Meet and assist service cathay pacific

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meet and assist service cathay pacific

Cathay Pacific | Marco Polo Club - HKG airport transfer - Meet & Greet us arranging a meet and greet service to take us from the gate to the. Passenger Special Assistance. Last updated . + Special Service Request of Infant (SSR INFT) and Child (SSR CHLD). Special Service. Whether you need special check-in arrangements or other assistance for your travels, Find a range of popular customer self-service options as well as helpful .

What a shock, long queue to clear security and after which stuck at immigration channel because the automated machine system is down.

I queued in the priority queue, which is no difference as it's as slow witnessing 5 people trying the automated system and all 5 people failed and got stucked in between the gantry! Plus priority queue for people like elderly or with children etc but I was standing behind at least 4 individual adults in priority queue and the customs officer totally ignore the situation and just walked past.

It's not Cathay Pacific's issue on the system. Drag my kids and parents to dash to Gate E, which the staff told me it's near. It is at least m from the point I cleared customs counter to the gate. Walking full speed 'cause I can't run due to my torn ACL, with my 3 children and my elderly parents 2 of which have heart problem. But I could see other last calls while in the queue! What kind of standard is this???

When I asked what about my luggage? The response, 'Oh, we've offloaded it already, you can collect back from outside the immigration. Here you are telling me I've missed my flight 'cause I'm late and there you are saying my luggage is offloaded at So are you telling me you've predicted me missing the flight? I've checked in 8 luggages! Or the 2 ladies?? While needing to settle my next flight back???? Reached the counter, the only help I gotten from your staff was, "sorry, you missed your flight, next flight is tomorrow morning.

Same time but per person is baht. I think you go see other airline which is cheaper. You are not helping at all!!! You can also contact the reservation center and request the assistance you may need to be added to your reservation.

Cathay Pacific accused of leaving boy unattended, father seeks HK$1.94 million in damages

Battery-powered mobility devices wheelchairs, scooters, etc. Other assistive devices, such as walkers, canes, crutches, etc. Frontier If you need help moving through the airport when traveling with Frontier you can request a wheelchair or electronic cart ride through the concourse where available to get from one departure gate to another, or to help you get to baggage claim.

There is one space on board Airbus aircraft to stow a wheelchair, which is available on a first come, first served basis.

meet and assist service cathay pacific

You can request it when you make your reservation. When you reach your destination, a customer service representative or flight attendant will bring your wheelchair to the front of the aircraft after all passengers have deplaned and assist you with disembarking. Alitalia When booking a ticket on Alitalia, passengers should discuss their requests for special assistance.

Reservations representatives are able to answer questions and discuss special needs, but Alitalia also maintains a dedicated number for travelers with special needs: If you are traveling with a wheelchair or other mobility aids or assistive devices, let the booking agent know at the time of reservation.

Alitalia will transport these items free of charge. Passengers who need special assistance should give the airline 48 hours notice and check in one hour before the check-in time for the general public. Alitalia provides a variety of services, including: A Braille Safety Briefing Card available for blind and vision impaired passengers on medium-haul Airbus aircraft.

The airline permits guide and service dogs to accompany passengers with disabilities at no charge.

Unaccompanied minors – we look after your children traveling alone - SAS

Oxygen therapy for passengers with heart, lung or respiratory conditions to prevent the effects of cabin pressure when the airplane is flying at high altitudes. Transportation of syringes and medicines on-board, for personal use, in sufficient quantity for the entire trip flights to and from the destination and the duration of the stay. A passenger traveling in a stretcher. Those who give 48 hours advance notice and check in one hour before the check-in time for general public may receive the following services and accommodations: Carriage of an incubator.

Hook-up for a respirator, ventilator, continuous positive airway pressure machine or portable oxygen concentrator to the aircraft electrical power supply. Passengers should bring an adequate number of batteries on board the aircraft to power their electronic respiratory assistive medical devices including portable oxygen concentrators to power the device for percent of the expected maximum flight duration.

More information about batteries and what to pack is available here. Accommodation for a passenger who must travel in a stretcher. Transportation for an electric wheelchair on an aircraft with fewer than 60 seats. Provision of hazardous materials packaging for batteries or other assistive devices that are required to have such packaging; Accommodation for a group of 10 or more qualified individuals with a disability, who make reservations and travel as a group; Provision of an on-board wheelchair on an aircraft with more than 60 seats that does not have an accessible lavatory; Transportation of an emotional support or psychiatric service animal in the cabin.

Transportation of a service animal on a flight segment scheduled to take 8 hours or more Accommodation of a passenger who has both severe vision and hearing impairments.

Unaccompanied minors | Travelling with children | Travel information - Cathay Pacific

Call deskmobile phoneinternational calls. Some passengers may be required to complete a Medical Information Form. ANA staff and cabin crew members can assist in identifying in-flight meal items and opening packages, but they cannot assist with feeding or the personal hygiene needs of passengers.

