Meet home and away cast 2015 wiz

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meet home and away cast 2015 wiz

Dorothy sings these lines soon after arriving in Oz, having been swept away But one could also argue that all the characters -- not just Dorothy -- are looking for a home. NBC resurrected The Wiz for a live musical performance in and during which we watched the scene where Dorothy first meets the Scarecrow. Stephen's an Australian actor known for Home and Away, Hercules: The Katrina Risteska, they have been together since August 22 of .. He met his long term partner when he stared in RENT which was his big. Published: EST, 3 December | Updated: EST, 4 December . to run away after her dog Toto was taken away as she exclaimed: 'You can't run away from home Dorothy meets a cast of characters including a few witches as she tries to find her way to . Spooky: They finally arrived at The Wiz's home.

Saturday tours depart from George Street at 10am. You then get some free time around the beach area and the Summer Bay Surf Club. If the cast are filming, you can watch, take photos and maybe even meet the cast. Soak up the bars, the restaurants, the shopping, the beaches, the lifestyle, and to top it all off, you can take the ferry back to Circular Quay across the spectacular Sydney Harbour at own expense.

Will I see the cast? The tour runs on three of the most likely weekdays to see filming, Monday to Wednesday, as well as on Fridays.

Home And Away - Past and Recent actors and actresses

However many tourists are lucky enough, and some even get the chance to meet the cast and get their autographs. Please be advised that the tour includes exterior filming locations only and does not include a visit to the Home and Away studios—these are located on the other side of Sydney and are closed to the public.

Reviews I had an amazing time during the Home and Away tour. The coach took us on a pleasant scenic drive through North Sydney to Palm Beach Summer Bay on what was a beautiful warm and sunny day. When we arrived we saw filming was already taking place, it was a scene involving Leah, Zak and Irene. It was quite an intense scene involving an argument between Zak and Leah about him cheating on her with a woman called Sam.

They came over to where we were all watching and I managed to get my photo taken with them. Shortly afterwards I saw Emily Symons coming out of the trailer nearby! It was quite surreal actually seeing her and Lynne McGranger close-up after seeing them on Home and Away since I was a child. As we drove away from the beach we saw another scene up the road being filmed! This one appeared to involve VJ and Marilyn.

As we drove past Emily waved at us as we left and I felt pretty chuffed to have seen the two scenes being filmed. They were very informative and new their stuff. Even though we didn't get to meet any of the actors, we did get to see a bit of filming from afar.

They were up front from the start about not getting our hopes up as it is the luck of the draw, but they did their best to get the most out of the visit. However, it seems that, given the political and social climate around civil rights and race relations in the decades following World War II, it would be shortsighted not to consider how that historical context affects the interpretation and role of the film. Though there is not space here to elucidate the complexities of race relations in the s, the question of importance to this unit is between integration — carrying with it at least some element of the assimilation of black people into mainstream society — and segregation.

InPresident Lyndon B. Our Nation is moving toward two societies, one black, one white — separate and unequal.

Seeking a Home: The Wiz and the Black Arts Movement

Frustration with the progress of this call for equality and unity in the Civil Rights Movement caused some black political and social leaders to reject the peaceful, integrationist ideas espoused by Martin Luther King, Jr.

Malcolm X wanted Black Americans to develop their own society and ethical values -- to be economically, politically, socially and culturally independent from white society — and to develop a black pride that rejected the way that white society had made black people hate themselves.

We must begin to act like it. As a corollary to the Black Power movement, the Black Arts Movement facilitated the creation of a black voice, the creation of a home for black culture.

The essence of the Black Arts Movement was a redefinition of what it meant to be a black writer and artist; where the Black Power movement was political, the Black Arts Movement was artistic.

The movement served as a way for black artists to define their art separately from the white mainstream. We want a black poem. And a Black World. Consequently, black art and literature had to reject white mainstream culture in order to facilitate the survival of black people.

meet home and away cast 2015 wiz

This idea seems to oppose the idea of assimilation or using the tools of the white mainstream culture to further black art and literature. Seeking to please a larger - both black and white audience -- was not in the interest of Baraka, Neal and other Black Arts Movement writers and artists. Neal asserted that the black community was in need of a new aesthetic - one that was exclusively black and rejected a white, Euro-centric aesthetic.

meet home and away cast 2015 wiz

He argued that one of the main pillars of Black Power was the need for black people to define the world in their own terms -- and that tenet applied to art, literature and music as well.

