May and jason todd meet fanfic

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may and jason todd meet fanfic

By thaliagrace Ongoing - Updated May 03 With major rib problems, and a hand that required many stitches, Jason Todd is still at the top of his game. dccomicsfanfic .. Meet the Family (A Young Justice one shot series) by MolMcN. Will have stories that are Jason Todd centered but may contain a few BatFamily What if he met Sherlock after assuming the identity of John Watson while he. Summary: Timothy Drake and Jason Todd met once before Jason's death. Jason may not remember, but Tim does.

may and jason todd meet fanfic

While connected to Jason, everyone could see what what he saw through his eyes as well as hear his thoughts. This Jason from the memory sounded to be just a year or two younger than theirs.

may and jason todd meet fanfic

He panted heavily and hid behind one of the alley dumpsters as a small group of men ran right past him shouting indecencies. I swear to god you're just as bad as that dead beat dad of yours! Robin's team glanced at him sheepishly.

They didn't really know all that much about their little bird and now they were starting to wonder if it was really just because of bat protocol. Memory Jason snickered once the men had gotten far enough away and ducked out from behind the dumpster.

He stared at the object in his hand and grinned. He took one last look in the direction of the angry mob and sprinted in the opposite direction. Inside was a couple apples and a wad of cash.

Jason arrived at a run down apartment complex and dashed up the stairs, bolting through the door to his home. I brought some apples too.

When he didn't find her he looked outside because that's where she normally went after getting her fix. Jason rounded the corner of the building only to find his step-mother slumped against the wall, pale, and still.

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He checked for a pulse and found none. He ran back inside to call and met his father at the doorway. I was tryin' ta sleep. Jason's eyes hardened as he stared down his dad.

She needs hel-" Jason's sentence was cut short by a slap to the face. His small body stumbled back and he tripped, landing harshly on the ground. I'm the reason you're even here in the first place. Without me, you'd have been dead a long time ago. Jason rubbed his sore cheek as he glared daggers at his sorry excuse for a father. Always taking my extra cash to buy what those damn druggies sell by the corners. Jason still sat on the ground.

Minutes had passed and he knew it was too late for his mom now. That night, Jason watched as an ambulance came onto his street as he climbed out his window. No doubt to retrieve his mother's corpse. Jason had a backpack filled with the bear necessities. A couple changes of clothes, a few bottles of water, a toothbrush and toothpaste, some food, and the wad of cash he had stolen from those asshats.

Jason lived off the streets for a while, occasionally stealing from lowlifes now and then. One night, he got word that his old man had kicked the bucket at the hands of two-face. It didn't bother him. And slid down against the alley wall. The team and league members felt for Jason at this point.

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No kid should have to go through that. Jason's memories became jumbles mixes again and didn't focus until it showed a scene familiar to Batman.

The batmobile was parked in the middle of Crime Alley as Jason walked up to it cautiously. It's the Bat's freaking car! He got to work, taking the tires of with unnatural ease. It wasn't until he got to the fourth tire that he felt a presence behind him and heard someone clear their throat.

He nearly jumped out of his skin when he saw it was the Batman himself. I was fixing your tires…. Jason bit his lip and his eyes darted everywhere but the Bat's stony face. He was knocked out of his thoughts by a hand clamping down on his shoulder. He flinched and looked up to see Batman staring at him, his face little softer, but still composed. To Jason's embarrassment, his stomach chose that exact moment to let him know that he hadn't eaten anything that whole day.

For a good minute the two stood staring at each other until the older man broke their silence. To his astonishment, the Batman let out a small, barely audible chuckle. Superman couldn't help but smile and turn to his dark clad friend as the memory faded into abstract colors and shapes once again. Bruce grumbled something about not speaking of this to anyone while Robin blushed a little next to his team mates who kept telling him how cute his tough guy attitude was.

After that, however, was unexplored territory. The team, Robin, and the league members watched as an older Jason used the batcomputer to track down the whereabouts of his birth mother, Sheila. He tracked her down in Ethiopia and rushed to meet her. But it was a trap The Joker wanted to take what was dearest away from the Bat and that just happened to be Jason.

He tied Jason up and beat him repeatedly with a crowbar. They watched as the boy curled in on himself as best he could to try and shield himself from the repeated impact of metal against skin.

All the while Sheila sat in the corner and did nothing to help her son. It hurts, it hurts, please…' Bruce's heart wrenched as he heard Jason's thoughts. The boy never let the Joker have the satisfaction of hearing him beg, but in the inside, the he was desperate for salvation. How can he cope with living through hell, vigilanting and pretending he's normal?

may and jason todd meet fanfic

After witnessing a scene that catches him off guard, Jason discovers the perfect way to gain retribution. All it takes is the manipulation of one person: When Dick takes the opportunity to forge some brotherly bonding time, he didn't expect it to turn so deadly.

Following the mysterious disappearance of Tim's uncle, the four bat boys yes,Jason reluctantly included find themselves taking a long plunge down towards the Earth's core, and are left attempting to find a way back.

And as Jason's prefers: What if he met Sherlock after assuming the identity of John Watson while he planned his revenge? Would his friendship with Sherlock help him recover from his death or only drive him even more insane? Hugs by KodiakWolfe13 reviews For a minute, Bruce wondered if the person standing in front of him was Jason at all.

The kid he had adopted was, in no way, a touchy-feely person. So why the heck was he suggesting he wanted a hug? Dick is Nightwing and Jason is still alive as Robin. However, will they get there in time? And, even if so, will Bruce be able to heal the rift he has let his grief create between he and his three remaining sons?

Rated T for language. Bruce informs them that Jason's heart has already been stolen by his first love. Jason does a little trolling.

He would have to decide how far he would be willing to go in order to give his son a second chance at life. He would need to figure out how desperate he was to hear his child's voice again. The Team struggles to deal with Damian and the future he represents all the while trying to send him home. No, Artemis and Wally didn't die and Kaldur didn't betray them but that didn't mean he was forgiven.

Robin's loyalty to his family and his team are both tested when Batman shows up in the cave with a criminal in tow. As far as the team knew?

Titans - Dick Grayson & Jason Todd Vs Melting Man - 1x06 [1080p]

Batman was still off world.