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At the age of 5 she was sent to St. Xavier's in Dehradun where she learnt to live on What will happen to Arnav and Khushi's relationship? . She wants to see me but Dad had forced her to stay in Dehradun where in these. Words are never gonna be enough to express what IPKKND & ArShi means to me I can go on n on about IPKKND and Arnav Khushi but words will never be. Link for Part 38 - madhu/ff-maze-part/ Dont make me repent for raising a hand on a person who was no less than a Mother to me. Arnav: Just pray to God that I dont find you to be the Cuprit behind all this Shyam. I too cant believe he is a Saint now.

Isha was quite close to Khushi right from school. Arnav never understood the theory of crying at bidaai until a few years ago his Di got married.

He knew the emotions going behind such a moment and understood every bit of it from then. He could always ask Isha he thought…As Arnav started his car he saw a blue saree clad figure far away busy calling someone. Arnav put off the engine and locking his car went near Khushi who looked in distress. It will be an opposite direction for you. Khushi looked at him like he had asked some rocket science question. Arnav asked wanting to change the topic.

As they neared her house, Arnav thought he was seeing it for the first time. It had been ages that he had seen this part of Delhi. Would you like to come in for some coffee? Arnav asked her pointing out to the parked new dark blue Vespa in front of their house. Khushi laughed and said yes. Give my regards to Aunty and Uncle.

It was quite late. But sleep was the last thing to happen tonight… His mind was filled with the pair of hazel eyes that had haunted him from the time he had seen them.

As she looked at him, he looked away. Just then their class teacher came in and started calling out names for attendance… As she said Roll No 32, the new girl stood up and the teacher told her to introduce herself.

As the teacher started asking her questions, Arnav and the class came to know that her name was Khushi Kumari Gupta and she had shifted to Delhi from Lucknow this year. The teacher also told the class that she was a bright student and the topper students of this division should pull up their socks this year… As Arnav and few other toppers who were ranked 1 to 5 in Class 4 looked at her, she stirred uncomfortably feeling their gaze on her… It was the first memory of Khushi for Arnav.

Two plaits and a smile on her face. The smile she always wore. It used to be a close finish for them each year with either Khushi coming first and Arnav second or vice versa. She was indeed a bright student. And she was all smiles when she had proudly announced to him that it was her new nickname for him. She had become much more to him. Time went by and it was the annual camp for them that year… It was all excitement as staying away from home in a tent for 4 days had thrilled the students to no end… The first 2 days had gone great with all the tasks and the campfire at night.

As Ankit came running to the tent Arnav and some others were in telling them that someone had slipped and fallen into the well. The well was very dangerous and the professors had told them to take care at that place as it was also slippery. As Arnav got up wanting to know who it was, Ankit told him something that almost snatched the strength from his legs.

As he started running towards the well, he saw a crowd being formed and cutting his way from them as he got in the middle he saw the sight that almost knocked the senses out of him. Khushi was sitting on the ground with her leg tears running down her face. There was blood oozing out from her left leg and the first aid was being provided to her.

As Khushi was helped by their professors to the tent, Arnav could do nothing but just look on. As he came back to the tent, everyone was slamming Ankit who had just created panic that someone had fallen in the well when truth was that Khushi had slipped and fallen beside the well while going to fetch water with the bucket being fallen in the well… As the next day approached, Arnav knew he had to see Khushi to know she was fine… But he could not… As the night neared and the last campfire was set, Arnav came to know that Khushi was sent back home as she could not continue with the camp.

Arnav felt relief rush over him. He wanted to see her but now he knew she was fine… He could always meet her the next day. The camp ended on a Saturday and Arnav had made up his mind to meet Khushi the next day. He could not wait to tell her what he felt for her… That incident had made him realize how unpredictable life is.

And he wanted to tell Khushi what she meant to him… As he called Khushi to tell that he wanted to meet her, she told him that she will come to school on Monday and they can meet then. Arnav had to wait for another day but the wait was worth. Classes ended on Monday evening and Arnav rushed out along with Khushi. She was much better and was walking normally.

As they both started walking, Arnav told her that he would leave her home and she readily agreed. The Icecream parlor was secluded except for a few tables occupied here and there. As they sat and ordered, Khushi saw him looking ardently at her.

The ride back home was a silent one and as soon as they reached Khushi got off without even throwing a glance in his direction… After that incident, Khushi started keeping a distance from Arnav. Talking only when required and that too only for study purposes and nothing else… It hurt Arnav that she had become so indifferent but then he knew she wanted this. The wall clock chimed and Arnav came out of his reverie. Today seeing her back had made him realize that what he felt for her all those years back was still there.

