Draco and harry meet the browns

draco and harry meet the browns

He might have played villainous Draco Malfoy in the Harry Potter films, But after a meeting with a Wandkeeper at Ollivanders, makers of fine. "Mr. Draco Malfoy is here," she said, leading the man in question in. Harry and Daphne both stood as Draco entered and gave a short bow. .. The walls were all painted warm golds and browns, and the whole castle just. Draco and Hermione both nodded at Harry's suggestion and got to their feet. .. They were happy to see that Mr. Flourish had not died and was still But, Draco, I have seen quite a few murky browns auras today while we.

In an attempt to make money to help his mother's situation, he turns to his friend Calvin who is a drug dealer. Harry sees Mike Jr selling drugs and counsels him.

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While Harry and Brenda go on a date, Mike Jr tells his friend that he no longer wants to take part in illegal activities and he is shot. This leads to a further breakdown in the relationship between Brenda and her ex. Harry reaches out to the Browns to ask for help in getting her father's old place for her and her kids.

They renovate the home and surprise Brenda. Despite this gesture, Brenda's insecurities and family gossip lead to her having doubts about Harry's motives and they split up. A league representative comes to visit Brenda and Mike Jr and offers him a million dollar contract.

She finds out that it was Harry who referred Mike Jr to the league.

Lavender Brown

On signing day, Mike Sr. He is definitely a young wizard, from the tips of his pointy green boots to the top of his smooth, gray collar. I'm so sorry, forgive me. I think all my manners left my head this summer. Draconis Malfoy, son and heir of Lord Malfoy of Malfoy.

But my friends call me Draco. Bother, I hope I got that right, sorry. First, I've heard of it. I was raised by muggles. And the duke thing…. I just found out. I mean, right here, now. Some of mine are just ridiculous.

Here let me get my book out. A single volume floated to his hand. Only the customer or a relative or the clerk can look at them though. So nobody else gets to see what horrible thing your ancestors wore I guess.

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When Draco grinned at him he laughed again. I can't imagine anyone could ever wear this without tickling themselves to death. That is a LOT of feathers! However, the line of credit was approved, and Harry will just have to settle the rest later. As he entered the front of the shop he heard two young voices, chattering and laughing. He stopped in the door, and watched Lord Malfoy's son, Draco and Harry. Harrison he corrected himself, laughing and looking at two large books on the table.

They seemed to be trying to best each other's horrible hereditary robes. Something suitable for Scotland in merino? Or perhaps heavy cotton? Mother says I'm growing out of everything. I might even be taller than Father someday.

draco and harry meet the browns

I have no idea what I need. Robes for daily wear, something comfortable for weekends, sleep robes, no quidditch robes till second year. Shame that, you're a seeker if I ever saw one.

A selection of nice cloaks, hats, and scarves. You'll just need to pop in for a final fit. And that will be work robes, school robes, and cloak covered. Plus, of course, Maman took me to her robe makers in Paris… but you can get your dress robes here too. You can even pick out one from the casual section of your book… that bit in blue and gold chiffon should really suit you. At that the bell over the door tinkled and a tall, slim blonde woman with impeccable hair entered.

Has my son been troubling you? He was supposed to be at Malkins and done already. I ran into Harry and he was all alone and we were talking. Diagon Alley is pretty safe for most people, but…. Harry, this is my mother Lady Narcissa Malfoy. Draco realized his complete lack of knowledge and nodded his head in a bow and Harry bowed to Lady Malfoy.

Draco jumped in, with his hand on Harry's elbow. He had a feeling Harry hadn't had all that many people on his side, not even those his own age. And they never told you of your responsibilities? What on earth was going on with that poor child?

draco and harry meet the browns

I only even learned I was a wizard yesterday when my letter came. He was starting to understand that his life wasn't what it was supposed to be. You must come to luncheon with us. I can owl my husband. And by the time luncheon is done all that will be settled.

If an alliance comes of this we may come here more often.

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Gringotts will want him round to initial the form and look into his estates. They seemed quite… disconcerted when I mentioned he'd no idea and his account manager hadn't told him this morning. Do you have any advice? As beautiful as she is, she must know loads about fashion. All Harry knew was that he hated gray. I do hope that's the right thing to call you. The muggles never told me how to speak to a Lady. Or a duke for that matter. If she laughed at him, then he wouldn't trust her… but even adults deserved a chance to prove themselves.

Actually, you mentioned you are of Black? So you are the current Head of the house of my birth, which I think makes us some sort of cousin at the very least. You may call me Cousin Narcissa if you want to be less formal. But we can go over all that at after we have eaten. Aside from that, most everything else can be colours of your choosing.

I think for now you can be safe with the colours of neutralssuch as blacks, blues, and browns. After you get Sorted at Hogwarts you can order extra robes in your house colours. But Horatio I'm sure will do you very nicely.

