Monster in law charlie and kevin meet

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monster in law charlie and kevin meet

She has no idea what she's in for when Kevin takes her to meet his mother. While Charlie is trying to get to know her future mother-in-law, Kevin. An awkward, bubbly Latina named Charlie meets a man named Kevin (Michael Vartan). They fall madly in love and the jealous ex gets in the. Monster In Law Script taken from a transcript of the screenplay and/or the Charlotte, but Charlie. Well, I'm I'm Kevin. - Nice to meet you. - Nice to meet you, .

What Viola successfully attempts when she forces herself into Charlie and Kevin's home, while Kevin is away.

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Charlie is only one when it comes to her mother-in-law. Remy is gay, but not stereotypically so, although he isn't Straight Gay either. Comically Missing the Point: Charlie witnesses an argument between Viola and Viola's mother-in-law Gertrude, and says she's going to call off the wedding when she realises that she and Viola will end up bickering endlessly like they do, and she can't take it.

monster in law charlie and kevin meet

Instead of regretting her treatment of Charlie, Viola is flabbergasted that Charlie compared her to the abrasive but awesome battleaxe Gertrude. Ruby sets her straight. You could fill a pool with all the fake tears in this movie. Viola imagines pushing Charlie's head into cake and later, Charlie imagines whacking Viola in the head with a frying pan. The former was used out of context in all the trailers.

monster in law charlie and kevin meet

Viola sneaks up on Charlie while she is watching a scary movie. Kit makes one after Kevin leaves Charlie an embarassing voicemail. She thinks he is gay at first, based on a lie Kevin's former girlfriend Fiona Monet Mazur told her.

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But then Kevin asks her out, and Charlie believes that she has finally found the right man. Viola is a former newscasterwho has recently been replaced by a younger woman, and is in the midst of a meltdown.

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Loathing Charlie from the outset, Viola becomes even more distraught when Kevin proposes to Charlie. Fearing that she will lose her son the same way she lost her career, she sets out to ruin Kevin and Charlie's relationship.

monster in law charlie and kevin meet

With Ruby Wanda Sykesher assistant, she tries everything possible to drive Charlie away. Charlie eventually catches on to Viola's plan and fights back.

monster in law charlie and kevin meet

Question by author quizking Television Host Kevin has a very interesting mother named Viola Fields. Viola is a famous television show host, until she is believed to be too old and gets replaced by a younger version of Viola.

Also, Viola has been married many times in her life and has taken advantage of all of her husbands. In the movie, her home is an enormous Victorian style house with lush gardens, endless chandeliers and expensive furniture.

monster in law charlie and kevin meet

Viola can be described as tough, vicious and always ready to start trouble. Kevin Fields Charlie sees Kevin three times in two days. First, when he is jogging along the beach, then at the cafe where he buys some coffee and finally at the party she's waitressing at.

Question by author Linka She is replaced on her television show. When we meet Viola at the beginning of the movie, she is told she is being replaced right before she goes on the air.