Nicole and jionni meet the millers

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nicole and jionni meet the millers

The ornaments were made available for purchase earlier in November as part of “A Nicole “Snooki” Polizzi's second book (she's already written a third) hit. Guests leave Nicole 'Snooki' and Jionni LaValle's wedding . Most of her fellow Jersey Shore alumni were guests at her wedding and some of. Feb 29, Lucy Liu to play Watson to Jonny Lee Miller's Sherlock Holmes on CBS Labels: Snooki Nicole Polizzi Jionni LaValle Jersey Shore MTV Futurehistorians will be puzzled by the fact that we were able to produce Trailer Park.

Was Jay too scared of the ride? Well, we think it's Miley She and Justin Bieber have been looking pretty similar lately. That's right, Pauly, ride that 90's nostalgia wave! What, did you expect to just walk out and have no one be there? When did we get so old We're not sure if boogie boarding is a professional sport, but just give Becks all the medals now.

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If Marilyn Manson were a fem-bot from outer space, it would look just like this. Those Transformers need a lot of maintenance, you know?

nicole and jionni meet the millers

Finally, Arya Stark gets to have some fun for a change! To bark or not to bark, that is the question. Uh, did you just come from a bar fight, Bill?

Joe, are you jealous that you don't have Channing Tatum around to protect you? We love it when we mistake Vanessa Hudgens for Slash! Leo, did you have spinach for lunch? Come on, guys, gas masks are so played out. Bieber has worn one, for pete's sake!

nicole and jionni meet the millers

George, what are you to do without your trusty manservant Brad Pitt? Oh wait, yeah, ask Sandra to do his duties. Better hope Suri didn't catch you high-fiving another kid, Katie! We are going to find Lindsay and ask her out on a date. After you reach a certain age, you just need a little lift, a little help with your appearance, you know? Emma, give him thirty birthday spanks for us! Come on, Gaga, it's not art if you have to write 'art' on your hands.

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The next time we go on a plane, totally gonna rock a onesie. Best idea ever, Riri! Josh is totally Farrah Fawcett, right? And JB can be Kate Jackson since he's got the brains! Ugh, did the baby barf all over the car again?

nicole and jionni meet the millers

Yes, Chris those pants do make your butt look big. Aww, little Louis isn't digging the water! Champagne and hot dogs, now that's Olympic gold fuel. Hole-y see through underwear, Batman! No Jason, don't give your kisses away for free! The mother-of-two posted a picture of her wedding gown on Saturday Adding: And the morning after the celebrations, the fun continued for Snooki as she wrote: That will not get old getting mcdonalds and being slobs together.

Waiting for walking dead tonight.

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Snooki posted this status her social media page adding, 'hungover with my husband' Newlywed bliss: The bride couldn't contain her excitement as she Tweeted this post shortly after the wedding ceremony No longer Snooki?

Rose of Lima in New Jersey and the couple had their children Lorenzo, two, and Giovanna, two months, playing key roles in the ceremony. Inside pictures from the church show the besotted couple kissing after saying their vows with Jionni sporting a black tuxedo and white shirt. A Gatsby themed reception, complete with a cigar and scotch bar followed the ceremony at the nearby Venetian.

Indeed Snooki made her way to the church in a white vintage Rolls Royce. Snooki and Jionni are parents to two-year-old Lorenzo and two-month-old Giovanna Most of her fellow Jersey Shore alumni were guests at her wedding and some of them took to social media to share their excitement for the big day. She shared a photo of the invited cast members on her Instagram account writing: