Long distance relationship story 2014 movies

Top 10 Long Distance Relationship Movies

long distance relationship story 2014 movies

These movies are all about love sucking, relationships failing, and why it's better to be on your own. Relationships are shit, and long-distance relationships are even more shit, but James . Waiting to Exhale tells the story of four successful and stunning best friends who keep wasting . Echo Park (). We should be grateful for having a long distance relationship, because we're special and our love stories are special which by the way. Away From 'Her': The Ultimate Long-Distance Relationship On paper, most of Jonze's films seem easily classifiable for families, Being John Malkovich is a comedic fantasy for adults, and Her is a love story. . #1 Club (4); Movies ( 29); Movies (34); Movies (28); Movies (34);

Film Review: ‘Long Distance’

But this opening also showcases the endearing sense of humour the film has, particularly from Sergi, who teeters on mean-spiritedness with his well-meaning sarcasm. They're immediately identifiable in their mids joys, hopes and dilemmas, and they're the only characters we'll see on screen throughout the film. Everyone else is but a blurred out face. The length of that opening shot is key to the rhythm of the film. There isn't much of a narrative besides the abstract form of their relationship's turbulence and so once Alex is in Los Angeles the structure becomes very fragmented into daily sections, some lasting less than a minute.

It truly captures the isolation and the way time flies waiting without progress. But it also captures the warmth couples feel as they interact via Skype in a sincere way while still having natural friction. Every little freeze of the program feels ideally orchestrated by Marques-Marcet as it feeds into the spontaneity and sensitivity of the performances. It takes a little to upset the balance. There's an interesting idea about the physicality of their online relationship when Alex visits the server farms of Silicon Valley and contemplates about how their relationship has been stored in 1s and 0s somewhere there.

It raises fascinating questions about subjective representation, something that anyone who's met an online friend can confirm. For something that matters to most to people — romance — something that feels the most real, is only a simulation of a feeling.

It's easy to project feelings on someone whose not there, which the characters feel often. It's bolstered by Alex's role as a photographer, as she takes artistic representations of things, and her photos of camouflaged antennas are our only hint to her job. It digs its fingers under the anxiety of romance being artificial under the circumstances and studies it gently, pulsating through the character's actions.

long distance relationship story 2014 movies

I'd always known her since I saw About A Boy upon its release and didn't recognize her until halfway through the film. She's tender and visceral in the best way. Both performances are perfectly measured and restrained until they reach their respective explosive points.

long distance relationship story 2014 movies

Every little thing builds and builds and you can read everything they feel in just their expressions. David Verdageur appears to channel last year's Oscar Isaac's Llewyn Davis, not only in the bearded look but the subdued disgruntled temperament with the sense of humour. However, he makes it his own and his contradictions lead our opinion to constantly fluctuate but ultimately sympathize with him. They deservedly won the acting duo award at this year's SXSW festival.

Jonze makes a pretty convincing argument, with one foot in the future and one planted firmly in the present. We want to know more.

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She has desires of her own, which grow more complex as the film unfolds. She is always available to talk to or play with him. She is pretty low-maintenance, as girlfriends go. And Theodore finds himself falling for her, which seems rather reasonable under the circumstances.

Has our connection with technology made it more difficult to feel connections with each other? Smart phones have made our lives so easy and breezy that suddenly, the needs and neuroses of another human become awfully inconvenient in comparison. We never learn who created Samantha, nor what lead to her creation.

Presumably, there are a lot of moral debates circling around the media. A human life must look awfully small to an endlessly intelligent being capable of reading a book in under a second and engaging in thousands of conversations at the same time. It raises all sorts of questions about technology and humanity, and how the two are merging, and what the effects will be. Nothing that happens in the movie is terribly alarming, but it left me deeply unsettled just the same.

If an artificial intelligence can do all this, what good are humans? Watching it is a cold and somewhat alienating experience, probably intentionally so. And though are many people walking around in the background, somehow just about everyone in it seems terribly lonely. There are many, many places this story could have gone, and I might have liked to see at least a few of them. Despite the heady subject matter and heavy tone, Her is also pretty funny, with comedy coming from unexpected sources.

long distance relationship story 2014 movies