out who their real identities are and realise the reality dawning on them. You get two semantic fields with the vocabulary of the body hand, lips, kiss, palm et cetera meeting the vocabulary of religion holy, shrine, sin, Pilgrims, saints, devotion et cetera. The combination is electrifying.

romeo and juliet meet analysis

Our young lovers are seething with physical desire and lust whilst simultaneously discussing their religious concerns. This religious language also attests to the seriousness of their relationship. Their love is not limited to physical attraction — it transcends into the realms of agape.

We are meant to take them and their love seriously. Romeo, the bold lover, kicks off the sonnet with a sly conflation of physical and religious language.

Yes he wants to get physical, but he is overtly spiritual in his request.

romeo and juliet meet analysis

Romeo clearly has his work cut out for him. By the end of the poem, they have reached an understanding. A kiss is a prayer and vice versa, so they can kiss without problem. This label validates his love and tells her, and the audience, that he is worthy of a kiss. The rhyme in this poem is more than simply out of necessity.