Episode 10 tmnt 2012 meet

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episode 10 tmnt 2012 meet

The first season of Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles aired on Nickelodeon from September 29, . 10, 10, "Panic in the Sewers", Alan Wan, Jeremy Shipp, November 24, (), , While away from the group, Leonardo meets a female Foot Ninja named Karai, who tries . "Episode 38 Guest: Nolan North". Classic 80s TMNT To Meet Current Turtles In Epic Cross Over Episode Mutant Ninja Turtles in a new totally tubular cross-over episode Not Another Discouraging Trailer From The New TMNT Animated SeriesJuly 23, In "TV" Best Obscure Graphic Novels That Everyone Should Read · Top With that, here are CBR's 16 reasons why the TMNT is the best ever. . 10 Things Most Fans Don't Know About Sabrina's Cat, Salem Japanese culture is prominent in nearly every episode (save for the season where.

Leonardo steps between them. Take it eas-" A laser blast fires in front of us, which we dodge. A giant man body with a brain inside jumps up to us.

This is supposed to be Krang? The Kraang are letting me go home. I just have to make a few amends, and Dimension X, here I come! So this guy is a part of the Kraang? I wonder why he's here… wait…Amelia and I growl. Raphael uses his sai to cut open a fire extinguisher, which knocks Krang back. I punch him in the shoulder. Michelangelo uses a rope to trip Krang. They get hit by a laser and we help them up.

Raph tries to run after him, but it's already too late. Now we're stuck in this dimension, probably forever," Donnie replies.

This is the other Amy? She's smoking," Michelangelo says. Their counterparts crowd me and I cough uncomfortably. Leo looked like steam was about to come out of his head.

Raphael wolf whistles at me. Raph, Mikey, and Donnie laugh at this and Amelia glares at them. They turn to their counterparts. I sigh in relief.

Oh, thank goodness…no matter where I go, someone always flirts with me. All we have to do is hone in on Krang's dimensional coordinates, and yes!

He gestures to it with a smile. How does that even work? That doesn't make sense! I wouldn't question it…this adventure is already weird enough already, since I'm seeing eight turtles. When we land on the ground, the guys land on top of me.

episode 10 tmnt 2012 meet

I roll my eyes and stand up, brushing dirt off of my skirt. Wait…I'm my normal self again! I look up to see buildings. We're back in New York City! Our counterparts jump out of the portal, this time in a different form. We're like, more solid or something," Michelangelo replies. It's like science fiction! They see a pizza boy and was about to walk up to him, but we pull them back. We have to live in the shadows, like, you know, real ninjas," Raph retorts.

We run across the rooftops. As long as Krang is carrying portal tech, I can track him like Michelangelo sniffing out pizza," Donatello answers. I keep getting us all confused, bro," Mikey replies. Amelia and I give each other a look before we jump over to them. Up there on the Channel 6 building! Leo pulls out a telescope. It looks like he's planting some sort of bomb. Probably the Dimensionizer thing!

I squint and cover my eyes to see Krang planting something. Everyone else, take down that creep! You don't give orders to my team, okay? I'm the order guy. The others push past him, heading for Krang. I giggle a bit and he uses his grappling hook to join the others. Amelia rolls her eyes but then smirks. My eyes widen and I turn to her. She laughs and holds up her hands in surrender. I cross my arms with a glare before we jump over to them. Not when I was about to unleash my master stroke!

I hate that, it's disgusting… Both Donnies try to grab the bomb. He grows larger and my eyes widen. Now we have to deal with an even bigger idiot," Raphael complains. Donatello pulls it out just in time before Krang fired a laser at him. Mikey pushes his counterpart away. Krang grabs both Leos and hits their heads together. He steps on them. We run over to them and push Krang's foot up. Both Raphs and I push Krang to the floor. I help Leo up. The rest of us jump on Krang and step on his face.

You'll never disarm it in time! He starts to fly into it. Amelia punches him in the shoulder. What was that for?! Raphael grumbles and crosses his arms. She reminds me of someone… "Well, at least we have his Dimensionizer thing," Donatello says. We look down at the bomb.


Looks like some kind of anti-matter weapon. If this thing goes off, it could wipe out our entire dimension. We got to defuse it back at my lab, now! We get to go back home? We walk inside while Raph warns our counterparts to stay outside. It's like we never left…I smile as I look around. Leo takes my hand and I smile at him. My eyes widen and I turn to see Splinter.

Oh my god… "Sensei! Splinter smiles before giving a confused look. I look to see Leonardo. This lair is rockin'! I slap my forehead. We all wince and close our eyes.

