Pll ezra and aria meet

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pll ezra and aria meet

Nov 16, Pretty Little Liars Season 1 Episode 1 when Aria Montgomery meets Ezra Fitz in a bar. Episode: "Pilot" Yes, this is the same episode when they see each other in class in addition to the bar scene. ~Miss Pretty Little Liar. Ezria Day 1. In the "Pilot," Ezra meets Aria at a bar. The two start talking about college, traveling, writing and music, hitting it off right away. Ezra mentions that he.

Dawson's Creek and Gossip Girl for example. And if viewers had to take one message to heart from this show, let it be about love and not psycho stalkers, killers and crazy classmates. Whereas most teen boys are sex-crazed, Aria and Ezra prove that young relationships can be deeper than just the physical.

pll ezra and aria meet

Aria has a lot on her plate right now: At only 18, Aria needs to focus on herself — not her boyfriend and his newly discovered 7-year-old son.

I mean, Aria's mature, but not that mature. And nor should she be! When she's not chasing down A, Aria's life should be happy and carefree, not playing stepmom or a supporting role in Ezra's new family life. Plus, when will she ever find the time to catch up on all her favorite English lit with so many responsibilities? Just relax for a minute, Aria! Not everything good in life has to be so much stress. Who's to judge what someone's idea of fun is?

With her parents' split and a crazy psycho on the loose, Ezra is the only stable thing in Aria's life. Yes, Ezra now has a son, but he also made it very clear that he wants her to remain in his life as well. If she's willing to accept that their relationship might change a little, then that's her decision to make. If she doesn't want to go to parties and instead would rather stay in and read books to Ezra's son, then that's what she should do.

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Which Pretty Little Liars actress doesn't look her age? It's hard to root for a couple that lies to each other Aria lies about A.

Pretty Little Liars Aria and Ezra Deleted Scene

Ezra lies about his family. Aria lies about Ezra's brother and son. Ezra's made a habit of going AWOL. Does that sound healthy to you? Then again, what can you expect of a relationship founded on fibs? None of this ever would have happened had Aria just been honest with Ezra when they first met.

And while all the deception makes for great drama, I'm getting a little tired of this particular rollercoaster. Can't they just be honest with each other? Even I would probably jump aboard the Ezria train then or at least flirt with the option. This is a show about lying — it's even in the title! I don't condone relationships founded on lies, but you have to give a little legroom when it's in a show based around deceit. Ultimately, what Aria and Ezra mainly stay silent about is their way of protecting the other.

If Aria involves Ezra in A's game, he's put at risk of getting shot, killed, hit by a car, etc. Ezra's mom sucks, and he'd like to shield Aria from her awfulness.

Aria was selfless by putting her fears aside and honoring Maggie's wish to not spill about their son. So if the ends justify the means, so be it. When they get a chance to speak privately, Ezra expresses that he felt Aria was dishonest, but Aria clarifies that she chose her words carefully and didn't lie.

She says nothing has changed and touches his hand, but he says even though she's amazing, things have changed and leaves the room. Ali's funeral They see each other at the church for Alison 's funeral. He apologizes for being a jerk and Aria says goodbye, thinking this is the end of something that never really began, but as she turns to walk away, he grabs her arm and kisses her.

Fitz to sign the slip giving her permission to transfer out of his class. He tries to persuade her to stay, stating that he can keep his feelings in check, but the problem is she can't. He signs the slip for her. When the request is denied by the school, they glance at each other longingly realizing the only chance they had to be together just slipped through their fingers.

Out of the rain Aria runs into Mr. Fitz outside the movie theatre where she is seeing It Happened One Night with her mom. Fitz to join them.

pll ezra and aria meet

They sit next to each other uncomfortably for the duration of the film. Later, Ezra sees Aria walking home during a rainstorm. He pulls up next to her and opens the passenger side door. He drives to a secluded street and they give in to their feelings once again. Taking risks at school In " To Kill a Mocking Girl ," Aria slips into Ezra's classroom between classes to ask what his plans are for the weekend. She suggests attending an opening at her mom's gallery, but he thinks it's a bad idea.

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She suggests meeting up afterward; she can tell her parents she's attending Noel Kahn 's party. Ezra suggests she actually go to the party so her friends don't think she is losing interest in them. She touches his hand for a moment and they don't speak until another teacher walks in the room.

pll ezra and aria meet

Flustered, they pretend Aria was there to talk about a homework assignment and she leaves. After a distressing encounter with Meredith at her mom's gallery, Aria shows up to Ezra's apartment. He gives her a much-needed hug.