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'Elvis and Me': Memorializing Elvis Presley | Priscilla Presley

priscillas where fun and fantasy meet store

After five years as the wife of the superstar singer, Priscilla Beaulieu Presley is as got to Germany, Priscilla had thought about what it would be like to meet Elvis. . But it was fun. . We both do the designing for the shop, and have people who sew for us. Elvis: 'Can't Help Falling In Love' ( Fantasy Concert DVD). Priscilla Presley: 'I start my show off saying, 'You're probably wondering why I'm doing this'. Elvis had his fun late in the evening. 'We'd go to. Phone, () · Address. E 41st St; Tulsa, Oklahoma February 25, · Tulsa, OK ·. Where fun and Fantasy meet! Priscilla's. Shopping & Retail · Tulsa, OK. people checked in here. 3 Likes7 Comments .

So I felt very secure. As I said, I had no idea that we were going to be married, but I had faith that things would handle themselves. I did not think that at any time I would be deserted or neglected, because Elvis had assured my parents that no harm would come to me'.

During her four-year stay, Priscilla led a Cinderella existence. Her every dream became a reality.

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When he was home, Elvis tried to make up for the time he'd been away; he gave her little presents. He gave me all of the cars that I have had. We started out with a little red Corvair, then a Chevrolet, a Toronado, an Eldorado, and then the Mercedes, a white one, which I drive now'. When she was not driving her own car, Presley chauffeured her in a Lincoln Continental equipped with a little TV and a bar.

Priscilla was waited upon. Wooed In Style She was wooed with elegance and style. The memory of those halcyon days lingers. No, Elvis never showed his own movies'. She stops abruptly, not wanting to betray a trust. Maybe he didn't say a line right or he thought that his hair didn't look good, or that he appeared fat.

He just didn't want to see himself. Occasionally Priscilla would visit Elvis in Hollywoodbut she was careful to stay away from the set when he was shooting. I felt that was his job, his business, and it was not my place to be there. Most of the time I stayed in Memphis and occupied my time at the dance studio, or went to dinner with a girl friend. I was perfectly happy the way it was'. She took a self-improvement course at the Patricia Stevens Finishing School, and although she stresses that it wasn't to compete with Elvis' starlet friends, she confides that it made her feel better to learn how to apply makeup.

Yet when she thinks back on it, she is amused. But it was fun.

priscillas where fun and fantasy meet store

I still love to fool around with cosmetics, but not as much as when I was younger. I think every girl goes through that stage. How attractive I thought I looked at the time! Now I see those old pictures of me with all that makeup and I think, 'Oh, how blind I was!

I do think that men is show business like to have women in makeup because they are used to seeing women looking the best that they possibly can. Yet, I don't think it has changed Elvis' impression of me - I was always a little girl to him'. Today, Priscilla's makeup is as flawless as a model's. A light base and natural highlights complement her fragile, fawnlike beauty. Her new natural look involved more than a makeup change. I know who I am, where I stand, and I feel as if I have an identity; I don't have to be or please anybody other than myself'.

Marriage For years Elvis and Priscilla seemed content not to marry. Then, in what seemed a totally overnight decision, they were married on May 1,in a double ring ceremony at the Las Vegas Aladdin Hotel.

Priscilla wore a gown of white organza trimmed in seed pearls with lace sleeves and a full train. A three-quarter length tulle veil was held by a crown of rhinestones. Her wedding-engagement ring was a three-carat diamond surrounded by 20 smaller diamonds. Fourteen guests attended the wedding, including Dee and Vernon and the Beaulieus. I remember how overwhelmed they were, how happy, too. Of course, they thought it was time. We had been dating for years!

She recalls that his proposal was unceremonious. Sensitive to some confusion on my part, she stresses sweetly, 'Even though we were perfectly content the way we were, at that time it wasn't nice for people to live together'. After a two month honeymoon in Palm Springs, Calif.

Presley had just finished the movie Double Trouble and was to start another film on location. Consequently, the first days of their marriage were marked by a hit-and-run lifestyle that was to become their way of life. Even in retrospect Priscilla doesn't complain about it. At first I wanted to go along and it was difficult for me to understand why I couldn't. Sure I was disappointed, but I got over it. The times that Elvis couldn't make an anniversary became a way of life.

I may have been hurt, but it's an adjustment that you make as a wife'. She continues, 'I kept thinking.

priscillas where fun and fantasy meet store

You have to live one day at a time, and hopethat things aren't always going to be like that. I began studying karate. I won my green belt and was ready to test for my brown belt when I decided to drop out.

I felt karate wasn't very feminine. So I decided to go backinto ballet.


I enrolled again in her dance company; I stayed for about three-and-a-half years. I danced and worked out every day and did a couple of recitals with them. Elvis didn't mind, so long as I was happy'.

Not only did it provide the Presleys with a much wanted child, but the baby gave Priscilla a new outlet for her energies, a love with whom she could spend her days. If the baby had been a boy, we were going to name him John Barron. I liked the name Barron. It has a very strong feeling to it. But when it was a girl, we decided on Lisa Marie - for no special reason, only because it is a very feminine name'. Lisa is a combination of both her parents.