Baraka called this writing dishonest -- that striving for middle class respectability made these black writers mediocre. The Black Arts Movement separated itself from the large artistic achievements of blacks during the 20th century, especially those from the Harlem Renaissance, because their work engaged too much with the pleasing of a white mainstream.

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Ideology varied among black artists and writers of the time and often depended on region New York and East Coast artists distinguished themselves in many ways from the South and West Coast members of the movement. Those intricacies, though not insignificant, are too diverse and complex to address completely in the scope of this unit.

meet home and away cast 2015 wiz

Another notable feature is the use of the black vernacular register and the eschewing of formal structures, though again, this varied among artists and many mixed popular and traditional forms. The analysis of black literature and art will have to consider the differences in black culture rather than a simple dichotomy all black culture in contrast to white mainstream culture.

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The Wiz occupies a curious place in our larger American culture, particularly looking with the benefit of four decades since its release. It was criticized harshly and made little money at the box office, though it was nominated for four Oscars. Its soundtrack has been criticized and lauded, its stars praised and panned. The reasons for its failure as well as its success are varied.

meet home and away cast 2015 wiz

Some critics point to the casting as a bright point and a downfall. While the film was star-studded - including Diana Ross, Michael Jackson and Richard Pryor among other black stars -- many criticized the choice of Ross for Dorothy. At the time of filming, Ross was in her mid-thirties playing a role intended to be much younger in the book, Dorothy is prepubescent and in the film, though played by a teenage Judy Garland, was meant to be a bit younger than her Contrarily, the performance of Michael Jackson as the Scarecrow is celebrated -- his shy, sweet and vulnerable portrayal, mixed with his meticulously practiced dance and movement, stole the show.

Some claim that it scared Hollywood away from all-black casts and put an end to the rise of blaxploitation films that had become popular in the 70s. I personally think The Wiz is glorious. It is a spectacle in the best sense of the word -- it takes the film and imagines it larger than life, superimposing the fantasy world of Oz onto a beautiful urban landscape. It moves from there to an angular, concrete urban playground populated by graffiti come to life, then to an abandoned Coney Island, then the New York Public Library.

The characters dance - not just skip - through Manhattan, over iconic bridges under famous skylines. To analyze the relation of The Wiz in the Black Arts Movement, I will look at production and creation of the film and its role as a musical, some of the major themes that arise and how they reflect aspects of black culture and the use of music. The goal of this analysis is not necessarily to definitively answer the question of whether The Wiz is to be considered part of the Black Arts Movement my inclination is that it is not, but I think that might be a matter of interpretation and perspectivebut instead give an example of the way that cultural, political and social context influence the telling of a story and the subsequent interpretation of that story by critics as well as audiences.

The most notable feature of The Wiz that might exclude it from direct placement in the Black Arts Movement is its almost entirely white creation team. Brown and the man who adapted the Broadway book for the screen Joel Schumacherwere all white seems to be an immediate disqualification. Lumet certainly aimed to tell a black story, albeit one that purposely weighed certain themes over others. Though we get a short glimpse, her neighborhood appears to be thriving, filled with other black families.

Critics have also used the differences between the musical version and the film as a negative portrayal of black culture. Though the white construction of black experience certainly entangles itself strongly with the meaning of the story, we might step back from that and examine the themes of the film, analyzing them against some of the prevailing ideas of the s in general and the Black Arts Movement in particular.

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There, her frustrations with alienation from the hard, serious work of the farm, the ignoring of her concerns by Aunt Em and Uncle Henry and the threat of Miss Gulch against Toto all contribute to an explicitly stated wish to leave.

Kansas Dorothy sets out on a journey to discover that there is no place like home, you always had the ability to get what you want and depressingly everything you really need is in your own backyard. While Kansas Dorothy seems to learn nothing, Harlem Dorothy learns that her self-doubt was misplaced and having confidence will take her where she seeks to go. Though both protagonists return to their homes, we get the sense that while Kansas Dorothy will never leave home again, Harlem Dorothy will finally venture South of th street.