Chicago style meet 2014 results

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chicago style meet 2014 results

Chicago Style Classic which played host to well over 4, results of this meet impressed our coaching staff AA at the Chicago Style Meet. Way to Go T!. 3/11/, Meet the Cyclone Gymnasts: Courtney Middelkoop, Gymnastics. 3/10/ 2/12/, Iowa State Back on Road at IGI Chicago Style Meet, Gymnastics. Avoid the hassle and lines at check-in by taking advantage of the Pre-event packet pick-up on Thurs., July 12th from pm at Academy Sports in Topeka.

The integrity of a write-up is more often than not measured by the existence of sources of information that should be cited accordingly. Among the various formatting styles, there is the Chicago style of referencing. This style traces its origin toand is a brainchild of The Chicago University Press; it boasts of seventeen editions which have been released over the years to address the emerging trends as far as the proper formatting and citation of work is concerned.

According to the Chicago Manual of Style Citation, there exist two ways of formatting using this style; namely, the author-date and the notes and bibliography styles.

Notes and Bibliography The notes and bibliography format is commonly known as NB style among its major users. Retrieved 14 Junefrom https: A footnote appears at the end of each page whereas an endnote is added at the end of a chapter. It is important to note that these have to be used in order to fully meet the requirements of Chicago formatting style. There are instances where one opts not to have a bibliography in a document.

chicago style meet 2014 results

In such cases, the notes in text carry all essential information for the sources referred to. However, under normal circumstances, all relevant details will be found in the bibliography section.

chicago style meet 2014 results

When citing a source for the first time, the following details have to be present: There are times when one is forced to create a shorter citation especially if the source has already been cited within the research paper; the last name, a shortened title and page number are preferably used.

The Chicago style bibliography entails elements whose presence gives the document the authenticity to avoid unfortunate issues like plagiarism. The name of the author, title, publication year and the publishing house are just some of the parameters bibliography ought to have.

Chicago Style Format: - A Research Guide for Students

Name — according to this formatting style the name of the author is inverted so that their last name precedes the first name e. Burtons Beers is cited as Beers Burton. Title — Titles of journals and book sources should be written in italics whereas those of other sources like poems and articles are written with quotation marks. In the event an online source is used for reference, details like the URL and dates when the source was accessed are to be indicated to create a trustworthy bibliography, which is free from plagiarism.

It is key to note that annotated bibliographies also exist as far as Chicago style is concerned. The 36 participants in the Nastia Liukin Cup are selected through the Nastia Liukin Cup Series, which features 26 of the country's top gymnastics invitationals held throughout the United States.

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A total of 18 junior and 18 senior gymnasts will advance to the Nastia Liukin Cup. Senior athletes must be 16 years of age or older, and junior athletes must be 15 or younger.

The last Nastia Liukin Cup qualifiers will be determined at five invitationals held just two weeks before the Nastia Liukin Cup. The remaining invitationals participating in the Cup Series are listed below with the number of qualifiers in parentheses.

chicago style meet 2014 results

Gliders Invitational, Ontario, Calif. Chicago Style, Chicago, Ill. Greensboro Gymnastics Invitational, Greensboro, N. Charity Choice Invitational, Tacoma, Wash. Magical Classic, Orlando, Fla. Excalibur Cup, Virginia Beach, Va. Presidential Classic, Orlando, Fla.

Gymnasts who compete in the Nastia Liukin Cup will receive a Nastia Liukin-designed leotard and a warm-up from GK Elite; two tickets to the Nastia Liukin Cup; and the opportunity to meet Liukin and participate in a team photo.

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Tickets for the Nastia Liukin Cup may be purchased through ticketmaster. For more information, go to nastialiukincup. Past sites for the Nastia Liukin Cup are: