Naruto and kushina meet episode 1

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naruto and kushina meet episode 1

"Thank You " (ありがとう, Arigatō) is episode of the Naruto: Shippūden anime . Kushina's chakra into the Eight Trigrams Sealing Style so that she may meet. The following contains spoilers about the Manga and anime Naruto. After a hug, “how mum met dad” and other adorable stuff naruto gets to work. Minato'd In what episode of Naruto Shippūden did Naruto and Hinata become a couple?. Naruto meets his mother. Source. Naruto: Shippūden Episode Portion of copyrighted work used. Single screenshot from the anime. Purpose of Image.

On the wall directly across from them were a fire place and a flat screen— their TVs were still rather large boxes. There were no windows. And you weren't a believer, were you silly! One was a small figure in a scarlet red cloak, with— they noticed with shock— two large storm gray wings folded up behind her back, the other figure in an ebony cloak loomed over the first figure.

The figure in the scarlet cloak spoke up, identifying herself as the female that spoke first.

Mum's Red Hair

You lucky people are being given a little something special. She took hold of her hood and pushed it back, revealing her face. A lovely woman perhaps in her late teens or early twenties stood before them. Her hair was a deep navy blue and gently wavy, surrounding a cherubic yet mature face. A hair band pushed back her hair from her face, where two sets of amethyst eyes looked directly at the group, curiosity glinting in their depths. A lovely Cupid 's bow mouth was curved into a smile.

Turning to her still-cloaked companion, she spoke, voice musical and happy. They won't listen to a thing we say if you insist on being antisocial. He too pushed back his hood, revealing a young yet handsome face belonging to someone in their mid-teens.

The boy's hair was like Minato's excluding the red and black highlights. His eyes which had a slit pupil were the yellow of a hawk, showing some nervousness, but never wavering from the group.

The left corner of his mouth was being chewed on by a lengthy canine. Some more than others, but you'll figure that out. Though in the end things worked out fine, a lot of pain and suffering could have been avoided. And with your help, by reading the events of the future, we can do that. Though the group were confused, their facial expressions remained neutral and distantly polite— if these people had the power to bring them here, wherever here was, then it's best not to anger them needlessly.

However, you're here, so might as well not waste it. The book was leather bound, with the title printed in large, glossy gold lettering over the orange front. Handing it Minato, he took his place by his companion's side once more. Genesis of the Nindo.

Naruto, like the character in Jiraiya-sensei's book? Looking at the Toad Sage, he could see the man had reached the same conclusion. Turning around to the group, they all had a silent conversation, looking into each other's eyes.

Jiraiya was the spokesperson this time, turning to speak to the two odd beings. Tohru and Mitsuki smiled. Whenever a point comes into the story where you can watch or see something specific, just take the remote and press the large button in the center.

The group still stood around even after the two had left. Obito, deciding to be the one to break the stupor, clapped his hands together, as if he was trying to dispel bad energy. To the ridiculously comfy looking couch!

naruto and kushina meet episode 1

Most of the others chuckled, before they all followed his lead. Rin, Kakashi and Obito took up the right side of the couch, Minato and Kushina took the right, with Tsunade and Jiraiya in the middle.

Rin and Tsunade hit their respective couch mate's upside the head, scolding them. Ignoring the horseplay, Minato asked, "Who wants to go first? Clearing her throat she began, "Naruto: It is said, that one decision can change it all. One small, inconsequential act, has the potential to rewrite the future. Uzumaki Naruto did not care about that at all. Kushina-san, there's a relative of yours out there somewhere? At least the only one who still carries the name. Minato wondered the same thing, only slightly different.

naruto and kushina meet episode 1

His name is Uzumaki, but where am I? Who is the father? Jiraiya, seeing his student's expression, caught Minato's eye and smiled reassuringly, getting a soft smile of gratitude back.

naruto and kushina meet episode 1

Pushing the questions back for later, Kushina read on. Whoever out there that wanted to analyze every choice and acted like every single one mattered, good for them. Sitting atop the head of the Fourth Hokage, "So sensei either kicked the bucket or threw in the towel. Here's hoping it's me! Minato thought, focusing back on the story. The eleven year old had the best view of the village. Down there the civilians were heading home or getting last minute dinner supplies.

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He snorted, seeing how happy and friendly they were to each other. However, he had other things to think about. Like who the hell signed him up for the Genin Exam. This was his second one taken, and the second one failed. Both Obito and the irate Kushina loomed over the unfortunate boy. Kakashi scowled but didn't relent, glaring right back at them.

Kakashi, quit it with the insults! Kushina, Obito, sit down. Glaring at the sniggering forms of everyone, especially Minato, she continued reading with a huff. The first time he had taken it, he knew full well that he would fail, but he thought it's be a good idea to see the types of things that would be on it anyway. Kid's doing you proud, eh Kushina? From the talks he had overheard from the older kids, back when he first started, the test didn't change too much.

It was true; this second test was a basic copy of the first, give or takes a few extra things. However, this second time, he figured one of the Academy teachers who hated his guts signed him up in hopes that failing a second time would depress him so much that he would drop out of the Ninja Academy.

Say whatever you want about Uzumaki Naruto, but he was nothing if not determined stubborn. Kushina snorted, tossing her head proudly. He had purposely failed the exams, since he had no desire to be teamed up with some older punks who thought they would be better than him simply due to being older. I'll never give up, haven't you figured that out yet!? I'm not going to stop 'til I'm the best shinobi Konoha has ever churned out! Kushina, wiping away a tear from her eyes from laughing so hard, took a couple deep breaths before continuing.

