Fairy tail meet wendy and carla

fairy tail meet wendy and carla

Following the disbandment of Fairy Tail, Wendy, along with Carla, joined Lamia Scale. Subsequent to the conclusion of the war between Orochi's Fin and Lamia . Wendy and Carla is a friendship between Fairy Tail Mages, Wendy Marvell and Happy instantly took a liking to her from the moment they met, but she at first. Explore Emmy Fullbuster's board "wendy and carla" on Pinterest. | See more ideas about Fairy tail ships, Fairy tail and Fairy tail girls.

Wait, what's that smell? It's coming from her. The only other time I smelled this scent before was from Gajeel. She must be a dragon slayer Natsu thought. Blue Pegasus, Lamia Scale and Caitshelter also are a part of the coalition. They were all gathered together in the second home of the guild master of Blue Pegasus, Bob.

fairy tail meet wendy and carla

The final member of the coalition of guilds have appeared, Wendy Marvell of Caitshelter. Natsu just looked at Wendy with interest.

From her scent she was a dragon slayer like he and Gajeel was. But what kind was the question.

Wendy looked right at Natsu and their eyes met. She then looked down unable to keep eye contact due to her self-confidence issues. Natsu said nothing as he walked forward to Wendy making his friends look at him with looks of confusion. He knelt down to get eye-level with her. Natsu smiled and that put her at ease. Wendy smiled right back. She was so happy to finally to get to meet Natsu since she heard so much about him from his moniker as the Salamander.

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That and she wanted to meet him since it was rumored he was raised by a dragon too. She wanted to talk with him about it since she hoped that he had seen the dragon that had raised her, Grandeeney.

At first, she wears a flowing dress with a triangular pattern near the top and crossing pattern around the rest of the dress. She wears a thick band around each of her arms and ankle tied sandals on her feet.

Fairy Tail Dragon Cry - Wendy and Carla Vs Gapri [ Full Fight ]

Later, Wendy receives new clothing from the Celestial Spirit World. It is a simple kimono with a black waistband and small tie over it. She wears thigh high socks and wing like attachments in her hair to keep it up in pigtails. After being saved from Hades' attack, Horologium gives Wendy new clothes.

They are a suit like top with a light trim and large cuffs and dress shirt with tie. She wears a small skirt with a large sash holding the top and skirt together.

Her hair is let down and she wears dark stockings.

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During the Grand Magic Games, Wendy wears her team colors in a long sleeved dress with a flower pattern adorning the sleeves. She has a small tie with ribbons holding her hair in pigtails and stockings.

fairy tail meet wendy and carla

Wendy is very shy and polite. She is always accompanied by her Exceed companion, Carla, as they have a very close relationship. She is very eager to try and make friends. Wendy also cares greatly for her guild members, and even suggested going to the home-town of the Exceed to try and get them to evacuate when they were under threat.

Wendy is becoming more confident and brave as time goes on, and she always tries to be of help wherever she can. She is intelligent and has a very honest personality, is "direct and open with her emotions", and is easily swayed by the people around her. However, this also causes her to be "very romantic". She can be spontaneous and "very ditzy". Unlike the other Dragon Slayers, Wendy doesn't enjoy fighting, preferring to avoid it as much as possible. If, however, it's for the sake of her guild or friends, Wendy will fight without hesitation.

Carla is a small, white Exceed with pink ears and brown eyes, which are smaller than Happy's eyes. She also has two whiskers on each side of her face. Carla wears a pink bow near the end of her tail.

Wendy and Carla

Carla's usual top consists of a mustard yellow and pink top with a pink bow tie. She wears a pink skirt with this top. Carla, like the other characters, seems to switch outfits every arc.