Gon and killua meet the millers

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gon and killua meet the millers

Several series of original video animations were later released, continuing the story up Gon Freecss Killua Zoldyck Kurapika black and white cartoon fictional . Hunter X Hunter Anime Fight, Killua, Hunter X Hunter, Hunters Killua vs Phinks Gon and Killua Chase Scene Hunter X Hunter Episode 49 Gon and. He passed Gon and Killua asleep on opposite sides of the table and shook Said you guys were married like four years now but You're like.

The man comes up behind Leorio with a loud clank he hits Leorio over the head with a bat.

gon and killua meet the millers

Who the hell did this! The man he once borrowed money from in America back when he was desperate and had no idea that becoming a hunter would pay for medical school. Well yea with your whole mob scene entrance. Not only was he to do this he will get paid for doing so and al his debt will be erased how could he refuse its not like he had a choice anyway. Kurapika nearly ripped his head off when he asked him to pose as his wife. Of course, he knew that Leorio was in trouble but since he refused to tell him the truth he kicked him out f his apartment…literally.

gon and killua meet the millers

Leorio spins heart in his throat still sweating profusely. Yeah, we're heading out on a family vacay here, you know? Off to see grandma. The other boy who sat by the window. This boy had bright sky-blue eyes silver hair like lightening and porcelain skin.

Killua lowers the Gameboy to give Leorio a daring look. Couple of kooky teenagers. Leorio looks about ready to kill Killua.

He kept his cool of course and continued the charade.

Well, thank you for your help, "Natalie. It looks like he agreed to their deal and sure he looked the same as he always had he made sure to carry himself in a more feminine way. They do and continue to give odd looks. Leorio leans into Kurapika ready to land a kiss on his cheek. Kurapika snaps his head back hissing.

gon and killua meet the millers

He actually looked…hot in that light blue button-down flannel and tight blue jeans with his shiny blond hair nicely ticked behind his ear revealing that one ruby red earrings. Just don't, all right? Killua rolls his eyes at him finally falling back into his seat and picking up his Gameboy. You even got Killua in on your mess.

You dressed like this and worse when you took down the spiders! Gon bit his lower lip anxiously, rounding a large, spreading oak with low limbs and hanging branches. Red greeted him, and he went stiff with surprise and a sudden chill of nameless anxiety. Blood splatters, still gleaming wet and crimson in the pale morning, sloshed over fallen leaves, making a very clear trail that grew progressively thicker as it neared a copse of shaded pines, flies buzzing over the shallow pools.

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He leveled his blade in his hand warily, following the trail to a shallow dip in the earth, fully expecting a predatory Chimera to have ripped some poor animal in half. Instead, he was greeted with a loose, limp palm of porcelain and a face turned white with injury, blood pooling beneath a leg shredded across the thigh and calf. A young man lay sprawled on the ground, head and limbs tilted at an odd angle that made it clear that the boy had probably passed out involuntarily — especially since he had fallen partway on top of a side-satchel traveling pack of his own.

Gon gasped in shock, instantly sheathing his blade and leaping around the last oak to drop to his knees at the unconscious person's side. Kite, there's someone hurt over here!

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Gon stiffened, waiting, then felt it, the dying tremor of a bird trapped in a warm artery, the soft, strained rise and fall of the other man's thin chest. The stranger was alive, at least. Kite and Spinner dropped down behind him, Kite already ripping his satchel open to reveal several clean cloths and Old Gramma Abe's special disinfecting ointment.

Kite's gaze was blown wide in shock. It was definitely a foreign way of dressing, that was for sure. Gon reached out to bear down on the unconscious stranger's shoulders as Kite started wrapping emergency bandaging around the largest wounds, tying the white cloth tightly. Hair like moonlight shimmered as the unknown man suddenly bucked, straining against Gon's hold with twice the strength he should have had with his injury.

A soft mumble slipped between his gritted teeth, but then Kite's emergency work was done and the unconscious teenager breathed out, going unnaturally still, the tight bandaging on his calf and thigh already dotting with scarlet. Kite reached out, pressing a hand to the pale brow. Then he glanced up at Gon with obvious distress in his eyes.

Kite had long legs, true, but he wasn't fast on uneven ground the same way that his former apprentice was, nor was he able to carry on a sprint for the same length of time. So he stooped down, sliding his hands beneath the stranger's narrow shoulders and knees, and lifted in one smooth movement.

The unconscious teenager groaned weakly, head lolling back onto Gon's shoulder, a flicker of pain across his pale, wan features.

He was much lighter than his height — almost certainly a few fingers-breadth taller than Gon — implied. Kite's jaw tightened, a vein pulsing down the side of his neck.

