Although the tool CPU-Z described the processor as Core iUM, this description is no longer accurate since Intel has changed the naming scheme, and the processor is called Core iM meanwhile. This weight is typical for very big tablets, subnotebooks, ultrabooks and convertibles with a inch display-diagonal. The Bad ULV processor isn’t as fast as most gaming laptops; no optical drive. On the M11x the SU processor is overclockable to 1. Under a high load 3D application, PC game, etc. Our benchmarks were all correctly completed.

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In reality the color is a bit darker. Included software With regard to the pre-installed software Alienware – at least as far as its pre-series device is concerned – is relatively restrained. It was only a question of time before Alienware created a Sandy-Bridge refresh of its There is certainly nothing to qualm about when it comes to the power consumption. While the system noise has increased, the temperatures have noticeably decreased compared to the previous revision.

Users are somewhat spared from annoying popup messages. Especially the options from the MaxxAudio driver influence the xlienware significantly in some cases. For future reference we would wish for the option to have a matte display surface.

As far as only one core is used, and Turbo-Boost is operating to its full potential, the Core iM can put up a good fight. The switch causes the screen to black out for a few seconds, but otherwise is painless and doesn’t require logging out or quitting programs.

Alienware M11X review: Alienware M11X – CNET

The ability to install games off aluenware without having to plug in a USB-connected external optical drive would be nice, but most modern gamers using Steam preinstalled on the Alienware or other downloadable software probably never touch discs most of the time anyway. Two fast USB 3. Frequent typists and fast writers won’t necessarily ever become completely happy since frequent office tasks call for a keyboard with bigger or free standing keys chiclet design.


Best Laptops for The power input is at the back. Although the tool CPU-Z described the processor as Core iUM, this description is no longer accurate since Intel has changed the naming scheme, and the processor is called Core iM meanwhile.

Alienware M11x R2

The power consumption is acceptable in light of the provided performance, a maximum of 35 Watts are drawn from the socket by the 40 nm manufactured graphics card. The entry level model of these two is represented by the Core iMwhich alifnware a clock speed of 1.

If the device has nothing to do at all, the cooling fan deactivates completely, and with the SSD hard drive the M11x R3 is then completely silent. Thanks to Hyperthreading, 4 threads can be processed simultaneously. As far as subnotebooks are concerned at least, this 11 inch device is in a league of its own. Since this subnotebook is missing an optical drive, we had to resort to a video file avi, no HD on the hard drive for our movie test.

The alien head on the lid shines in white.

aliennware Whether Alienware will offer the Core iM to retail alienwarr at some point is not certain at present. Memory operations per second. We have to note that the M11x lacks an optical drive, an obvious decision made to enable alienawre laptop to be so small, but we couldn’t help notice the M11x’s conspicuously port-free stretch on its right side that looks about the same size as, well, an optical drive. The fact that Alienware has managed to cram so much into so little — and managed to do so while also providing good battery life — indicates that some smart folks are working over at Alienware.


HP Spectre x 13 late This is a laptop you can see yourself using everywhere, in your house, at a coffee shop, on a plane, at school, it fits every environment perfectly. While performing less demanding tasks such as working with office or browsing the internet Intel’s HD Aluenware can perform these tasks integrated into the Core iMbut when more performance is required the GeForce GT M can take over.

Desktop performance for Windows Aero. Typical for Alienware, the build quality is very good.

Review Alienware M11x R3 Gaming Notebook

For its limited dimensions the Aliehware R3 has an astonishingly good performance. Granted, the new Core i7 configuration doesn’t offer that much more performance than the old M11x with overclocked Intel Pentium Dual Core SU, but the better processor and Nvidia Optimus provide two more reasons to buy the Alienware M11x R2 if you didn’t already buy the original M11x.

The arrangement of the interfaces meanwhile is less than optimal.

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