She adds jokingly, 'You know, the movie magazines have had me having about five miscarriages; I have never had a miscarriage'. If Elvis got time off, we'd take a trip, but we were seldom by ourselves. For instance, our stay in Hawaii was supposed to be a cozy family vacation. Elvis had finished filming Blue Hawaii, and he wanted to show me the islands. So we rented a bungalow with a private beach. But with an entourage of twelve people each guy and his wifehow intimate can you become?

I accepted it, but occasionally if I became resentful, Elvis would tease me out of it'. No Superstar There were many times when being Mrs. Elvis Presley filled Priscilla with pride. I guess I'd be less than honest if I didn't say I liked the attention. Yet I never invited it by going to posh places where people go to be seen.

That wasn't what I wanted. Maybe Elvis had a lot to do with that because he never associated with movie people. He had always had his own friends from his hometown'.

Another thrill was watching her husband perform. But I was also worried about someone getting hurt or Elvis getting sued and things like that'. He's a human being, and I can sense when he's nervous or if he's not doing the song as well as he did it the time before. I don't see Elvis as a superstar: I see him as my husband'. Her favorite room is his den.

For the fireplace, I searched everywhere for wrought-iron and irons with eagle heads, and I bought antiques from all over Beverly Hills. I got old books and beautiful antique bar stools, and a desk that was furnished with a telephone and intercom. Elvis liked the room; he spent a lot of time there. Did she feel comfortable amid such masculine He's got to live in it, and he's not going to be happy with anything feminine, that's for sure.

The kitchen was very country and the breakfast nook was pleated and wicker, which didn't bother Elvis'. Involvement with the house and the joys of raising Lisa Marie still didn't fill the gap of days and weeks when Elvis was away and Priscilla was by herself. But when you're married, you just don't date other men'. Although a career of her own might have saved the marriage, Elvis did not encourage Priscilla to work.

It's funny how rumors get started. The dance studio also had drama classes and I attended one class. Someone started the rumor that I wanted to be an actress, which actually never entered my mind. I did get offers to be in motion pictures, and Elvis left that up to me. But it could never be, especially with a little daughter. Besides, I could never live that life. I saw how Elvis had to be.

I mean, so publicized. I could live my life and do what I wanted, but it was not possible for Elvis to do this. It was a shame'. Breakup More time with Elvis was a continual hope for Priscilla, but it was never to be. Priscilla states simply that she had to face the fact that Elvis is what Elvis is, and she is as she is.

Would she continue to put up with it? Her answer was no. On January 8,Elvis files for divorce. The previous August they had separated, and Priscilla had moved out of their Holmby Hills mansion. There are no recriminations, no hard feelings on either side. Elvis knows that Priscilla's there if he needs her - if he is sick or in trouble. Priscilla admits that she worries about Lisa Marie.

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Tenaciously she shields the child from publicity. This afternoon, for instance, she has taken Lisa Marie to visit a neighbor. Priscilla enfolds Lisa's Raggedy Ann doll in her arms. And Elvis is no absentee father', Priscilla stresses.

She spent last weekend with him, and I took her to watch him perform in Las Vegas for her birthday'.

Priscilla takes pride in saying that she has enrolled her daughter in 'a very exclusive academy where they speak French - and she's only five!

priscillas where fun and fantasy meet store

I want to put the record straight from my side'. Everyone has an Elvis story. The first time they heard him, the first time they saw him, the time they did a remake of one of his hits or imitated his style… Elvis was a lot of things, which makes for a lot of stories. He was rock 'n' roll and for that matter he was a parable for our country during his time. He was wild and creative, alive and vibrant, reckless, impetuous, generous, unstoppable, hypnotic and consuming.

Even at his worst moments, he seemed to be all of this. For that, some forgave him and others turned away.

'Elvis and Me': Memorializing Elvis Presley

Like most music lovers, I've been an Elvis fan all my life. When I got the invitation to moderate a discussion of the king's life and work with Priscilla Beaulieu PresleyI was naturally floored. Of all our stories, she is the only one to have the story of being his wife, confidant, friend, accomplice and the mother of his child.

To prepare, I read her memoir, Elvis and Me. Among other things, Priscilla shares intimate details about their 18 years together, the complications of it all and the life of the king. Through the precious prism of her relationship with the legend, we learn about some of the forces at play behind the world's greatest star.

Priscilla tells the tale of a complicated man under extraordinary circumstances. She wrote the book for their daughter, Lisa Mariewho is living her own extraordinary life. But I also think she wrote it for herself, the undying love she shared with Elvis and for him too. We still called each other, I went to his shows, I visited him at Graceland and he'd come to see me early morning hours at my home and he would always come by and show me one of his newest cars.

priscillas where fun and fantasy meet store

I'm still very close to basically most of the old gang. Sadly many have passed. This tour is many things for me…It's staying in touch with his fans, clearing up myths, rumors and lies, and to be honest, it's very therapeutic.

I also answer questions from the audience'. Priscilla exposes a man of exceptional vastness. The energy and emotion we enjoyed from the performer was no act. It was the product of a man who lived just as fiercely, felt just as deeply and hurt just as badly. We learn of the couple living a life of sex, drugs and rock 'n' roll, but also a deep rooted hunger for the forces influencing this life.

Elvis taught us how to plead to be loved tenderly because he was tender. And he also taught us how to shake with 'Jailhouse Rock' because he was able to love every moment freely like it was his last. I always wondered what influenced Elvis to make music that could influence so many others it spoke to them across all genres.