A long fluffy plume sat next to an inkwell, with a small candle and stick of sealing wax laying at the ready. Narcissa gently perched herself on the small carved wooden chair and taking care not to smudge her hands, wrote a short letter to her husband. However, young Lord Potter was being escorted by Hagrid and seems to have been abandoned at Plettwicket's. Since it is time for luncheon, I am taking both boys to Sky On Fleur for a leisurely meal.

In addition to this troubling news, Duke Lord Harrison has only just now, from Plettwicket's Book, of all things, heard of his estate. Something most troubling is afoot. I may need to escort Lord Harrison to Gringotts to speak to the head of the Bank at their request, so our errands may run Especially Long this evening. Hoping you are in the best of spirits, Your Loving wife Narcissa Black Malfoy Narcissa cast a quick drying and privacy charm on the parchment, rolled it up, sealed it with the wax and gave it to the owl.

Once the owl was winging its way to Lucius, she rose. Arranging her skirts carefully and checking her hair, she gestured the boys towards the door. Let me change that muggle costume for something a bit more becoming.

It won't last I'm afraid, but I'm sure Horatio will have something ready for you by morning? They left the shop Narcissa herding the two young boys along in front of her. Harrison kept glancing around, obviously unused to the bewildering variety of creatures and sights in Diagon Alley.

draco and harry meet the browns

Draco, always willing to show off, pointed out especially interesting things and was carefully explaining them to Harry. Sky On Fleur turned out to be a small cafe, decorated with a theme of skies and flying creatures. Painted dragons, fairies and birds adorned the cloud studded walls and fluttered here and there around the room on the murals. I had thought you'd be by today, it being so close to start of term for young Draco.

Yes we still have many errands to run today, Draco has run a bit behind I'm afraid. The hostess looked at him and then noticed the scar on his forehead as he turned to watch a brilliantly painted phoenix fly across the wall in a flutter of gold and red feathers.

The aerial motif was continued here, including some of the rare floating plants and flowers. Harry looked at the intimidating array of silverware on the table.

He was going to make a complete idiot of himself, he just knew it. And in front of this nice lady and Draco and everyone.

draco and harry meet the browns

I'm sure the muggles didn't think to educate you properly for your station, since they didn't even mention it. And yes, I would be very grateful. There are an awful lot of forks. After a very pleasant meal of hot tea, delicate sandwiches, a hearty bowl of soup and some truly sublime tea cakes, Harry and the Malfoys were ready to start the rest of their errands.

draco and harry meet the browns

Luncheon had been interspersed with comments about tableware and manners. After all that Harry felt much easier about his table manners. Madame Malkins was awash with redheads so they skipped along to the wand store. Ollivanders is one of the most well known wand makers in Europe.

His wands are excellent, but he does have a tendency to try to tell your future from the wood that chooses you. As if the wand makes the wizard. So pay no attention to anything strange he mutters. Draco already has his wand, from an old family friend in Belgravia so this stop is just for you. He really was a wizard! They entered the shop. Even to Harry's eye it was old and dusty.

Rows of cracked and peeling boxes lined the shelves, were stacked precariously on the counters and the ,tables along the back wall and even on the floor. Someone must have just left because there were still patches of glitter on the floor and one forlorn butterfly looking for something to pollinate. Finally come to me for a proper wand?

She received her acceptance letter from Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry at age eleven, and purchased her equipment from Diagon Alley before the start of her first year. Hogwarts years First year "But 'Brown, Lavender' became the first new Gryffindor and the table on the far left exploded with cheers. She shared a dormitory with Hermione GrangerParvati Patiland other two girls and soon became best friends with Parvati.

However, she did not get along as well with Hermione as she did with the other three girls. Hermione was believed by most to be a loner and made friends with boys rather than girls.

There were also personality clashes between Hermione and the other Gryffindor girls; Hermione, being rather studious, may have been better suited with Ravenclaw girls. Second year Lavender standing next to Harry Potter during a second year Herbology lesson In her second year, Lavender was one of the students present in Professor Binns ' History of Magic class when Hermione asked about the Chamber of Secrets ; like the rest of the class, Lavender paid much more attention at this point, even rising her head off her arms.

Lavender attended Professor Lockhart 's Duelling Cluband when Lockhart was disarmed by Professor Snapeshe handed him back his wand. It is likely that Lavender, given her common nature had a crush on Professor Lockhart, as did many of the other female students even including Hermione Granger, and would be shocked to discover he was a fraud at the end of the year.

When Divination Professor Sybill Trelawney saw a Grim a death omen in the form of a spectral dog while seeking divinatory insight in the dregs of tea in the bottom of Harry's tea cup, Lavender was amongst the very few students in the class who, like Harry and Dean Thomas both students who grew up with Muggles and unaware of magic until their letters arriveddid not initially know what Grims were.

Lavender with Parvati Patil in their first Divination lesson She soon developed a good relationship with Professor Trelawney, who accurately predicted — or guessed — the death of Lavender's pet rabbit named Binky. The professor said that what Lavender was dreading would occur on the sixteenth of Octoberand on that day, Lavender received news that her rabbit, who had been a baby at the time, had been mauled to death by a fox.