Mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction truth

Scars Chapter 1: Percy, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction truth

Read Truth or Dare and Jelousy from the story Annabeth's mortal friends (A This is a fanfiction where Annabeth's mortal friends meet Percy before Percabeth. Login | Sign UpFanFiction | unleash your imagination Follow this idiot mortal on his "quest" to break Percabeth apart and win We all planned on meeting at Annabeth's house at so that we My mood descends. Percy's voice. Not Annabeth, not Thalia. Percy. . We opted for truth or dare again. Great job, Thalia, yell about godly things in front of mortals in fluent Greek. Like they don't "Truth," Even Percy wasn't stupid enough to take a dare from Clarisse. "Did you ever get . "Nice to meet you, Tommy." I said, "So, do.

Nico never had been a very lovey-dovey kid. Considering the fact that she insisted on calling my boyfriend Prissy every other sentence, this dare could actually be interesting. Clarisse mumbled something to herself, but didn't chicken out.

Huh, I suppose I'd never thought about it. He'd always been the school loser before Goode as far as I'd witnessed. Percy only shook his head, "Nope," Way to waste a truth, Clarisse, "Nico! Nico groaned and started muttering under his breath. But hey, I was twelve! My judgement was all jacked up.

The poor kid just didn't have the thing in his head that told him what not to say.

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction truth

His grin reminded me of the Grinch. This would not end well This was one of the few times I had seen Thalia go pale. Oh yeah, they didn't know Thalia was a Hunter. She couldn't break her oath, she was Lieutenant!

Thalia caught this, and planned her dare accordingly. It was hard to miss the pure joy that erupted in Trin's eyes. Hayden just looked confused, and shocked. Trinity pretended to roll her eyes. He looked so much like Percy on our first kiss. I nudged Percy with a smirk. He was grinning at his two mortal best friends. Trinity moved her face back an inch, but Hayden's hand was still on her face. Now it was his turn to blush.

They both turned they heads so that they weren't looking at each other anymore, but it was so obvious that the kiss sparked something. Trinity had a feverish light in her dark eyes, and Hayden had the smallest grin lighting his face.

Nico walked back in holding a cup of suspicious brown liquid, "Drink up, Thalia! She wrinkled her nose and gingerly held the cup. He just rolled his eyes. She came up coughing and spitting. What was in that?! Thalia stood with her fist outstretched. But while you're doing that, back to the game. I'd heard the story a million times already. A million and one wouldn't make a difference.

So I went over to his cabin to yell at him. Connor was out, and for some reason Travis was alone. They all thought that Percy Jackson lived a great life. Great friends, great parents, popular. That's the life that everyone dreams about. But now they all know the truth. Those scars don't change who you are, right? I just think that they make Percy even sexier!

Or am I right? The girls squealed in agreement. They look good on you," said Phil, another one of Percy's mortal friends. I just can't wait to see the faces of those stupid, stuck up commentators at the next swim meet," answered Phil. If I trust you enough, or if I can't take it anymore, or, worst case scenario, something from my everyday life comes to Goode, I'll tell you everything there is to know about me.

Whether you believe it or not. I have to ask you I mean, with the other demigods. I'm offering to make cover images for stories. PM me if you're interested. When I make a cover for you, it is rightfully yours. If you wanna check out some of my work, you can by checking out my other stories, for Hunger Games fans or go to.

Little did he know Chapter 6- Sunday-Mid Day, a percy jackson and the olympians fanfic | FanFiction

Got a problem with that? Info needed is title and characters if you want 'em on the cover. Anyways, didja like the story? At first it was normal. Your mom leaves, you hate her for doing so.

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction truth

But I didn't just hate her, I resented her. I felt like I needed to get sweat revenge, make her feel the way dad does when the subject comes up. I want to know where she is. I hoped she was living with twelve cats on the corner of a town in the middle of no where. I really don't like my mom. She ruined my dad, for good. I wonder if Lisa was right, about Percy.

Maybe Annabeth likes him the way I like her: She does seem to have a strong connection with him. No, I can't think like that. Annabeth is mine, no matter if I have to fight or not. I will have her in the end. I can feel it. I shook my head and walked up the steps to the front door to Annabeth's house. I knock, three times. Not Annabeth, not Thalia. I open the door and see no one. They all must be upstairs, I thought. No one else is here, except Thalia, but she's doing gods knows what.

He sat-scratch that- he lie on the couch in a very unmannerly way. Where did he learn his manners from? I sat on the chair next to the couch, with my feet on the ground, not the seat cushions - unlike someone.

I wanted to make a good impression. Using manners and being polite is the only way. Percy was busying himself by reading a book in Greek, perhaps was the language. I take Latin, not Greek, like Annabeth does. I heard footsteps coming from upstairs and I immediately sat up straighter, Percy didn't do the same.

All she's missing is the tiara. They laughed and Percy set his book down, finally sitting up like a normal human does. Thalia came out of the kitchen gripping Percy's wrist while in the other hand he had a sandwich, they bolted upstairs without a second glance. Why does everyone do that? I am, but it is neither 'ultra' nor 'mega', but it will work I assure you. Loud footsteps came from upstairs and Thalia, Percy, and Annabeth came down.

mortals meet percy and annabeth fanfiction truth

Without a second look they grabbed all their things and started out the door. They're our only ride. Back to the story.

It's the new horror movie with lots of monsters and serial killers. The perfect movie to watch with my future girlfriend. It really astonished me to think that in less than two hours Annabeth would be my girlfriend. It made my insides feel tingly. I know I say it a lot, but she looked really beautiful. Her hair was down with the sides pinned back so it wasn't in her face. Not one drop of makeup. Yet she still looks absolutely gorgeous.

She wore dark jeans with grey converse. Her shirt was white with the red 'Coca Cola'logo on it. Her grey eyes as calculating as always. We quickly got our tickets and popcorn and went inside, we were the first ones there.


So, naturally, we sat on the very last row in the back. The order went like this, right to left: At first it bugged me that Percy sat next to Annabeth, but the feeling passed when he only talked and joked with Thalia all through the previews. I have to admit, the movie was scary.