Mitt romney meet the press 2012 electoral votes

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mitt romney meet the press 2012 electoral votes

Mitt Romney continued to urge his party to support someone other than Donald Trump for president. During an interview on "Meet the Press", Romney said. “I' m going to be voting, but I'll vote for someone on the ballot that I think is Back in , when Trump endorsed the Romney, Romney said that the. Mitt Romney's failed bid for president did net him one Matthews: Arithmetic, percentages made all the difference in , 12/10/12, PM ET “There are 47 percent of the people who will vote for the president no matter what Jill Kelley in a call about the media crews outside her home when. US election Barack Obama and Mitt Romney tie in the polls or ahead in these battleground states," he told NBC's Meet The Press.

Romney won the Michigan primary narrowly, and won the Arizona primary by a wide margin.

mitt romney meet the press 2012 electoral votes

Republican Party vice presidential candidates, Vote share for Romney, by county. Darker colors mean higher voter percentage.

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Black indicates no votes were cast for Romney. As a result, Santorum dropped out on April After Romney won the April 24 Delaware primary, Gingrich dropped out on May 2 in a move that was seen as an end to the nomination contest and resulted in the Republican Party declaring Romney the presumptive nominee.

While Ron Paul never officially dropped out, he stopped campaigning on May By Aprilin the absence of viable alternatives to Romney for the Republican nomination, polls showed Romney gaining on Obama's earlier double-digit lead in a hypothetical head-to-head general election contest. The subsequent accumulation of the state's delegates was enough to secure Romney the party's nomination assuming at least 34 unpledged delegates voted for him, which was very likely.

After wins in California and several smaller states on June 5, Romney exceeded pledged delegates, giving him absolute certainty of the nomination and making the June 26th Utah Primary, the last contest of the cycle, purely symbolic. In July Romney described an Obama recess appointment as "Chicago-style politics at its worst," introducing the meme into the rhetoric of the campaign [84] [85] [86] [87] [ undue weight?

Technical edge A first-class ground operation in required leading-edge technology, and here also an early gap opened between Obama and Romney. The goal was to create the political equivalent of a Facebook or Twitter, a platform that would change the way presidential campaigns are run.

mitt romney meet the press 2012 electoral votes

As Reed assembled his team, he insisted on being given leeway to hire some of the best techies in the country, from Facebook, Craigslist, Twitter. Moreover, he insisted the team be largely internal, rather than have the enterprise be divided up among outside consultants. This time, Reed and his team created a successor that they named Gordon, after the person who punched Houdini in the stomach shortly before the magician died.

mitt romney meet the press 2012 electoral votes

Separately, the Obama team created a system called Narwahl, named after an Arctic whale, which linked disparate computer programs together.

Moffatt came from the world of politics, had worked at the Republican National Committee and had long believed Romney would be the best GOP candidate for president. Moffatt played catch-up from the start.

He had 14 people working for him in the primaries and then, around May 1, he submitted a general election plan that required at least people and would eventually have Obama was far ahead.

mitt romney meet the press 2012 electoral votes

Moffatt recalled his assignment in daunting terms: For example, one of the highest priorities was a Facebook app that would enable the Romney campaign to locate voters who otherwise could not be found by telephone. By some estimates, half of younger voters do not have a landline or cannot be reached by cellphone. Three weeks before Election Day, the app was unveiled by the campaign and downloaded by 40, Romney supporters. There was only one problem.

For months, he had worried that the Romney campaign would find a way to present its candidate in a compelling fashion. But as far as Axelrod could tell, the Romney campaign had no such strategy. His governorship was important to him, but his signature achievement [health care] was unhelpful to them in the Republican primary.

My feeling is you have to build a candidacy on the foundation of biography. That is what authenticates your message. I was always waiting for that happen. Romney had been weakened by assaults from fellow GOP candidates during the primaries. Myers wondered if the Romney campaign should invest in a direct response.

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In campaign postmortems, Republicans have been criticized for spending too much on advertising compared with Democrats, even as some reports said Obama was able to book television spots more cheaply, run more ads in key states, and reach key voters more effectively.

As a result, Obama purchased ads on channels such as TV Land and Hallmark that were watched by voters who rarely saw news programs where ads often appear. Stevens said the criticism of the Romney ad strategy is misguided. When advertising by the campaigns is compared, he said, Obama spent twice as much as Romney.

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Instead, prime-time viewers saw Clint Eastwood pretending to talk to Obama in an empty chair. He called it the Manhattan Project. So Romney proposed months of intense preparation, with 16 mock debates.

That left the impression that Romney was referring not just to people on welfare but also to recipients of Social Security and veterans benefits. His poll numbers plummeted. If the Manhattan Project was ever needed, it was now. Obama unprepared Obama played right into the strategy. After some lethargic rehearsals, in which Senator John F. Kerry of Massachusetts played the Romney role, Obama never mentioned the 47 percent controversy during the first debate.

The president skipped at least two practice sessions at which he was going to review material. Obama seemed as unready as Romney was ready. The Mitt Romney they saw in debates was articulate, thoughtful, and had a plan. Stevens, however, thought money for late advertising was important. Why had Obama spent so heavily during the primaries when he had no primary opponent?

In Florida, for example, the Romney campaign said it had fewer than staff members on the ground, a huge commitment of its total of nationwide. But the Obama campaign had staff in Florida out of 3, or so nationwide. Indeed, in swing state after swing state, the Obama field team was much bigger than the Romney troops. In Florida,more Hispanics voted than four years earlier.