Frozen anna and kristoff meet

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frozen anna and kristoff meet

"Meet Kristoff" is a deleted scene from Frozen, during which Anna meets Kristoff for the first time. The scene served a similar purpose to "Meet Kristoff 2", but both . Kristoff Bjorgman is a fictional character who appears in Walt Disney Animation Studios' 53rd Although Anna, Kristoff and Sven escape by jumping over a chasm, the sled falls The next day, they meet Olaf, an anthropomorphic snowman unknowingly created by Elsa, who leads them the rest of the way to Elsa's ice castle. A rugged mountain man and ice harvester by trade, Kristoff was a bit of a loner with his reindeer pal, Sven, until he met Anna. As Arendelle's official Ice Master.

His build is a realistic consequence of his rough life as a mountain-dwelling ice harvester. Frozen film Kristoff is the first major character to appear in the movie, and is introduced during " Frozen Heart ", as an eight-year-old orphan boy with his baby reindeer, Svenwho becomes his best friend.

He is trying to mimic the harvest ice like grown-up icemen do. Later that night, Sven is pulling him through the woods when the two horses belonging to the royal family of Arendelle ride past him at speed while transporting Anna to the trolls.

Kristoff becomes intrigued as one of them is leaving behind a trail of ice as that horse is carrying a distraught Elsa. From a distance, Kristoff watches as Pabbie, leader of the trolls, heals Anna's head. At the same time, one of the female trolls Bulda adopts Kristoff as her own child. He is briefly seen in Arendelle selling ice while the camera tracks through Arendelle prior to Elsa's coronation.

Kristoff arrives moments after Anna shows up, covered in snow, seeking to purchase carrots for Sven and climbing rope.

frozen anna and kristoff meet

From him, Anna knows that the blizzard in Arendelle comes from the North Mountain. Anna assumes that is where Elsa is hiding. However, he is thrown out of the store for calling Oaken a crook. Anna buys all of Kristoff's items and urges him to take her on a trip up the North Mountain. Kristoff is reluctant to help her at first but eventually gives in.

Frozen Anna and Kristoff Meet Olaf

As Anna and Kristoff head for the North Mountain, Kristoff is incredulous learning about her whirlwind engagement to Hans. The conversation is cut short when their sled is attacked by hungry wolves. Although Anna, Kristoff and Sven escape by jumping over a chasm, the sled falls to the bottom of the ravine and explodes much to Kristoff's sadness and dismay, as he just paid it off.

frozen anna and kristoff meet

The next day, they meet Olafan anthropomorphic snowman unknowingly created by Elsa, who leads them the rest of the way to Elsa's ice castle.

Kristoff waits outside while Anna tries to persuade Elsa to go back to Arendelle in order to put an end to the winter inadvertently created by Elsa but fails, and accidentally gets hit in the heart. Kristoff manages to rush Anna to Pabbie, but Pabbie says only "an act of true love" can save her. Thinking it is a "true love's kiss" from Hans, they head back to Arendelle. At the castle gate, he sadly hands Anna over to Hans. Though Kristoff was reluctant to offer his assistance, Anna presented him with the supplies and carrots that he was unable to afford from Oaken ; viewing this as a business offer, the ice harvester relented.

Initially, Kristoff did not have a good impression of Anna, feeling her hasty engagement to Hans was a serious lapse in judgment.

frozen anna and kristoff meet

He also found Anna to be rather reckless, as she nearly set him on fire while rescuing him from the wolves. Kristoff even considered taking up Anna's offer to leave when he lost his sled while escaping the wolves.

However, he decided to continue to accompany the princess and was amused when Anna feigned nonchalance at his decision. As their journey continued, Kristoff's perceptions of Anna began to change, and he started to admire Anna for her optimism and fearlessness. Kristoff began to express concern for Anna's safety, having rushed to her side after Elsa struck her.

And in spite of Marshmallow being directly behind him, Kristoff helped Anna to her feet before running from the raging snowman, together. He was especially alarmed when he realized that Anna's hair was turning white as a side of effect of Elsa's magic and sought help by bringing her to his home in the Valley of the Living Rock. Once Pabbie informed Anna that her frozen heart could only be thawed by an act of true love, Kristoff immediately tasked himself with bringing Anna back to Hans, though he remained oblivious to his affection for the princess.

When Kristoff delivered Anna to the castle, he continued to fret over her state, insisting that she not worry about his affairs. And even after the gates closed on him, Kristoff stood by the the castle entrance before finally departing, concluding that Anna was now with her "true love", Hans. However, when Kristoff noticed that a blizzard was forming over the castle, he immediately turned to go back for Anna, despite needing to enter the heart of the storm.

Though he was navigating the storm blindly, Kristoff heard Anna's voice and kept pushing through. But eventually, the storm came to a halt, and Kristoff finally saw a path to Anna and rushed forward. However, Anna turned away from him, and Kristoff could only stop and watch in despair as she threw herself in the path of Hans' swordfreezing solid in the process. Overwhelmed at the loss of the woman he had grown so close to during their adventures, Kristoff was immensely relieved when Anna thawed out and gazed happily at her reunion with Elsa.

Recalling that Kristoff had lost his sled, Anna replaced it with a new model and was delighted to inform him he had become the official " Arendelle Ice Master and Deliverer".

With Arendelle at peace and their troubles behind them, Kristoff felt elated enough to whirl Anna through the air and declare that he could kiss her.

Kristoff | Disney Frozen

After being slighlty taken aback, Anna kissed Kristoff on the cheek, prompting the ice harvester to initiate their relationship with a more passionate kiss. The following summer, Kristoff helped prepare for Anna's nineteenth birthday by decorating the courtyard with a large banner.

frozen anna and kristoff meet

After defending the cake from the mischievous Snowgiesthe ice harvester proudly presented it to Anna and gained enough confidence to openly declare his love for her. The strength of their bond is such that Kristoff turned to Anna whenever he was upset and in need of support, for he saw her as a good source of advice. Before he even met her, Kristoff seemed to fear Elsa to some degree, as he was unsure of Anna's insistence that her sister would thaw the winter.

He continued to express his doubts regarding Elsa when he, Anna, Sven, and Olaf approached Elsa's ice palace and encountered a field of wind-swept icicles, nearly impaling his nose on a spike. When he finally met Elsa, Kristoff remained wary of her and implored Anna that they leave, having noticed that ominous shadows were appearing behind the walls of the palace.

After Anna refused, Elsa used her powers to create Marshmallow, who expelled them from the palace.

frozen anna and kristoff meet

However, Kristoff eventually came to accept Elsa and even attempted to confront Hans for his actions. By the time of Anna's birthday, Kristoff was comfortable enough around Elsa to help her set up for the party.

Meet Kristoff

Though when Elsa told him not to touch anything while she went to rouse Anna, he playfully interpreted her words to mean he was an idiot. Olaf Kristoff was amused by Olaf 's dream of enjoying the summer. During their first encounter, Kristoff was surprised at Olaf's sentience and said that the snowman was "creepy". But he also seemed rather fascinated with Olaf, taking particular notice of his twig arm.

When Olaf described his dream to experience summerKristoff initially reacted with amusement and sought to tell the snowman that he would melt in the heat; however, Anna warned the the ice harvester against doing such a thing, much to his disbelief. Despite this, Kristoff chose to maintain his silence regarding Olaf's lack of heat experience.