The effect of non-territorial working on employee workplace satisfaction, perceived productivity and health. The results highlight the potential for workplace eating policies to not only promote better nutrition but also adds to the additional evidence called for by a recent review of environmental interventions targeting workplace eating behaviours [ 33 ]. Linear mixed model performed using transformed data. However, ABW principals were not necessarily applied throughout. Received Apr 13; Accepted May Sub-themes were created based upon the sub-categories e.

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Data were extracted for work hours only, as reported in the logbook. An instrument for assessing workplace productivity in relation to worker health.

Movement was often described as incidental and in response to a work-related goal e. View all Hand Tools by. There were significant between group differences in the frequency of eating lunch with colleagues at baseline and follow-up with ABW participants reporting greater frequency at both time points. If you have any questions or need to make a change after your order, please contact us.

This paper has been referenced on Twitter 1 time over the past 90 days. A controlled study of a natural intervention. This article is an open access article distributed under the terms impct conditions of the Creative Commons Attribution CC BY license http: Funding This research received no external funding.

There were no significant differences in sex, age, or baseline time spent sedentary, in light- or moderate-to vigorous-intensity physical activity between participants that had valid accelerometer at baseline and follow-up and those who only provided baseline data.


Simply visit My Orders once logged in then enter your invoice number. Support Center Support Center. The sample size for the impavt was obtained to ensure diversity of experiences and to ensure data saturation. Socio-Demographic and Work Characteristics Sex, age, education, work capacity, highest level of education, height, and weight were self-reported at baseline.

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If they used the desks, they were then asked how long they stood at them response options: The interaction between workplace and time provided an estimate of the relative change in the outcome at the ABW workplace compared to the comparison workplace between baseline and follow-up. Discussion This is one of few studies to evaluate the impact of structural and policy workplace changes brought about by ABW on workplace impaft and productivity, and only the second to include a comparison workplace.

A systematic review and meta-analysis.

We display the delivery charges in your shopping cart for you to consider before submitting your agw. While there were no significant changes in the sedentary time and physical activity in the workplace, the moderate effect sizes suggest that an ABW designed workplace may improve the amount of time employees spend moving around in their workplace.

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Data saturation was achieved prior to the final interview. While much research has been done in documenting the impacts of conventional open-plan layouts.

RichardsonJohn D. Occupational sitting and health risks: Eating Behaviours There was a significant intervention effects on the number of days participants had lunch with colleagues, with ABW participants reporting a higher frequency at follow-up compared to baseline, equating to nearly one extra day per week relative to the comparison group.


Further exploration of other environmental i. Future research with larger samples, over longer follow-up periods, and with objective measures of sitting and standing is needed.

Process Evaluation One-on-one semi-structured interviews were conducted in person or via telephone. Written consent was obtained from all participants. Studies examining aw impact of ABW designed workplaces on a range of outcomes is abs, and research designs are limited by short follow-up periods and a lack of a comparison aabw.


Short-term efficacy of a multicomponent intervention. While it is possible that ABW employees may require a longer time to adjust to the new environment and ways of working, and improvements xbw be seen after longer periods, several barriers were identified. This is a required field. Firstly, this study was conducted over a six to nine month follow-up period and it is possible that additional time is needed to adjust to the ABW avw and working principles. Not surprisingly, Cell layouts were more successful in producing higher satisfaction scores on sound privacy and visual privacy.

Using effect sizeā€”Or why the p value is not enough.

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