Last Light Thief Call of Duty: Only or MHz lower clocks in the single and multithread test of Cinebench R15 should be hardly noticeable in practice. Is AMD A10 good for gaming? We can say the same thing for both GPUs: Independent journalism is made possible by advertising. Other measures like Voltage Adaptive Operation and AVFS Adaptive Voltage and Frequency Scaling are supposed to adjust the supply voltage as precisely as possible to each situation and therefore improve the efficiency. Not the only place they have bogus data in their database:

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Which AMD processor is good for gaming? Most games today can access up to 4 cores and A10 P has 4 Core 4 Thread which should be sufficient for any of the games. Shop Now at guard. Advanced Warfare Further information and analyses are available in our previous Carrizo articles: It remains to be seen how the notebook manufacturers can utilize the potential.

Cinebench R15 Single 3.

AMD scored higher in a quite a few categories in the CPU bosses review, but lower on some of the bench marks. If you wish to game on low or medium settings then it is fine else, better look elsewhere. Finally another word raceon Windows Core i5 U 7. The configurable TDP between 12 and radekn watts also allows the manufacturers to adjust the performance and consumption to each device — separate models for every TDP class are not necessary.


Further information and analyses are available in our previous Carrizo articles:. The CPU cores can benefit from that, the new “Excavator” design is supposed to offer a roughly 5 percent higher per-MHz performance than before. We can say the same thing for both GPUs: Arkham Knight 9 8 fps.

AMD A10-8700P

More gaming benchmarks added. PassMark Data courtesy Passmark. Last Light The usual benchmarks, however, lose their significance because of that — what is the benefit of a high Cinebench score if the performance in a big rendering project will drop after a few minutes?

Start after 5 minutes after 60 minutes. Since Dell and Lenovo have take the time to design their models according to the heat dispersion requirement of this AMD CPU they have proven to be the best option. We use two static gaming scenes to see if Carrizo is affected and well. See this comparison of these two GPU. Specifications Full list of technical specs.


Radeon R6 A10-8700P

Room GPUs-only sort by value. Gaming was not meant for laptop CPUs so, expect issue on any processor.

Start Now at wikibuy. We will compare the differences to Windows 8.

PassMark – Radeon R6 AP – Price performance comparison

All in all, Carrizo manages an advantage of around 15 percent; if the memory of the Pavilion is really only clocked at MHz DDRthe real difference should be higher than 20 percent.

How efficiently does the processor use electricity? The Intel system even needed 2 watts more when we used the hybrid decoder — it seems that software decoding on the Broadwell CPU cores is more efficient than the use of the GPU. Core i5 U 5. Carrizo is the successor of the previous Kaveri architecture, but it is still manufactured in and same 28 nanometers SHP process at Globalfoundries.


We will provide further measurements in the usual scope in an upcoming review.

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