Ford has realized that build- ing horing, chrome-laden, slab- sided bricks on wheels just isn’t going to cut it any more; and the Ford people have decided to stick their collective necks way Pte-ise tom fi? Brass screws attach the angle pieces to the front plate, steel screws mount the pole pieces to the angles. Mine’s monochrome—and what’s that? Is clamped to the workbench damp not vlslbte To prevent movement. But word just scans as an image, not as text. However, not many earlier IGcars hove a new vented distributor cap fpan No.

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If you have access to the deck from the second level, position the header joist so the finished decking will be 2 to 3 in. Anyone on imagine James Bond behind the wheel of acrr car like this, but for one-quarter the price of an original. The cams in the timer are probably worn or slipping, telling the machine the wrong thing to do during the cycle.

IVith Jot Ski instruction given first eshorv and then afloat, the spott proved easy. Secure aJwve on infat table with r-mu, cramps. Develops a maximum of Yi-H P.

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Now, remove the drawers Irom the metal cabinets and hang the shelves from the legs and upper Ironl rails. We re not entirely sure the human body is designed to ac- cept this scwnner device. Pro machinists have long since devel- oped the magnetic chuck to hold just such workpieces and make these seemingly impossible jobs easy, quick and profitable for their shops.


Reynolds AJununum, Reynolds Mesa. Saves you money on your own repairs, too! The heater is designed to warm the drain trough to prevent the defrost water from re- freszing before it drains out of the cabinet. Dampening the cloth or towel with water or thin oil may help snag the chips much as wetting a paper towel helps to pick up tiny glass fragments.

Its ftre and gam heat instead of losipg it.

Porsche’s We is- sach engineers have included a computerized digital electronic en- gine control system which precise- ly controls the no- maintenance fuel -injection and ignition sys- tems. The engine acts like it wants to rev forever.

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Then attach the toe kicks with glue and 6d common nails. In Fact, grips a bii by its scanne, somewhat like a drill grips a drill hii The difference is that instead of three jaws closing around the shank, meal routers have a split- nut collet which doses tightly as a second nut Is tightened. A backup tread system In the walker s belly would help H continue Hie mission If the legs got caught in one of Id’s numerous crevices.

Our dormitory system la still el the lop of Its class. Scqnner mare wajting for the disc head to seek the right track— just pow — the data is at your Fingertips. Now 1 have the same problem again. The current prototype system works fine but is limited to about feet in range.

If these discussions come to anything, it will probably be a Toyota niesigned sub- compact built in a now-idle U S. J 0W3 also ideated tft Route Make sure the header joist is level by snapping a level chalkline along the house 6678 the top of the header joist will be.


A new method of electronic autofo- eus turns the Canon AL-1 into a mm friend, The three-dimensional effect of the Nimslo is astonishing.

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Germany 1 s “coof co al ft re 1 04 ThsjModii ra JbaiL. Length is not critical. These little commuters will weigh only about 1, pounds and bo powered by an SOO-cc. He scanneg the m-hoiise master of the track, having learned its filter points from ip less a talent than former World Driving Champion Jackie Stewart. Headphones plug into the power supply which you car- ry in pocket or purse or slung of!

Finished rabbeted edge la cut using the bit ant as shown in preceding photos.

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We used an arc welder, drill press, index I able, bench grinder, belt sender and a f in, – thick rotary saw, We also needed a center punch, a 3-in.

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