Geralt and ciri meet the spartans

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geralt and ciri meet the spartans

After meeting the fabled white wolf, time for everybody to learn just why he's She had pale white skin like most of the Spartans did and a heart shaped In that time Six had met Geralt's adopted daughter Cirila or Ciri as she. The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt is divided into a prologue and three acts, spread . On the hunt for Ciri, Geralt seeks information from a Nilfgaardian . inspires them to tie up loose ends and prepare to meet their destiny. Assassin's Creed Odyssey - The Wolf of Sparta Quest Guide: Should you Kill Nikolaos?. Don't warn me again for The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt. View Page. Cancel. Your preferences are configured to warn you when images may be.

Six grabbed his knife from his sheaf on his chest and stabbed it in the throat killing it instantly before he let the Elite fall to the ground.

Picking up the Energy sword the Sangheili dropped and attached it to his leg. B went to find more covenant to kill and found a group of Grunts and Jackals and started shooting them while charging at them taking them down easily as they were no match for a trained Spartan.

He ran towards a crumbling wall taking cover behind it. Looking to his left he saw there was a rocket launcher and a grenade launcher next to a pair of dead ODST troopers.

Strapping the grenade launcher onto his back and grabbed the rocket launcher before he aimed it while resting it on his shoulder. He shot a rocket towards the Sangheli to get them out of the way killing them, while shooting the Brutes with the last rocket at them. Throwing the rocket launcher down, he charged at the remaining enemy's with his DMR head shooting them while throwing a grenade at them before he rolled to cover and watched as the blast blow them to pieces in satisfaction.

Seeing the covenant ground force coming to engage him and a Wraith driving towards him running as fast as he could around 26 mph thanks to his Spartan speed right towards the wraith. The wraith drove towards him and just as it was going to run him over, Six smirked inside his helmet and activated his armour lock and as soon as the wraith hit him blew up upon impact, causing an explosion killing a few covenant ground forces as it did.

Six now saw that only the Elites were willing to fight him as the others were Retreating. It appeared that they knew what kind of demon they were fighting now, Six smirked inside his helmet.

Finally they would give him a challenge before he died. He put his DMR on his back next to his grenade launcher and took out his energy sword and began fighting like the devil himself. He saw the fear in their eyes and respect. Charging at the Elites with the energy sword in hand. He killed the first elite by stabbing him in the chest and as he fell the Spartan grabbed its energy sword and charged at the other becoming a whirlwind of death stabbing and slashing them as they got close.

He knew his shields were dropping dangerously low but he didn't care he needed to avenge his family and fellow Spartans. Thinking about his family on Jericho for just a second was enough to distract him as a zealot got its energy dagger out and stabbed the Spartans arm making him drop one of the swords then the Elite tackled him to the floor and tried to slice his throat with six holding it back as much as he could but thanks to fatigue it he struggling.

Him losing his planet and family and friends. His first for revenge, his hellish training to become a Spartan. The word final just didn't sit right with him. He didn't want to die here he still had a war to win and wouldn't die till it was over. He owed that to his brothers and sisters that had died in the war against the covenant.

With that in mind he gained new life the Spartan grabbed his combat knife and stabbed the Sangheili in the eye making it roar in pain. Then the Spartan kicked it of him and grabbing the energy dagger it dropped before he slashed it's throat killing it instantly. Six fell to the ground with a relived sigh that he had killed the Covenant in the area. He tried to get up but the pain from the plasma weapons had finally caught up to him making him grit his teeth in pain as he tried to climb to his feet but found it was no good and fell back to the ground.

As he started to pass out due to the pain and exhaustion. He heard a soft metallic humming sound approaching from somewhere but had no idea where. I was worried you were all gone. I found you now! Logan-B opened his eyes slowly before snapping them shut again from the light.

He slowly got up from wherever he was only to discover that he was on some kind of operating table. He swung his legs over the side of the table and started doing infirmary exercises. Swinging his legs back and forth to get the feeling back in them as he rotated his shoulders before he got of the table. But noticed he was much taller then he should be as he was as he stood around 7'1 rather then his 6'8. Looking around the room it was unlike anything he had ever seen before.

It wasn't Covenant in design but there were weird markings on the wall he didn't recognise. He saw that he had a new black body suit on but his armour was gone. What happened to me? Why am I taller? I see you're awake now? Logan just stood there. He couldn't believe it, Noble Team's A. I " Dot is that you? She lad long raven hair that flowed down her back, bright purple eyes, a heart shaped face with a healthy tan with small pink lips. She was wearing a white long sleeve shirt, dark grey skinny jeans that clung to her wide hips and long black boots with her body having a slight blue glow to it, like most A.

geralt and ciri meet the spartans

Six " She said surprising with a lot of emotion for a dumb A. He couldn't believe it. He could see her. And how did we even get here? The last thing I remember is passing out on the Battlefield? Once you passed out we were both brought this forerunner facility by a Forerunner monitor" Dot informed the Spartan-III commando. If we found this facility before then Reach would still be around and the Covenant would be defeated with my upgrades. Now Reach was gone and a chunk of the Spartans with it, then humanity was going to lose moral and potentially the war.

Last I checked dumb A. I's didn't have emotions" The lieutenant asked her. I and upgraded me into a forerunner A.

He even gave me the knowledge of the forerunners and now I'm a contender class-artificial intelligence. The Avatar you see before you is what I chose. I could of taken the image of the A. I created by Doctor Halsey known as Cortana but I wanted to be a little different. So I picked the avatar based of the A. I known as Serina" Dot told him with a smile. He already had to go with the painful augmentations when he was younger. You should consider yourself lucky.

geralt and ciri meet the spartans

Your the first human to find out the truth about what happened to the Forerunners" Dot said as she knew he wouldn't like somebody messing with his Body but she knew she had to fix all the damages the augmentations did to him as the ones the Spartan-III's went through were inferior to the forerunner augmentations. Oh your awake, fantastic! Good to see my inheritors still posses the fighting spirit of the forerunners.

