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Gran Concepción is Chile's second city, with nearly one million people in six parishes. One tangible result should consist of setting up one or more 'innovation hubs' in Gran Concepción, where new ideas, concepts, prototypes and services are developed that meet the real needs of the people. Calendar. At the meeting just concluded in Rovaniemi, Finland, the Arctic Council focused its discussions on Arctic biodiversity and received updates from all the Council's. between Inmself as the agent and an investor, "JL" ("Participation Letter"). On Carrasco also set up a meeting where she and Respondent Concepcion Academy Square for the calendar year commencing from the date of closing, and .

Thirty enthusiastic participants from government, industry and universities are working on plans for participatory development, innovative port services, a culture lab and an innovation lab for SMEs that need to rethink. The participants are very satisfied with the process.

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Difficult point is the follow-up, which is uncertain: Funnily enough, the participants from Santiago ministries, funds do plan to turn the results into concrete action. This is a problem you get too often at workshops. Everybody is out of his daily routine, there is a lot of enthusiasm to dream, wild plans are devised and then.

Because we have a lot of workshop experience, our approach is now different: By addressing their own desires, needs and strength, they are more likely to transform the outcomes into action.

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In addition, the workshop method must be so engaging that it can be applied in their own daily practice. In the end it is all about the new networks that people can use after the workshop, something they actually do.

This almost always provides good results. After the workshop in Chile is over we present the results in Santiago.

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Candie is currently teaching teens at St. Cecilia's Church the first year of preparation for the sacrament of Confirmation. She volunteers weekly at the Pax Christi food pantry, is active in ACTS fellowship for women, in her neighborhood association and serves as a county election judge. Candie enjoys the outdoors, camping and travelling and loves her four indoor cats plus the other four who have adopted her.

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Moncivais, choir director, grew up in San Antonio, TX, and attended Incarnate Word from elementary through high school graduation. She received her B. She is a licensed social worker for the State of Texas. She also serves as a Board member with the Ministry of the Third Cross and coordinates retreats for men and women in the criminal justice system.

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She has been involved with the music ministry since and directing the choir with principal musician, Ricardo Valdez for the past four years.

Together they plan weekly liturgical, Holy Days and special occasion music for weddings and First Holy Communion and were able to plan the music for a Priest Ordination. Continuing education provides opportunities to keep abreast of new liturgical music and other content.

Travel is a favorite pastime. Albert Rios, caretaker, is the youngest of three siblings. He has a sister, Anita and a brother, Domingo.