It was always there. She still meant the same to him. He would just leave this here. Maybe she even has someone in her life now. The very thought pained Arnav. His eyes started getting heavy as he drifted into sleep. She had seen him after so many years and he was so so cordial inspite of all the hurt and pain she had subject him to. He had moved on in life, without her. He had given her a chance, given a chance to them, their relationship but she had cramped the flower even before it bloomed.

And after that moment, she felt miserable for not understanding what his emotions meant. He was being honest with her and she had not even paid attention. It hurt her how it had ended between them, all because of her… Her one stupid decision had kept her away from him and when she had wanted to tell him, he was gone.

Far away from her. And today he was a different person. Not a hopeless lover she wanted for herself, he was Arnav Singh Raizada. Maybe even in love with someone else. That particular thought brought fresh tears to her eyes. Meeting Di and Nani was a pleasure. They told her that they missed seeing her and told her to come home. As they took her leave, Khushi was left thinking about the way things had changed… Had it not been for her stupid decision then, maybe today Arnav and she would have been married just like Aman and Isha had.

The second time they met was in an icecream parlor and Khushi felt really uncomfortable seeing him there with his friends while she had come with her office colleagues for one of their treat. Arnav had asked her then, when she was going to come to meet little Aahana and she was reminded that she had to go meet them as promised to Anjali Di. Promising Arnav that she would make it soon, she had left with her friends. As the car started going in low speed, he asked the driver what had happened when he saw a crowd being formed on the opposite side of the road.

But none of them showed it while facing each other. Once they settled in the Study room, Simran Spoke. What can you do for my forgiveness.? I have two conditions to ask for. Arnav knew those conditions might not be as easy as he thinks. And SHyam to me. He took few seconds to register what she asked for and then finally he was ready with the reply.

I broke one sister's heart to get happiness to the other. I wont repeat the same mistake again Di. Jeejaji and Di's seperation should be their choice, their decision, not mine.

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Aur rahi baat Khushi ki. This marriage was never in my hands. I had unknowingly signed the papers and accepted her as my wife. We lived for a small period of time together. Its her wish to break or make. For all the wrongs your father did with my family including limping my sister who was your best friend that time, I had done only one wrong. I made Jeejaji cheat you.

But you being in comma and your father's death was not in my hands. For that I feel guilty. I dont want to argue my actions were right but they werent intentional. But Khushi marrying me was intentional so its upto your sister now if she finds solace in breaking off this relationship.

If I had been so cruel I would have asked jeejaji to marry and leave you but I know how sacred that bond is. I have seen my parents live it. Atleast not like your sister who used it as a tool for vengeance.

Arnav, Khushi's hot scene in 'Iss Pyaar Ko Kiya Naam Doon'

I revenged your father using your emotions but your sister revenged me using my entire family. Let her decide what she wants. I have and will always be a "No ONE" to her. He left the room after giving a stare at khushi. He had already passed in the test which Simran planned to take. She wasnt serious about her two conditions at all. She just wanted to see if Arnav will ever accept those terms and make the same mistake like he did earlier or had he changed for good?

Khushi on the other hand was totally frustrated when he left the ball in her court. And most importantly she was furious because it sounded like now he was blaming her for everything. She walked behind him and blocked his way out. What are you trying to do Arnav? You are potraying me. That doesnt make you a saintremember.!! He was calm yet. I am sorry if it looked like that. But I am not potraying just you in the wrong framesafeguarding myself.

I am just trying to say. No one played good. So were you in few terms. We are humans Khushi. Not God's to put every step safely with wise decisions. We can be wrong. Khushi felt better, should she be worried for that? Does it mean that his justification had somewhere made him gain little goodness in his eyes? Simran was just observing them. She didnt wanted to interrupt their much needed talks. I told you back in Sydney. You want to break this relationship, I dont. So if you want to make it legal, I will never stop you but before you take that decision out of your sister's advise, for once, think again Khushi.

Not for this family. Not for anyone else in this world. Khushi's eyes were moist. His talks might be sensible but its equally difficult to accept it. Why dont you want to end this? What will you get? This marriage was made up. Which might not have practically got fulfilled but even then I was able to get your lies, your deceit before your family.

And I am thankful to you that you came in my life. I would never have understood how much pain and trouble I have given you both, unknowingly though hurting Shashi Gupta was my intention. And it is this goodness you have done in my life which is Why I dont want you to put an end to it.

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For a change, this time, he was so very clear of what he wanted from her. Simran was highly surprised knowing Arnav's intentions. His respect for this forged marriage was appreciable. Khushi still not breaking the eye lock between him and her: It is your Guilt Arnav which is speaking all this. You might be half right. He definately was guilty. But he also felt the need to maintain their relationship and keep it strong against all odds. I can never give you anything in return of holding this marriage.

I cant love a man who ruined my family. Do you expect me to forgive you Arnav? Thats not going to happen. I am just asking you to give a Chance to me!! Not exactly as husband - wifewe still can have some sort of positive connection between us.