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meet the cast of glee 2014 nfl

Michael Edward O'Malley (born October 31, ) is an American actor and writer who has Prior to its second season, O'Malley was made a series regular on Glee. where it won the Best Screenplay, Best Editing, and Best Ensemble Cast awards. He is also an avid fan of the NHL's Boston Bruins and the NFL's New. What happens in Vegas: Naya Rivera (third left) and her Glee castmates party hard at her birthday celebrations in Las Vegas this weekend. Born on May 11, , in Calgary, Canada, actor Cory Monteith rose to fame as a cast member of the hit television musical Glee. His parents split up when he.

Swinton's play, U Don't Know Me: The Musical, both in Los Angeles and when the production was taken on national tour. Breakthrough and acclaim with Glee[ edit ] InRivera was cast as Santana Lopeza high school cheerleader, on Fox 's musical comedy series Gleeabout a high school glee club.

Rivera's character comes off as a cold-hearted and vicious cheerleader, who often shows her softer side to fellow cheerleader Brittany played by Heather Morris. She's really witty so I love playing her. During the second season, Rivera's role in the show was radically changed when it was revealed that her character was a lesbian. Rivera portrayed Santana struggling to come to terms with her sexuality, with her love for her best friend, and with her inability to come out of the closet.

meet the cast of glee 2014 nfl

She received favorable reviews for her performance. In the second half of the series' third season, she was given the opportunity to do a duet with Ricky Martin[27] and worked with Gloria Estefanwho was cast as Santana's mother. Supporting Players" photo shoot, [29] and Rivera was also honored by E!

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She was also chosen by the TV Academy to take part in a promotional video for the upcoming awards ceremony. Musical solo debut and film debut[ edit ] In Mayit was announced that Rivera had signed a deal with Columbia Records to produce a solo album. She also starred in the music video for the song. Blaine joins her, and they sing Piece of My Heart together.

Naya Rivera

At the end, they hug and bow to rapturous applause. Back in the recording studio, Mercedes asks her producer if she can record her last song as a duet with Santana. DeShawn is sceptical, but Mercedes insists, telling him that it's the take she wants. When the producer asks how she expects the single to sell well with an unheard of duet partner on the album, Santana agrees. She tells Mercedes that it's her big chance and should be all about her.

Santana says she appreciates what Mercedes tried to do for her, but she's just not worth it. She walks out of the studio upset, leaving Mercedes exasperated. In Los Angeles, Rachel calls Sidney.

meet the cast of glee 2014 nfl

She pretends to be ill, telling him that she has the flu. Desperate, Sidney grudgingly agrees to letting her understudy play the show for the night. Pleased with the simplicity of her deception, Rachel happily walks to her audition.

meet the cast of glee 2014 nfl

At the audition, Rachel sings The Rose to the producers. They are impressed, but politely inform her that the show is not a musical. Rachel is shocked, but agrees to do a reading with her co-star. The reading is uncomfortable and broken by Rachel's unfamiliarity with the galactic jargon. At the end of the scene, they kiss painfully awkwardly.

Before they can continue, Lee thanks her for her time. Leaving the building reflecting on the hideousness of the audition, Rachel receives a call from Sidney, who tells her that her understudy has fallen and injured herself, so won't be able to do the show that evening.

He instructs her to hydrate herself and come to the theatre at 7.

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Horrified, Rachel rushes to a taxi. Blaine is out having a meal with June. He tells her that he wants to be her when he's older. She advises him to put in what he wants to get out, and he listens, in awe.

meet the cast of glee 2014 nfl

June informs him that they are planning a show based entirely around Blaine, which will be the biggest event of the year. Blaine thanks her, joyously, but requests that Kurt performs with him. When June flatly refuses, he tells her that he's not sure if he'll be able to do the show without him. She advises him to break off the engagement, telling him that he'll soon fall out of love, and asks whether he is going to settle, or venture out into the unknown and realise his full potential.

Blaine watches her, torn.

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In Los Angeles, Rachel's taxi is stuck in a traffic jam on the way to the airport. After determining that her taxi driver will be of little help, Rachel rings Kurt in desperation, and begs him to help her. He advises her to ring Sidney and tell him the truth, but realising the ramifications it will have for her career, soon agrees to organise a distraction.

At the Spotlight Diner, Mercedes presents Santana with a contract. She tells her that she has managed to wrangle her a deal, saying that she makes her better. Santana protests, telling Mercedes that she's far from the world's best friend, but Mercedes says that she is worth the wait, and slides the contract over to her. Just as Santana is about to sign, Kurt bursts in. He informs them of the Rachel situation, and suggests some of his idea for organising a distraction.

Telling him that his ideas are horrible, Santana suggests an alternative. At the theatre, Sidney angrily storms into the dressing room to find Santana ready to go on. He has major reservations, but Santana reassures him that she's got it. The next day, Rachel cooks Santana a meal as a thank-you for stepping in at the last moment. She reveals that she's been instructed to attend a mandatory meeting with Sidney tomorrow, and has her suspicious that she'll be fired.

meet the cast of glee 2014 nfl

Santana tells her not to worry, and says that she actually really enjoyed playing Fanny. She asks why she's been invited, and Rachel tells her that she was wondering what she wanted in return.

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Santana is at first offended, but soon realises how she may have come off that way. Rachel comments on her new approach to life, and Santana says that she has resolved to use her bitch powers to protect the people she cares about. Touched, Rachel tells her that she was really good as Fanny.

Beginning to cry, Rachel expresses her disbelief at her own stupidity, saying that she has screwed it all up for nothing. Santana tells her that she is the kind of person who can't be held down - no matter how awful she is, people will always want to work with her. Smiling, they begin to eat. At Mercedes' apartment, Blaine and Kurt finally have some alone time together.

Blaine explains that he's been really busy with June, and tells Kurt about the plans for his show. When he asks him why he didn't tell him about it sooner, he tentatively announces that he wanted to wait until Kurt's part had been fleshed out.