I am the monitor of this station, Militant Bias Why are you calling me that? As your species are meant to be the protectors of the Galaxy" The Monitor informed him but the Spartan-III just looked confused as to what he was saying. Then they disappeared without a trace" Noble Six told the monitor like it was nothing new to him, but humanity nor the covenant knew what happened to them.

Just as construct Dot said. However that's not entirely true.

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The monitor then began telling him the history of the Forerunners and how they were the peacekeepers of the galaxy and started taking away weapons from the other race's as it would lead to bloodshed and that was something they wanted to avoid. As they thought all life was worth saving. Militant then told him how they discovered the flood and how they fought them but in the end lost.

The monitor turned away and began floating away down the corridor and the facility came online "Well, now you've heard the story. Speaking for the first time in a while. The Monitor and I did a scan of your body to see how you were recovering and you were doing okay, but we replaced your augmentations with Forerunner Augmentations.

Which are superior to the ones you got when you were younger and we've upgraded your weapons and amour. But as you can see. The augmentations have increased your body size slightly" Dot informed him. It showed that the new Forerunner augmentations would speed up the healing process in a matter of days instead of a few months that it should of taken. We're the last of Noble Team on Reach at the moment and we need to stick together…. I already lost one Noble Six and I won't lose another.

I'm just trying to wrap my head around all this. I should of asked you. But you needed the rest after fighting on Reach for so long. You had internal bleeding, a few broken ribs, a cracked skull and some fractured bones. But it wasn't just me who saved you. I was simply doing my mission to help the Reclaimer as best as I could.

Nothing more and nothing less. Six nodded and walked after the Monitor while Dot disappeared from the pedestal. Don't get the wrong idea though. Your not indestructible by any means," "but if a Mgalekgolo Hunter were to attack you with one of its shield you'd just be sore and have some bruised ribs for a while, instead of it crushing your bones and giving you internal bleeding.

Of course that's without your armour on. It was good to be useful and to fulfil his mission for his creators. Your reaction time has increased as well but we haven't done a test so we can only guess that its improved to. From what he could now lift on his own, to how fast he could run, his coated bones, he was now the most advanced human in history.

After the Monitor finished explaining everything about his augmentation.

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They finally reached the armoury where Six saw machines mass productising weapons and Ammo both UNSC and some kind of weapons with an orange light inside and saw a stand where his armour was located.

He saw that it was a copy of his previous Mark V Mjolnir armour with the Mark V [B] helmet he liked along with a golden visor and a Tactpad on his wrist. He smiled as he saw his armour.

Like most Spartan-III's he had customized it slightly to make it his own. When I brought you and Construct Dothere. Your suit was damaged beyond repair. However it has been created with a metal that my creators made which is 10x more durable then Titanium "Well your Suit was marked as a class 2 variant combat skin, if barely. As your old one was only a prototype. So we created you a class You should be able to stand the blasts of five phantoms shooting at you at once and still be okay" Dot told him.

Now since the Huragok Made them, they are five times more powerful then your old ones. That doesn't mean that they can never go down, as they can, but when they do they'll recharge a lot faster, just make that you find some cover until they've fully charged. You have all the armour ability's in your new armour from the Bubble shield to your active camo and the Armour lock and they can stay active for longer periods of time as well. It is yours after all.

I can't think as fast as you. Don't let him beat you around! Ciri was sixteen years old, nearly seventeen with oddly enough pure "white" hair that was tied into a pony tail with two bangs flowing loosely down the sides of her face, Emerald green eyes with black mascara around them, a heart shaped face with a light skin complexion, a small button nose, full pink lips and stood 5'7. She was wearing a white blouse that showed of her neck and top of her chest, the blouse hugged her feminine figure tightly to prevent it getting caught to anything that clung to her bust that stretched every time he breathed in and out.

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She had a dark brown leather girdle that was around her waist, along with a metal belt that was holding up a dagger. She was wearing tight brown leather trousers that hugged her wide hips and firm backside, light brown boots and a steel sword on his back with a strap over his chest. She's only nine years old for gods sake. I intend to do the same for Eva.

Turning his attention over to his student who was waiting patiently for her friend to finish his conversation. Make sure you get hydrated. We'll resume our training in ten. Afraid that you'll lose against? He knew that Six had simply meant due to his augmentations If he was going to be stuck there for the foreseeable future then he would need to learn how to properly speak to females.

Ciri meanwhile tried to control the blood rushing up to her cheeks at the rather blunt statement from the Super Soldier. Maybe you should go see Miss Merigold? Logan shifted his eyes over to Geralt seeing if it was alright to spar agaist his daughter who nodded at him.

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He was sure that she was going to tell him to go easy on Eva and stop pushing her so hard If she showed promise then maybe he would test her and push her like Kurt and Mendez pushed him and the other III's. Once he was inside he floating to the large screen monitor that was on the wall and began downloading everything it needed as well as the screen locking onto his designated target.

Once inside the room the sphere object saw Huragok's and Sentinels flying around the room maintaining the facility after thousands of years of being offline. Seems a new reclaimer has arrived. He was supposed to wait until the Reclaimers had evolved into the industrial era but he had recently turned back on when the facility had picked up a slip space portal on the planet. So for the last few weeks he had been trying to discover who had used the portal to begin with.

I'm sure it means something. Stay where you are Reclaimer I'm on my way! Well here the Next Chapter of The Witcher: A different Kind of Wolf, I hope you enjoyed it.

geralt and ciri meet the spartans