Planet zero meet 2012

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planet zero meet 2012

Meeting the Aichi targets: Pushing for zero extinction conservation The planet's biological–ecological, physical and chemical systems are . (), the effective conservation of all AZE sites is “by definition essential to. Meeting the Challenge of Major Sports Events Richard Holt, Dino Ruta has the capacity to stage outdoor events for up to 20, people (LLDC, c). that all the new homes will meet the government«s Zero Carbon definition. in designing the concept of the One Planet Games, but it features only fleetingly in. 8 reviews of Planet Zero - CLOSED "As a regular here, I enjoy their selection of games Its also a great spot for car meets, where import and domestic motor 7 /11/ 1 check-in. Planet Zero was a Japanese arcade, which marketed itself .

planet zero meet 2012

The big three automakers actually were delighted when something went wrong with a car, as long as it was out of warranty. If enough things failed on a car, then the customer would bring it to the dealership and trade it for a new one.

This strategy even had a name: About two years after Dad bought his new Caddy, right on schedule, those emblems would fall off. This "defect" provided a pretty big NIC for my Dad a negative, immediate, and certain consequence. I'm not sure what else went wrong on Dad's car, but soon enough, he headed for the dealership to swap for a new car a very big PIC for both him and me!

Strange as it may seem, this strategy of building poor quality into a product was a PFC positive, future, certain consequence for the major U.

planet zero meet 2012

As you might imagine, Deming's words of wisdom fell on deaf ears at the Big 3. That's why he went to Japan. The Japanese who were looking for ways to grab U. Needless to say, the Japanese taught U. When a factory produces a part that is defective and fails to meet specifications, then the part must be either scrapped or reworked. Or, worse yet, it ships to the customer, creating an unhappy customer who eventually stops buying the product.

Any of these options is expensive and wasteful. Deming taught that quality should be measured at every step in the process. Rather than get the car fully assembled and counting defects at the end of the line, every step in the assembly process needed to have statistical analysis to see whether the process was in control or out of control. Hence the name "Statistical Process Control. Measuring quality now involves hundreds and sometimes thousands of interim checks to be sure quality standards are met at each and every part of the product's birth cycle.

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How does all this relate to safety? I remember being at Boeing with a talented group of leaders, and I told them I had a crazy idea for them. Instead of spending so much money on quality assurance personnel and quality testing for their aircraft, I suggested they might fire their whole quality department and save a lot of money.

In its place, they should put up posters, hand out T-shirts that say "Zero Defects: Our Goal," and tell the employees to "Build a good quality plane! Can Boeing run their company this way?

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What do you think? Can you run your company this way? Everyone agrees it would be impossible to run a company this way; quality is something that must be integrated with production every step of the way.

But that is exactly how we run safety today in most companies. What is our incidence rate? Did we have any fatalities?

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Did we get our safety award bonus? Accidents are simply another kind of defect -- a deviation from the standard of perfection. My good friend Kenny Sawyer says that companies with injuries "rehearse those injuries thousands of time until they get them right. All too often, these at-risk behaviors are ignored due to the perceived importance of production and profits.

planet zero meet 2012

In light of all this, I would like to suggest a better slogan for your next company T-shirt and poster campaign: NASA scientists seeking answers to those questions recently revealed their discovery. Of these, 68 are approximately Earth-size; are super-Earth-size; are Neptune-size; are the size of Jupiter and 19 are larger than Jupiter. Of the 54 new planet candidates found in the habitable zone, five are near Earth-sized.

The remaining 49 habitable zone candidates range from super-Earth size - up to twice the size of Earth - to larger than Jupiter. The findings are based on the results of observations conducted May 12 to Sept. If you account for those two factors, our results indicate there must be millions of planets orbiting the stars that surround our sun.

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It's looking like the galaxy may be littered with many planets. The Earth's density is in between. Kepler, a space telescope, looks for planet signatures by measuring tiny decreases in the brightness of stars caused by planets crossing in front of them - this is known as a transit. Since transits of planets in the habitable zone of sun-like stars occur about once a year and require three transits for verification, it is expected to take three years to locate and verify Earth-size planets orbiting sun-like stars.

The Kepler science team uses ground-based telescope and the Spitzer Space Telescope to perform follow-up observations on planetary candidates and other objects of interest found with the spacecraft.

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