To be the best? The man had barely started his sentence when Naruto whirled around, all emotion now gone from his face as he held a kunai that came from his jacket sleeve in his right hand. He faced a man in a ragged, torn dark brown cloak, the hood covering up to his nose, so all he could see was the man's mouth. Kushina shook her head, also nervous.

Seeing her face lighten up, he breathed a quiet sigh of relief. The stranger raised his hands up, to show he meant no harm. Continuing on, he replied, "I just want to know if that's truly what you want, and why? Who the hell did this guy think he is? As if he would be stupid enough to just start talking freely to a mysterious man like this dude!

Kushina nodded her head. I won't hurt you, you have my word, and my word once given, cannot be broken. Sighing heavily, but still keeping his kunai, he put all his weight on his right leg and crossed his arms loosely. I want to be the best shinobi.

Thank You (episode)

I want to surpass all before me, even all the Hokages. There's nothing more to it. Blushing at the charm that just seemed to ooze from her blonde boyfriend, she continued on. Aren't Hokages the best? Now onto the second part of my question: Naruto snorted, but answered anyway.

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For those who acknowledge me and care for me, I'll protect them with my life, and protect the village they love and live in. But I have neither the desire, nor the obligation to go any further than that. I only want to love them, not the rest of those assholes down there. I have a rough understanding of what Hokage entails. The Ichiraku's, Iruka-sensei, The Sandaime, and his best friend in the whole entire world. They all looked at each other, uneasy with this.

Rin, unable to bear the look of sadness on the usually feisty woman's face, directed their attention elsewhere. Here he paused, and turned his head to look at the village below them, stained orange and red from the sunset. As he spoke again, he continued to look at the village. It's his responsibility to protect everyone here, and to make sure they are safe and happy with their village.

He tends to the finances of this village, the rules, the daily events, everything. He controls every single ninja who bears a leaf headband, and basically directs when they live and die. This job is not for the faint of heart, and only for someone who loves this village deeply. He turned back to the man now, a disinterested expression on his face. Minato shook his head. Obito looked nervously at Minato. It seems too much. It seems like a lot, and it is, but if you love something enough you do whatever it takes.

Let's find out why. I'm not fit for the position of Hokage. Does that mean you hate this village?

naruto and kushina meet episode 1

On the contrary, I like the village. It's one of the most beautiful and lively hidden villages of them all right? I just dislike the villagers. Sensing her temper rising, Minato pulled her closer to him, her form resting on his as he held her close. Kushina looked at him, grateful, and Minato smiled. Returning her attention to the book, she took a deep breath. Hell, you were too young to even remember it.

Fury erupted inside her like a volcano, seeking to crush any threats to her future baby's happiness. How DARE they treat my son like that! Rather, there was one. After Minato sealed the Yin half of the Nine-Tails' chakra inside himself, the demon shrunk significantly, losing the chains. Realising the Hokage's intentions, the weakened Nine-Tails tried to kill Naruto, but both Minato and Kushina used their bodies to shield him.

As Minato performed the sealing, and already at the point of death, Kushina told Naruto how much she loved him and gave him her best advice for the future; her final act in this world was to fill her son with as much of her love as possible. Minato then sealed the rest of their remaining chakra into Naruto. Kushina told Hiruzen the child's name and begged the elder to protect Naruto, dying shortly afterwards.

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In her childhood, Kushina was a headstrong, impulsive, eccentric, and stubborn girl. According to Jiraiya, Kushina was also talkative and tomboyish. Tsunade noted that much of Naruto's personality, as well as his ninjutsu style were inherited from her. As an adult, Kushina was very level-headed and cheerful with a noticeable sassy side to her. Despite her calm and kind nature, she retained her quick temper from childhood and occasionally lashed out violently at others if they angered her, something that even she finds off-putting.

She also was fearless, as her friend Mikoto was slightly surprised when Kushina showed anxiety over labour pains. Kushina was prone to worrying about her husband and unborn son, showing strong maternal instincts as she correctly predicted her child's future personality and gender well-before giving birth. Kushina deeply loved her family and was not afraid to sacrifice her life to stop the Nine-Tails, even taking the fox's deathblow meant for her newborn son.

She also cared deeply about Minato's students, thinking that Rin Nohara was adorable and would often hug and kiss her on the forehead. She also had friendly fights with Obito Uchihaher favourite according to Minato. Appearance Kushina's full appearance. Kushina was a woman who was well known for her beauty. It reached her ankles waist in the anime with shoulder-length strands that framed both sides of her face and a black clip that parts her hair to the left.

Generally, she wore a high-collared, sleeveless blouse under a long, loose-fitting dress with a wristband on her left wrist and standard shinobi sandals.

While her style of clothing normally consisted of this, she has been seen wearing it in varying colours. While on duty, she wore a blue forehead protector with her hair tied up in a high ponytail and strands at the sides of her face. Her attire consisted of a standard Konoha flak jacket over a black short-sleeved shirt and black form-fitting pants that reached her calves.

Her attire was a sleeveless kimono-style blouse that was yellow in colour and held closed with a green obi over a short-sleeved mesh shirt with a pair of dark blue shorts and brown shinobi sandals. In her adolescence, she wore a short-sleeved, tan kimono-like blouse with a dark embroidered border, held closed with a black obia dark short skirt and stockings that stopped at her thighs along with the village's forehead protector and brown sandals.