2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

Honda Valkyrie GLC Review

2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

The honda gold wing valkyrie is a modern cruiser that has all it needs To enhance the motorcycle's performances, the Valkyrie's engine is Here's the formula: Take Honda's legendary cc flat six and build it into the ultimate cruiser—powerful, awe-inspiring and like no other. Loads of torque?. The Valkyrie starts with the Gold Wing chassis and cc Honda says that the torque peak is down at 4, rpm, and that the horsepower peak rear wheels add a touch more cornering clearance to the equation. Now for , the Valkyrie takes that unmistakable swagger to a whole new level . It's a winning formula: Take a legendary machine, strip it down to the bare engine that produces ground-shaking torque and an unmistakable.

When you try to do that, you realize that the Valkyrie needs to take its time, a bit, when it comes to changing directions. The bike will start to understeer slightly when you try to mimic a sport bike. Nevertheless, for the category of motorcycle the Valkyrie fits into, it handles extremely well.

2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

It provides confidence and holds a line well through bumpy turns. The ergonomics may or may not suit Gold Wing enthusiasts.

Honda Valkyrie — First Official Photos and Specs

The pegs are relatively high and forward, providing a more aggressive platform that will be unfamiliar to Gold Wing riders. Nevertheless, it proved a comfortable perch for our miles in the saddle in Southern California yesterday.

2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

Honda went to the trouble to tune the intake and exhaust notes on the Valkyrie to provide a lower rumble at low rpm levels, and a throatier shriek at high rpm levels. As far as we could tell, they achieved their goal, but we would like to ride the bike outside of a tight group of journalists to further assess this. The LCD instrumentation is thorough, and it has 5 levels of adjustable brightness so that it can be tuned to be legible in bright sunlight.

Valkyrie Development Story - Gold Wing Valkyrie - Honda News

A very useful feature. The Valkyrie is fast. This engine is flexible with a broad spread of thrust. Honda says that the torque peak is down at 4, rpm, and that the horsepower peak arrives at 5, rpm. In practice, gear selection is far less important on the Valkyrie than it is on many other motorcycles when it comes to corner exit performance.

Often two, and sometimes as many as three, gears will do the job well. Vibration is never an issue on this bike, which remains silky smooth at all rpm levels. The Valkyrie has aggressive, forward-looking styling. Honda knows that it is pushing the envelope with some of their new styling exercises, and certainly must know that it will leave behind a good deal of the aging demographic that clings to the Gold Wing platform.

Nevertheless, Honda needs new riders drawn to that platform, and the radically styled, high performance Valkyrie might turn that trick. One thing that is not in question, however, is the polished, refined nature of the Valkyrie. Raw, aggressive acceleration in a package that is possibly the most tested, refined mechanical system in the motorcycle universe. The Valkyrie performs exactly as the Honda faithful expect.

If the radical new styling hits home, Honda will have another hit on its hands. An ABS brake system is only available as an option on the Black model.

2014 Honda Valkyrie — First Official Photos and Specs

Take a legendary machine, strip it down to the essentials to shed pounds, wrap it in minimalist bodywork and power it with an engine that produces ground-shaking torque and an unmistakable six-cylinder howl.

With an awe-inspiring power-to-weight ratio, aluminum twin-spar frame and suspension system tuned for serious riders, the Valkyrie is all about unparalleled performance and style, and it also includes modern touches: Unique knock-control sensors monitor for knock to improve performance. The handlebar is set 1.

2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

ABS model available in Black only. Three-year warranty begins on the day accessories are purchased by the customer. Accessories subject to change. Bigger ABS brakes provide the stopping power while one-inch taller wheels and repositioned footpegs increase cornering clearance. At a full lbs less than a Gold Wing, the Valkyrie really hauls and it looks good doing it with LED lights throughout, minimalist bodywork, blacked out engine, shorty exhaust and removable passenger seat.

2014 honda valkyrie horsepower and torque relationship

Power, handling and performance with long distance comfort and a unique style all its own, the new Valkyrie is destined for greatness. It also needed to provide epic, unforgettable drive from low rpm in top gear and offer up super-smooth throttle response everywhere in the rev-range. Bore and stroke is set at 74 mm x 71 mm, with compression ratio of 9. Location of the radiators proved an interesting challenge, as they could not be front mounted.

Side mounting was the natural solution with airflow managed by optimized channeling within the side cowls. Over 10 exhaust systems were prototyped during development, with countless internal structures and end-caps. The engineers were searching for a perfectly balanced exhaust note with dual personality — a throaty growl at low-rpm and high-pitched crescendo at maximum rpm.

In the end they were very satisfied with their efforts, and the result. The left hand muffler has a slightly larger 3.

Honda Valkyrie Rune 1800cc Flat 6 Cylinders, The Valkyrie Ride

For improved environmental performance in addition to the air injection system reducing the oxidation reaction of unburned gases, the Honda Evolution Catalysing System 3 HECS3 employs a three-way catalytic process and ensures greatly reduced nitrogen oxide, hydrocarbon and carbon monoxide output levels. The 45 mm telescopic forks are matched to a Honda Multi-Action System HMAS monoshock that can be adjusted manually for spring preload; it works through Pro-Link on the single-sided aluminum swingarm.

Overall dimensions are 2, mm L x mm W x 1, mm H with wheelbase of 1, mm. Wide, rubber-mounted swept-back handlebars provide leverage and control.