Ant and dec meet little videos

Little Ant and Dec meet Russell Brand | Videos | Ant and Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway | ITV

ant and dec meet little videos

Watch the funniest show highlights and teaser videos from Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV. Little Ant and Dec meet Hugh Bonneville. - Watch the funniest show highlights and teaser videos from Ant & Dec's Saturday Night Takeaway on ITV. Little Ant and Dec meet Hugh Bonneville. - The World No 2 meets our Geordie number ones (well, after Ant & Dec of course.. .) in a tennis lesson to remember! Ant & Dec are *ahem* too.

For most of us, the idea of presenting a primetime TV show to millions from Walt Disney World would be enough to keep us occupied. But it seems the trip to Orlando, Florida, has made the dynamic duo realise what they might be missing at home reports the Mirror. After achieving unprecedented success on TV, it seems both the year-old married presenters have the same thing on their minds - babies. Speaking ahead of the live finale of Saturday Night Takeaway, Dec said: It is the perfect place for us to end the series.

It is that kind of place. We saw it on the show, what it means for young ones to come out here. PA With Ant nodding in agreement, Dec added: Ant married Lisa Armstrong, a make up artist on Strictly, in after the pair met in when she was in the band Deuce and PJ and Duncan were chart stars.

ant and dec meet little videos

The pair married in August with his brother Dermott Donnelly conducting the service in Elswick, Newcastle. And while their success both professionally and personally is undeniable, there was one thing which was the icing on the cake for their mothers - the OBEs they received in January.

ant and dec meet little videos

I would like to put mine on my dressing gown at home, but it stays in a safe. They signed a three-year contract with ITV at the end of last year, which Ant says guarantees Takeaway until on screen. View gallery Dec says: We are talking about other individual programmes, so it is not just the three shows.

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Traditional sitcom is very hard to do well so I think we would have to go for something left of centre. It would be really really filling our life, it is busy enough as it is.

Ant and Dec owe their success in an industry built on artifice to — of all things — authenticity. To viewers less cynical than me, this may not come as such a surprise.

But even the presenters' most loyal fans probably don't realise how much more there is to them than likability — which is largely why they decided to let me watch them at work. An anarchic comedy rollercoaster of stunts, sketches and competitions, it was both emphatically old-fashioned and ironically knowing.

ant and dec meet little videos

In it emerged that some of the phone-ins had been riggedand viewers had been calling premium-rate numbers to win prizes that had already gone.

The presenters were cleared of any complicity in the deceit, but at the time they were both certain it was curtains for their career. Ant grins and shrugs.

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I'm A Celebrity has been done twice in America now — but they changed the hosts. America's Got Talent, we don't host — somebody else hosts. That becomes very annoying, because I'll tell you what: But we can't just keep traipsing over there and doing the odd shows. And the shows we love that we do over here, we haven't been given the chance. Well, not horrible, but…" "Just shows we wouldn't do here," Ant says. We're not that desperate to break America. And the problem is there's a fear culture there when it comes to their jobs: In LA or New York, we don't fit.

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Have they never hankered for the glamour of edginess? So I never want to be cool. We're just… I guess we'll call it ITV heartland viewers, really. Then again, I'd struggle to give an argument for voting Conservative at the moment.

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Dec is the youngest of seven children, while Ant grew up with a single mother. We would have people knocking at the door — money lenders, all that kind of stuff. Yeah, I remember all of that quite vividly and that sticks with you.