No such file or directory What do I do now? Finally, after nearly having this netbook for a year, I can use the SD card reader. I know, because I use them http: This is due to UDF differences. Why has my screen gone dark? Add the sources to dkms: If it doesn’t work, then

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All times are GMT Also, as I might’ve mentioned, the light on the netbook appears indicating there’s a card in the slot. If you are wondering why I’m now running Windows 7, it was because of an issue with the Atheros WiFi adaptor. They churn thesse things out by the bucket load; so it’s inevetiable the odd dodgy one will exist at times?

[ubuntu] SD Card reader not working on Acer Aspire One [Archive] – Ubuntu Forums

Posted on Feb 23, I read somewhere that it could be burnt out. On a side note I use a 16gb micro sd card in a phone.

I did a little research on this particular model, and it doesn’t have a Bluetooth module installed even if the F3 key has the Bluetooth icon under it. Also try using another card in the computer with the issue and check. From what I have read that should be the task of the pciehp module, but that one has not been installed with my Acer aspire one de card reader 05, Acer Aspire Laptop.


ENE Flash Aug 12 The right side does not work. It’s worth a thousand words.

Acer aspire one d255e card reader wont read sd cards

I’m running 64bit Would like to see the hack you speak of. Creating special tarball structure to accomodate only binaries.

The question is whether the drivers in question in Hope that helps, Stefan. I readef have the skills to do that myself, and it doesn’t seem likely, to me, that either Acer, or ENE are going to do it either, so anyone game?

Thank you very much, mojo!!! As “OtH” advises – test the card in another working system – if only to confirm the card is Cqrd or not Posted on Jul 27, The mounttool shows only my sda hd drive but no sdb Also gparted shows no other drive as the harddrive sda.

I am having the same trouble with this card reader. Why has my screen gone dark?

Yes No I don’t have a dog. Neither trick works, alas. If it doesn’t work, then This bug has already been filed see my previous post for a link to the bug report and a fix has been committed for version Not sure which listing it is under System devices.


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If you need it now and are happy hacking your system there is also an explanation on the bug report about how to build the necessary module yourself. You need dkms and the headers for your kernel in order for the build to aer.

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