Meet and greet one direction 2014 uk roster

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Won three beam titles, three floor titles, one all-around title and one vault title Took the Maryland Quad Meet all-around crown with a Put up a Pre- College: Competed for East Gymnastics under the direction of Martin and Stacy Parsley In , placed first on balance beam, second on vault and third in the . Rolling Stone's Best Reissue of the Year. It's one of the most enthusiastically praised Bootleg Series releases. Get your copy today or give it to a Bob Dylan fan in. Harry began a small venue world tour entitled Harry Styles: Live On Tour in September . In , British singer Ed Sheeran revealed Harry had told him he .

As you can see, my background is "all over the globe," but these experiences have shaped my interests that have happily found a home with Backroads.

Take Me Home Tour (One Direction)

Molly Aiken Leader since After my sophomore year in high school, I decided to move to New Zealand and homeschool myself for my junior year. The next six months were life changing. I mean, who doesn't just pack their bags and make their way to "Middle Earth"? After graduating from high school, I decided to "hang up the saddle" for a few years and traded my spurs for campus life at Ole Miss can I get a "Hotty Toddy," anyone? I majored in Hospitality Management and enjoyed gaining insight into numerous aspects of business, from economics to sociology.

My junior year was spent in Italy where I fell in love with the Italian culture and spent the weekends seeing as much of Europe as possible.

meet and greet one direction 2014 uk roster

In each place, my eyes went wide, and my heart was filled. I had to see more. After NOLS, I became an instructor for another adventure program guiding students on multisport adventures, community service projects, and language programs.

As fulfilling as my time was, I made a list of everything that mattered to me in a job and then a serendipitous moment occurred. As we conversed, she recommended that I apply for the Trip Leader position.

My application was submitted the first day they "opened" for hiring. As Ole Miss taught me the importance of community, Backroads has exposed me to the greatest of communities. I can be anywhere from the Costa Brava, Crete, or the Tetons and feel as if I am spending time with my family. Leading trips isn't always easy—you're constantly problem-solving, working long days and attending to a variety of people.

Thankfully I work with a community of people who support me in my job, help me to grow professionally and care to make a difference in the world. They say "you never work a day in your life if you love your work," and I firmly believe that since finding Backroads. Ed Krajsky Leader since I'm not what one would consider a "typical" Backroads leader.

Meet Our Trip Leaders | Backroads

For one thing I'm older, I got a Father's Day card from the other new leaders during trainingI'm married, have a full-time job as a hotel manager and a son in college.

I end up working a number of trips in the summer in an area I love and a region where I live. While in college, I had the opportunity to work a summer in Yellowstone National Park.

meet and greet one direction 2014 uk roster

That one summer has turned into a lifetime. I met my wife while working here and we were fortunate enough to raise our son in the shadow of the Tetons.

Backroads started out as one of my best hotel customers. Their guests would stay or meet at our hotel before heading off on their adventure. One week later, they would return jubilant and I would watch the guests hugging, crying and laughing as they said their goodbyes: One of the greatest things about my job at Backroads is working with my fellow leaders.

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I'm convinced there isn't a better, more dedicated, hardworking, talented group of fun-loving people anywhere. Working at Backroads, not only have I have found a unique job fit for my lifestyle but I've found my own little fountain of youth. I am much younger now than when I started with Backroads.

Chelsey Funis Leader since A few years ago while running my first half marathon, I stumbled across a quote written on the back of a woman's shirt that read, "One day I won't be able to do this.

Today is not that day. Like most kids, I was always active growing up. I participated in competitive gymnastics for 14 years, skied with my family during the winter and spent summers at the lake or romping through the woods with friends.

But school and learning were also things I really enjoyed and I dedicated a lot of time to. It wasn't until I turned 18 that I realized how passionate I was about being outside and connecting with nature in an active, adventurous way.

Once I had that realization, I hit the ground running.

meet and greet one direction 2014 uk roster

I took up scuba diving, alpine climbing and earned my motorcycle license so I could tour cross country with my dad. Soon after graduating from the University of Washington with a B. I thought it was my dream job. Over time, I realized how much of my personal life I was sacrificing in order to accommodate the corporate schedule. I felt like I was ignoring the quote from the race that had so inspired me.