Get him to Mito and the other healers. The pale man didn't stir much, his skin damp with cold sweat, only a hint of a pink flush on his porcelain face. The tight wrapping on his mangled leg grew steadily pinker, but the pace seemed slower, probably controlled somewhat by the constant pressure on his skin.

The longsword at Gon's side suddenly seemed heavier than he'd expected, the blade an unfamiliar weight on his left hip. But as the downhill slope gave way to the flatter land of the valley and the trees began to break, Gon felt a renewed burst of energy surge through him, and he bolted back towards the dirt and blacktop road, chest heaving. The strange Padokean teenager might have been far too light for his height and build, but it definitely didn't mean he was a pixie.

The moonlight-colored hair shimmered again, the unconscious boy's head falling back to expose his throat. Gon wheezed, the stirrings of panic clutching at his heart, and kept running, legs pumping over the cracked blackstone road. The town's edge rounded into view, the sun now fully risen over the lip of the trees and rooftops, and Gon's mottled hazel glance skimmed over the bustling clusters of people at the town's edge.

And then he saw her — her auburn hair tied back in a bun, unlike earlier that morning — happily chatting with the miller's oldest son, who'd been born with a missing finger and had chosen to pursue medicine instead of learning to operate the mill. Someone caught sight of him, yelling a few words of surprise. He didn't blame them — catching a boar in only an hour was a ridiculous feat.

But he beelined straight for Mito, and as he came a little closer, exclamations of shock started to rumble through the throng of waiting townsfolk and farmers.

Both of them ran out to meet him, pupils blown wide in the same panic that had snaked cruelly across Kite's face upon first seeing the unconscious teen. A bead of saltwater snaked down Gon's eyebrow and dropped into his eye socket, sending a salt sting though his eye. He blinked it away, slowing his pace as Mito and Stick approached.

His adoptive mother's hands shook slightly, trembling at the sight of the stained wrappings around the stranger's leg, but her hazel gaze was like the bronze and iron Gon worked in the forge — burning and strong.

Stick, find Gramma Abe — she should be helping with the mayor's daughter — and Banana and bring them to us. It had been built with the remnants of a burnt Prior-time building, so the red clay-block chimney was still intact, but the rest had been built from logs and daubed mud and thatch roofing.

Gon ducked inside from the street, pushing the door open with a shoulder and striding across the reeded floor to the beds arranged against the wall farthest from the smoldering hearth. Carefully, he laid his cargo down on top of the blankets and tossed the stranger's traveling satchel on the next bed over. Then he was shunted aside as Mito bustled in behind him, pulling a pot of boiling water off the fire with thick mittens. It went in a stand beside the spare bed, the hot tin and water sizzling slightly.

You're going to have to help hold him down when we clean and stitch these.

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Gon paled slightly, but steeled his stomach and nodded, well aware that Mito needed his help. Gramma Abe, Stick, and Banana rushed into the room just a moment after, the latter two bearing medical kits of their own, and Gramma Abe took her strange, curved needle out of her trunk of belongings, a frown on her wizened face. The cloak came off first, travel-stained and in need of a good wash but otherwise unharmed, and the supple ankle-boots, and then Gon fumbled, the long dress-like garment the stranger wore foiling him somewhat.

He slid a wide, silver-grey sash that was weirdly heavy and a black leather belt off the unconscious teenager's waist, puzzling over how to undo the high-necked tunic-thing. Contrary to what you may think at this point. This blog is NOT a rant lol. I wanted to do an analysis of the Killugon relationship. People often ask me why I love Killua.

I have been asked on several occasions if Killua is my husbando. NOT in the way of a husbando though. You have no idea how many people ask me that. This is going to be part 1 of the Killugon analysis—I hope to get the second part out soon may have more? Killua cries over not being able to protect Gon while Killua fights Rammont 3.

During the confrontation with Pitou while Pitou tries to heal Komugi. Since it means nothing to you. Killua breaks down about Gon in front of Palm.

The one Gon needs most right now is you. Killua sees Gon in the hospital through the window. This one is more of my interpretation of the scene: Have you noticed this? This is going to be the focus of the Gon side blog. Why does Killua do this? That brings me to my next main point: He openly admits to this.

In the conclusion of the Hunter Exam arc, Killua tells Illumi that the only thing he wants in life is to be friends with Gon. Killua chooses Gon over his family end of Zoldyck arc. Killua follows Gon through everything, no matter what. There are soooo many events, but I will only point out the major ones for now.

Notice that everything they do happens because Gon wants to. When did Killua ever make a major decision?

gon and killua meet the millers

Killua has never had anything that was important to him until Gon.