Nashville Telecaster, Bass, etc. Sometimes it is very responsive, but other times I need to click everything twice to get what I want e. Due to heavy spam these forums are now closed. Reconnect TranzPort, and follow the onscreen prompts. Funky D Member Offline. You are right, I can not directly help with 4.

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I’ve just found out I am getting the blue screen of death if I boot Windows window with the AlphaTrack connected – using the latest driver from Frontier.

I’m testing a new build of Windows 7 bit and Cubase 5. I have one and it works. This solved my crash on exit back then. Copy this dll file into the Components folder of the appropriate version of Cubase or Nuendo.

FRontier AlphaTrack –

I don’t run the Alphatrack tray application, it isn’t needed when you use the plug-in. You need to set the compatibility of the install program to Windows 7 via the Properties dialog. So the workaround assuming you won’t want to switch the AlphaTrack from native mode is to prevent the AlphaTrackApplet from running, which you can do by deleting the following registry key and rebooting:.


KingsMix Max Output Level: There is a link to a comprehensive installation guide below. Reconnect AlphaTrack, and follow the onscreen prompts.

You may have to use the Device Manager’s “Activities Scan for hardware alphxtrack command to trigger Win7 to recognize the hardware after you’ve run the installer. Logic 8 Guide v1.

Currently installed 4 official extensions. It has been tested with GarageBand v4. This is the reason why I removed the AlphaTrack from my setup and will get something else to replace it. If you have tested it in Studio one under OSX, then it can happened you wwindows not installed Windows drivers yet. Pages 1 You must login or register to post a reply.

Or you can use AZ Controller as explained here: Anyone else have this issue? Hi Wickett, You can get that here: Look down at the bottom and you will see a “Key” called “Resources should be file-mapped” Look at the check box to the right of windowws the “value”. Nashville Telecaster, Bass, etc. Google [Bot] and 12 guests.


Very lame if you ask me. AlphaTrack Windows Installer v1. The TranzPort Windows driver version 1. My Tranzport works perfect in Win I think I paid euros or so for it many years ago. Thanks for the heads up. I think there’s a way to still install it though.

Frontier Design Group

Thanks, glad to know it’s possible. On top of that you also get remote control, so you’re not alpphatrack to one setup or desk. I still get the double crash message on exit. It’s a shame it’s discontinued as it seems the only product to replace it is the Faderport which seems inferior. If you need help with a product or want to send feature ideas, please send email to support at this domain.

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