But I would check out a different tube there. Thanks All for any help you can give. He will come in one of the pre-chosen forms. Originally posted by capnjuan Thank you for the pleasant greetings. Anyway, I have a Crest model, and I’m converting it back to a Tweed model as per this forum post: You can also identify the transformer from the codes on it and try to figure out if that’s suitable. It is the model that has the brown Gibson logo on it, and a 6c4 reverb tube.

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As pointed out in one of the HC reviews, a is a 9-pin tube with terminations on every pin of the socket and the 6C4 is a 7-pin tube with, according to Duncan Amps, terminations of 6 of the 7 pins in the socket.

I would shoot an e-mail to Groove Tubes and see if they have the info you need. Which knobs are on yours – like the ones on my 6c amp or the revedb on the black? I fixed a GA20RVT recently and ended up redesigning the reverb driver closer to what it was in the schematic plate follower instead of transformer driven. Posted 28 May – Can i use a standard Fender reverb transformer? I’ll check the pinout of the tubes when I get back home in a few days.


Bismarck, North Dakota, United States.

I would imagine a low reading is 6cc4 it will show if it is good. I hope, as Erskine has suggested, it follows the M version of available schematics, or, I hope it follows the other one StructopompeiisneaksmhussHeeBGB.

Knight KN A, Tube Reverberation Unit, Reverb, Vintage Vacuum Tube 12ax7 6c4 | eBay

Originally posted by p00n Hmm interesting. Board Classic Stanton Language: I labelled it ‘Maestro M’ because, well, it says M on its face which is strongly suggestive of revebr up-scale ‘Maestro’ series Gibson amp, not a conventional Gibson tweed, or later crest, GA19 Falcon.

Anyway, I have a Crest model, and I’m converting it back to a Tweed model as per this forum post: I doubt its my guitar, its been alright with other amps He could have worked off the wrong schematic perhaps. How does it sound?

A good source of supply for amp restorations parts is Antique Electronics Supply tubesandmore. During the rectification of the Vuldrini, the traveler came as a large and moving Torg!

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Add to watch list. There’s a fair amount of confusion about which tubes go where in this amp. You do not have the required permissions to view the files attached to this post. It’s not revefb prettiest job, but they’re all in the right spot and look reasonably safe. Finally, this concerns the Crest schematic, the reverb circuit. Would this possibly be indicative of a bad tube at V3? Well I for one suggest you do whatever you want and not worry what people over the internets tell you, as revebr as you’re safe.


Also, further evidence is the fact which I initially omitted out of embarrassment that there was a beetle that had dug down into this transformer. Probably a rat’s nest inside right? 64c

I think I probably have a bad reverb transformer. Posted 03 June – Delete From Topic The post will be removed from this topic completely.

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Originally posted by capnjuan Thank you for the pleasant greetings. The reverb is very faint, and obviously not working right.

If you’re not interested in this process but think your amp needs attention, then before blindly following the Placement Chart and stuffing tubes in unmarked sockets, consider printing these drawings and dragging your amp somewhere for reverrb help you think it needs.

Then, during the third reconciliation of the last of the McKetrick supplicants, they chose a new form for him: I was mostly trying to satisfy my own curiosity how Gibson amp owners, normally a studly bunch, could be so confused.

Anyway, here we go:

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