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At Devprayag, where the Alaknanda and Bhagirathi meet to form the Ganga, brother and I mock-sparred for the one farthest from our parents. Devprayag, Uttrakhand Alaknanda and Bhagirathi rivers meet and take the Rishikesh, Uttarakhand, India More Rishikesh India, Haridwar, Visit India, Tourist Places Top 5 Destinations Where You Must Take Your Parents on a Vacation !. The confluence of Bhagirathi (bottom) and Alaknanda (top) to form the Ganges. . Place where two Rivers meet #uttrakhand #devprayag #alaknanda with this make shift arrangement to meet the parents and the children, at a parking place.

Delhi to Jayalgarh: Skirting the Alaknanda

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Seeing two rivers, one can notice that while Alaknanda flows calmly, Bhagirathi runs very rough and when they merge, the sacred gleaming and pristine Ganges emerges out of the confluence of two rivers. Devprayag is prominent for its religious importance among Hindus as the holy Ganges takes its shape and form from this sanctified town.

Pilgrims, devotees and travelers alike take holy dips in river Ganges at the confluence.

The stream is ferocious so one should be careful while taking dips in the river. They must hold the chains for their safety.

Confluence of Alaknanda and Mandakini rivers at Rudraprayag, Uttarakhand

At a fair distance from the confluence, many locals from the hill villages also perform cremation and last rites of the departed souls on the river side seeking holy blessing and peace for their heavenly abode. Devprayag is equally revered by the tourists for its abundant natural beauty. Click here for enlarge The next two days passed as quickly as the splashing waves of the Alaknanda. The day was planned differently for each of us: In the evenings, everyone converged around a bonfire.

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My grandfather was delighted to update us on the deer and leopard trails he had spotted during his morning hike, while I was determined to embarrass my brother by relating how he had tipped over the raft while manoeuvring a rapid. One person stayed particularly quiet during this buzz. Every fortnight, Weekend Vacations offers suggestions on getaways that allow for short breaks from metros. Thu, May 14