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And tall, too," Leonardo tells us. Donnie cringes and turns to Splinter. Lighten up a little, man," Raphael answers. I groan and hold my head. This is giving me a major headache… Splinter turns to Leo and I. Now," he tells us. I sigh and we follow Splinter.

Why are you so sad?

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Leo looks at me and I close my eyes in response. It's…" Leo looks at Splinter. I immediately knew what he was talking about. I look at Splinter and a memory flashes in my head. I turn around… To see Shredder's blades in Splinter's chest. I gasp and cover my mouth, tears threatening to fall out. I look away from Splinter so I wouldn't have to see that again.

It's just-this will sound crazy. The present… isn't really the present, Sensei. We're actually living six months in the-" a scream from Donnie's lab interrupts us. This is bad, guys. This is really bad! And they're rigged to go off in nine minutes! So there's three of them?! You guys helped us, and now we're gonna help you.

Donnies, uh, what do we do? And the first one is here," Donatello tells us, and a portal opens to reveal their world. On top of the same skyscraper, but in your dimension. Amelia slaps her forehead. We look at Splinter. Do what needs to be done," he tells us. Let's just go," Leo orders in annoyance. We look at Splinter for what could be the last time. I glance at Leo and he nods. I run up to Splinter and hug him. He hugs me back.

I sniff, tears in my eyes. I let go of him and Leo takes my hand. I look at Splinter as we walk through the portal. When we are past it, I see Kraang surrounding us. And I was having such a great day," Raphael says. We all look at him. We got you surrounded. I hacked your stupid portal and brought you here. Oh, I forgot you're the dumb one," Kraang Subprime answers. I growl before one of them grabs Donatello's Portal Ray. I sigh and we all put our hands up in the air.

Krang walks up out of nowhere. I told you not to bring the Turtles, Blondie, and Pinkie here! Krang turns to us. So wait, we're in the Technodrome, but from his dimension? This day is starting to get confusing… "You did good, cousin! We banished you 'cause you're a screw-up, but you made up for it! While they talk, the Turtles from my dimension and I take out the Kraang. Turtle Pow-" Leo looks at Leonardo with fire in his eyes. I giggle at this.

Amelia rolls her eyes. We charge at Krang and Kraang Subprime. Raph takes the Kraang down. Back off, ugly Kraang dude! I jump up and kick Kraang Subprime away and I help Michelangelo up. Everyone remembers the android-controlling alien as one of the Turtles' most powerful foes, and the series amped him up to insane levels.

They took bits of the lore from each of the Turtles incarnations, expanding them to a full species of hive-mind-esque aliens known simply as The Kraang. The Kraang were once a relatively peaceful species known as the Utrom. They were taken over by a scientist known as Kraang, who used mutagen to make himself larger and to give himself psychic abilities. He used his power to take hold of most of his species and named them after himself.

In this incarnation, the Kraang are responsible for the mutagen that created the Turtles and all other mutants in the series. They serve as antagonists for the first few seasons both as their own threat and as allies of the Foot Clan. All three originated in the comics — though Karai would come later — and have gone through many different interpretations. Not many people know that April was originally a scientist, not a teenage reporter. Casey Jones, instead of being a gruff and buff vigilante, is reimagined as an overconfident teenager, who thinks he's indestructible enough to become a crime-fighter.

He's lanky and egotistical and exactly what an actual teenaged hockey player would be like as a vigilante. The last of the supporting teens is of course Karai, who is depicted as Hamato Yoshi and Tang Shen's daughter, who was adopted, or rather kidnapped, by Shredder after Tang Shen's death.

Shredder raised her as his own, teaching her the ways of the foot so that she could destroy her own father. Luckily, Kurai chose to side with the Turtles after learning of her true father.

episode 10 tmnt 2012 meet

The setup is somewhat convoluted, as it starts with time travel, mixes in dimension-hopping, and ends with time-clones. It's a great crossover that showcases the Turtles in a 3D rendered style, and the Turtles in 2D. The Mirage Comics versions even manage to make a quick cameo. Together, the eight turtles save the day and the Turtles even leave Mikey with a new catchphrase, the classic "Cowabunga! Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles as a concept is strange, plain and simple.

Just look at that name, four things you thought you'd never see together somehow became a worldwide phenomenon. The original series got weird, and upon rewatching it, some fans might find that the weirdness was not very cohesive story-wise, and was usually a method to sell new toys.

While the is still a means to sell playsets at times, the weirdness in it acts as both a tribute to the cartoon and the general nature of the characters, and as strong plot-devices and story pillars. This of course only happens after the Triceratons manage to destroy Earth, forcing the Turtles to travel back in time six months in order to steal the earth-destroying device before it can be used.