Passengers who need this type of assistance or who are in a stretcher or infant incubator or whose doctor recommends an escort, must travel with an assistant. Staff and cabin crew can assist customers with walking disabilities when ascending or descending stairs and moving inside the cabin.

Stretcher rental and oxygen cylinder rentals are available through the airline via advance reservation and are subject to availability. At some airports, the following service equipment is available: Onboard, the following service equipment may be available availability is based on aircraft and flight: Cathay Pacific Cathay Pacific provides a variety of services for passengers with disabilities.

  • Disability and mobility assistance
  • Elderly passengers
  • Abu Dhabi International Airport

Cabin crew can provide: The staff cannot help with personal care needs like eating and drinking, administering medications or assistance inside the lavatory. Passengers with disabilities are offered priority seating. Service devices available onboard all aircraft include: Oxygen in cylinders for therapeutic or medical purposes may also be available free of charge. A stretcher can also be provided for a fee upon request. Hearing and visually impaired travelers are offered: Cabin crew can read the menu and explain where all the food is placed on the tray to visually impaired travelers.

meet and assist service cathay pacific

Some flyers might be required to complete a Passenger Medical Clearance Form. The card is issued to passengers with stabile medical conditions. Etihad Airways Eithad Airways offers extensive guidelines and advice for travelers with medical and special needs. Passengers requiring special needs should request them at least 72 hours prior to flight departure.

Canes, crutches and walkers are allowed in-cabin and cabin crew can assist with stowing and retrieving of these assistive devices. Japan Airlines JAL classifies passengers with disabilities, illness or injuries as Priority Guests, who are given precedence. It opened its Priority Guest Center in The airline has created products and services using a universal design to help all customers and create a barrier free environment. Air travelers with disabilities U.

Passengers outside Japan can contact the nearest JAL reservations or sales office. Guests requiring additional assistance should check-in at the counter and not at self-service kiosks.

JAL provides a variety of services at the airport and in-flight. Special devices at the airport to assist with boarding include: Cabin crew can provide a personal safety briefing; safety instructions in Braille; assistance in preparing to eat a meal, such as cutting up food, opening packages and identifying food; and help in writing an embarkation form.

Other items and equipment available include: Passengers requesting special assistance should do so at least 48 hours prior to departure. Passengers needing special assistance should check-in at least half an hour before the recommended check-in time those traveling with electronically powered wheelchairs should check in one hour earlier.

For those departing from Amsterdam Airport Schiphol, check in at desk Some travelers with special needs or their travel agents may need to complete Medical Information Form A and have their physicians complete Medical Information Form B.

KLM will transport wheelchairs, scooters and walkers free of charge. Wheelchairs and scooters must be check-in as checked luggage. As of Julythe Embraer and Fokker 70 will be equipped with one as well.

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The BoeingBoeingEmbraer and Fokker 70 aircraft have a foldaway curtain to enlarge the lavatory space. Staff will help find your way to and from the toilet, but they cannot assist you in the toilet area. All aircrafts have a number of aisle and middle seats that have moveable armrests, so passengers can transfer more easily into their seats. The number and locations of movable aisle armrest seats may vary by aircraft type. Bring your own electric wheelchair scooterwalker or crutches or use a cabin wheelchair.

Bring special medical equipment. Bring your service animal into the cabin. Use an extended leg rest for a leg that needs to stay in a horizontal position in a cast. The videos here and here give more information about the special assistance offered to passengers departing and arriving or transferring at Amsterdam Airport Schiphol. The KLM Cares brochure Carefree Travel provides additional air travel information for passengers with reduced mobility.

Qantas Qantas provides a range of services for guests needing special assistance. Some customers may need to seek medical clearance to fly on Qantas, including passengers whose: Disability is new i. Doctor or the passenger is unsure about the passenger fitness to travel. Needs include supplemental therapeutic oxygen. Needs include the requirement of medical equipment in flight for example, a stretcher, humidicrib, ventilators, defibrillators and oxygen concentrators The Travel Clearance Form should be completed at least 72 hours prior to departure.

For passengers transferring during travel within Australia, Qantas has prepared a Passenger Assistance Brochure that outlines the transfer process.

meet and assist service cathay pacific

Qantas has created a helpful Customer Checklist for People Traveling with Mobility Aidswhich helps keep information about special needs and mobility aids in one place. Wheelchair accessible toilets are not available on those aircraft.

Storage of passenger wheelchairs in the cabin is not possible. On-board aisle wheelchairs are not available with the exception of the Stowage of some customer mobility aids may not be possible.

There is generally a limit of one electric wheelchair per flight. Mobility aids Canes and crutches can be carried in the aircraft cabin. Foldable walkers can be carried in the aircraft cabin. On Airbus U.