As an active person spending my days inside a cubicle, I experienced a relentless game of emotional tug of war, "The weather looks perfect for a climb up Mount Shuksan this weekend, but I really need to meet this deadline by Monday.

After hearing about Backroads and the Trip Leader position through my mom, I decided to go for it. With several seasons behind me, I can truly say I've never been happier. Of course, it's still work and I still feel challenged but the job has given me the freedom to put into motion a lifestyle I had always envisioned for myself but never thought would become a reality. I love being active each day, traveling, studying local culture and traditions, and meeting inspiring people along the way.

Abdul Faqir Leader since In I had my first opportunity to travel abroad. Little did I know that this trip to Germany would forever change my outlook on life. Never had I been to such a different place, with a different language and culture.

Never had I walked down streets with names I couldn't pronounce. With this first step away from my security blanket, everything changed for me. I wanted to know the world and touch the lives of others in it.

From that moment on, I was set on becoming a globetrotter. My parents sent me on my next adventure: After that it was a high school Spanish language program in Guatemala, followed by college studies in Mexico and Spain. In I wanted more of a connection with the people in my travels so I applied to the Ministry of Education in Chile to teach English. There I fell in love with the outdoors: I felt at home even though I was thousands of miles away.

My parents wanted me to have a plethora of opportunities so they made sure doors were open and helped me put that first travelling foot forward. Twelve years after my parents sent me to study in Barcelona I found my way to Backroads. Backroads is a composite of all the people I've come across from all the different walks of earthly life.

Here at Backroads we're able to take diverse people into different places we love, and share with them more than just the scenery. We form relationships with the local guides, the snack-cart families and various other folks we meet.

We get to share their stories as well as our own. It's incredible and makes each trip all the more memorable. I grew up less than a mile from the Backroads home office and upon my first step inside their walls I felt at home.

Having played in numerous bands with varying degrees of failure, Luke established a music production company in Bristol before a change of direction lead to a career in law. Luke represents entertainment and music clients in all areas of IP law, advising on contracts to trade marks and everything in between. Having got to know many of the board members during the AmericanaFest in Nashville, Luke is delighted to join the board and is looking forward to helping promote the great music and people involved with the AMAUK.

Luke is an avid music fan and continues to write and record whenever work, family and life in general permit.

meet and greet one direction 2014 uk roster

She worked her way up to Head of PR within the organisation, looking after communications and supporting policy work, education and skills initiatives and the diversity agenda. Born and raised in Northern Ireland, Lynne grew up listening to Americana and Country from a young age.

Prior to working in the music industry Charlie spent the first eleven years of her career in the City of London working in Asset Management where she specialised in distribution and project management. Charlie is currently writing a book centered around changing career and her experience in the music business.

Charlie is honored to be given the opportunity to join the board and add her experience to help further develop the Americana Music Association UK. Rolling out a new visual identity, the successful launch of consumer platform OfficialCharts. During this time he became the publicist for acclaimed venue Belcourt Taps, for which he promoted nightly songwriters events.

He is artist manager for rising UK singer-songwriter Reiss Davis and provides consulting for artists in the country and Americana scene. DHP is also the leading promoter of metropolitan festivals in the UK, with multiple award winning Dot to Dot Festival now in its 13th year. Ethan Johns has released two of his own albums in the last three years. Her current release is Trouble and Love, and she is touring the world with it.

Her record Mercy Now was named in the top 5 records of the decade by No Depression magazine. InNora Guthrie, daughter of the late folk legend Woody, invited Billy to set a treasure trove of his unsung lyrics to music, which he did in collaboration with US alt-rock stars Wilco. He moved to London in and left in and has lived in Suffolk ever since. Bob has been a booking agent since and in formed his own agency BPA Live. He looks forward to forging more links with like-minded souls and having fun!

She worked with Folkworks as a consultant on its initial lottery bid for The Sage Gateshead, devising sample non-classical music programmes including folk. She brings fourteen years of well rounded programming and venue management experience to the Board, including a stint in Glasgow during which time she worked with Celtic Connections to produce the Nordic Nights folk music series.

Sarah Wainman Sarah joined the board in having met when volunteering at popular roots venue Green Note in Camden, using her background in event management to help the board deliver and development events offered to members.