Hetalia america and canada meet

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hetalia america and canada meet

The first meeting of the brothers first appeared in the original did meet, America decided he got bored of Canada and left. Russia and America are having a arms race. It's literary the Cold War> what I find funny is how even though Canada is our small and quiet cinnamon roll he. America & Canada's first meeting <<< this is so precious. Visit . Awe but now you hardly notice him America And Canada, Hetalia America, Hetaoni.

When Canada greeted him calling himself the British Province of CanadaAmerica turned and told England he was hungry, both of them ignoring Canada completely.

Modern Times During a G8 meeting, England stopped Japan from allowing the meeting to start, saying that he felt something was off. He does a quick head count, only to find there's only 7 of the 8 members, with no one knowing who the last member is. Suddenly, Canada flings the door opening, giving excuses for being late and apologizing. England, however, doesn't recognize him, and mumbles something about waiting for him while Canada thanks him.

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Afterword, England approaches Canada, thinking he's America, to talk about the next meeting. Only when Canada calls England using '-san' is when England figures out something's wrong. France then comes to Canada's aid and explains to England who he's talking to.

hetalia america and canada meet

Immediately, they get into a fight and ignore Canada. At another G8 meeting, England holds the meeting up yet again, saying he wants to do a head count to avoid what happened the last time. In a comic strip, Canada is shown on top of America's head while both were riding Kumajirou. When he finally confronts him, however, he finds America holding a chainsaw.

hetalia america and canada meet

Not wanting to anger him, Canada mumbles through his rant and starts talking about things like the weather. America suddenly turns towards him with the chainsaw running, and Canada stutters something about being best friends. America tries to explain that he couldn't hear him over the chainsaw, but Canada cuts him off with his "best buddy" rant. One day, Canada whines to Kumajirou about never getting noticed.

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For once, Kumajirou actually remembers Canada's name, and explains that he should find something to show that he's Canada.

Taking his advice, he paints a maple leaf on his forehead. He goes to show-off to America, who suddenly smashes a sticker of the American flag over his maple leaf.

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When Canada asks what happened, America tells him he "Just got awesome is all". Once, America asked Canada to play a game of catch with him.


Canada agrees, telling America to "do your worst", before getting hit in the face with a baseball. When he complains it's too fast, he gets hit in the groin.

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After that, every time he complained, America would agree to throw it slower, only to end up hitting Canada on some other part of his body. Eventually, Canada gets fed up with him, and yells at him to "take things slowly for a change".

hetalia america and canada meet

In response, America tells him that he's "just way too slow". Canada proceeds to "beat" him when all he's doing is throwing his fists at him while America blocks.

America gets angry at Canada for not being able to do something he asked of him, in turn angering Canada, who yells back at him, saying he's not his handyman.