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He is the husband of Charmed One Phoebe Halliwell and the father of their Coop first came to Phoebe as a neighbor looking to find his apartment in . He meets up with Phoebe and Parker on in an ally during the midst of battles. Phoebe and Coop first met when he was sent down to Phoebe by the Elders to the Charmed One and witch, Phoebe Halliwell, and the Cupid, Coop, was a. Coop and Phoebe eventually got married and had three daughters, Prue, Penny and Payton Halliwell, the first Cupid-Witch hybrids in existence. Contents. [show]. History Edit. Early Life Edit. Meeting Phoebe Edit. Having Children and Getting.

Shortly thereafter Phoebe was attacked by the Wratih, but Coop saved her and took her to the hotel. Shortly thereafter he admitted to his wife that he was not sure he could accept Julian, either because it was the memory of the darker chapter in Phoebe's life, or because he was not sure he was trustworthy.

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Julian wanted to leave, and when they arrived soon after Prue and Penny were anything but happy to see their half-brother. To calm her children Phoebe used her empathybut the effort made her collapse on the floor, and Coop helped her. However, Julian, Prue and Penny left. Coop took care of his wife, and told her that if it was important to her he would try to accept Julian.

The latter seemed to begin to tie up with Penny and returned to the hotel with her. When it was decided to face Elizabeth, Phobe did not want Coop to come with them and he waited in the hotel tormented by worry. Shortly thereafter, he was joined by Noah.


Coop, spoke to him and told him that he considered him a good man. Shortly after the Whitelighter had left, Julian and Coop's family returned. Julian returned home shortly thereafter, and Coop assured his wife that he had done well not to try to restrain him, and that he would return if and when he was ready to do so.

Some time later Penny decided to leave college and reopen the P3. Coop and Phoebe could not go to the opening, and they sent their daughter a necklace, with a note saying that they were proud of her and with which they reminded her that the P3 was a symbol of the bond between Penny and her family. Powers and Abilities Active Powers Beaming: The ability to teleport through a pink light originating from the heart.

The ability to sense the emotions of other beings. Coop used his empathy to unblock Phoebe's heart, allowing her to trust in love again.

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The ability to determine the location and status of other beings by concentrating on them. The ability to possess a possibly infinite lifespan and an arrested aging process. The same episode, which depicts the futures of the Charmed Ones, shows their wedding and the three daughters they eventually have.

It is a "C," which at that time was meant to imply Cole. This prediction does come to pass though, as Coop is revealed to be her true love. The Cupid in that episode also told Phoebe that her heart was closed to the men in her life, and that she was falling for him because she loved the idea of love.

Literature[ edit ] InCharmed gained an officially licensed continuation in the form of a comic bookwhich is often billed as Charmed: The series is published monthly by Zenescope Entertainment. Set eighteen months after the series finaleCoop is seen living a happy, demon-free life with his wife Phoebe and their first daughter, [6] who is named Prudence Johnna Halliwell and nicknamed P.

Characterization[ edit ] Actor Victor Webster has said of his character, "I think he just loves life, he loves love. I think he's very charming and easy-going and lighthearted.

I think he just generally enjoys being around people and really helping people.

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He knows all about love and relationships, and the problem with a guy who's so sure of himself is that you can play him very cocky and arrogant, and that can be somewhat off-putting. He explains, "If you get into the mythological character and you start playing it otherworldly, it just comes off weird.

I think he would just be a regular guy. He'd be very charming. He'd be very confident.

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Let's say he wasn't Cupid, let's say he's a master of love, what would he have? That's how I start looking at it. I think he'd have a great sense of humor, sense of style. He can probably dance and cook and tell good jokes, be a lot of fun, have a lot of positive energy, want to lift you up. Obviously he would take great care of himself.