Clara meet 2012 iba zambales

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clara meet 2012 iba zambales

Iba, Zambales. All levels The Municipality of Palauig, Zambales experienced power interruption Rosario. Grem Village, Brgy. San. Roque. Gov. Pascual, Ma. Clara .. Alert and Response Procedures dated 04 April to all PCG units Meeting and Video Conferencing with NDRRMC EOC for TY. Zambales. .. PHIC Iba LHIO. December 15 . Clara. Maidens and bachelors who want to find spouses can also dance for mates. Farmers . Chicken Meat. , Average. Aurora. Crystal Beach Resort is conveniently located in Zambales ( hours drive from Manila) and offers different accommodation types and necessities, from.

Paul of Chartres - with uniforms at that. I was really awed by that transformation, and the uncertainties facing me as a pioneering student, was a cause for concern. I will be meeting new faces — both teachers and students alike. And I guess, in hindsight that was pretty tough for any young kid from out of town. When we started in Grade III, there were 15 of us — 5 boys and 10 girls.

By the time we finished Grade VI, our tribe increased to 22 - 7 boys and 15 girls. I had been asked what the impact of SAS on me was. Immediately, my answer was on the way I write. They have what they call the Paulinian way of writing. This was really a big deal for me because my handwriting looks more like chicken scratches than any semblance of written communication.

Hell, I can pass for a doctor with my kind of handwriting. But after three years at St. Augustine, my handwriting improved massively, except that after five minutes, even I cannot read it anymore.

Let me give you a brief history in case you did not attend the briefing as you entered the halls of this august school. Who are the Sisters of St. The Sisters of St. Paul was founded inby Fr. Louis Chauvet, parish priest of Levesville-la-Chenard, a little village in the region of Beauce, some 80 kilometers southeast of Paris — not by the apostle St.

This was the time of the French revolution and the guillotine. He did this through education and this was made possible through the help of Marie Anne de Tilly; the first teacher of the school, Marie Michaeu, and the first superior Barbe Foucault. Since their first mission was education, and since this was the Renaissance period, it will only be natural that their style of writing will be Baroque.

I find this rather amusing because the Cathedral of Chartres, which made them famous, is really Gothic in style — rather than Baroque. The Sisters were later on given a house in the suburb of St.

And so, the St. Paul of Chartres may refer to Msgr. Paul Godet, who is not a Saint. It can also refer to the apostle St. Paul because the Sisters of St. Paul lived their lives according to the gospel of St. Paul is not from Chartres. It is considered one of the finest examples of the French High Gothic style. The current cathedral, most likely constructed between andis one of at least five which has occupied the site since the town became a bishopric in the 4th century.

What makes the cathedral special from an artistic viewpoint is its exceptional state of preservation. The majority of the original stained glass windows have survived and they are still intact, while its architecture has seen only minor changes since the early 13th century.

The building s exterior is dominated by heavy flying buttresses which allowed the architects to increase the window size significantly, while two contrasting spires dominate the west end.

As a result of these influences, the Paulinian writing style is very French of the old school. I have vague memories of our teacher in Writing but I do remember the twirls she made when writing capital letters. To this very day, somehow I still manage to write that way. Our class though small in size, led to better socialization and we knew what everyone was doing.

It seemed like a second family for me and it was fun just being with your classmates. You have to remember that there were only 15 of us. In hindsight, I believe that the small class size made us more cooperative rather than competitive. We were helping each other rather than compete with each other. Still, there were natural geniuses who eventually stood out. I must admit, I was not one of them. Somehow I preferred goofing around than studying my lessons.

The small library was a favourite hangout of mine. There, I read books - of places I dreamed of visiting one day, of people I would emulate, and of ideas that would mold my attitude. I must have read more books that were not part of the curriculum than the recommended ones. I guess reading is another one of those impacts St.

Augustine had on me. I was reading any book I could lay my hands on. Reading was a big pleasure for me because my imagination soared without any boundaries. I am still convinced that reading presents a more vivid picture than, let us say — listening to audio books or watching DVDs. I have always remembered them despite not getting the chance to thank them for their kindness.

In this age of the internet, I hope we do not lose that pleasure of reading. The annual field demonstrations as well as the drama productions were big events that were considered as major extracurricular activities.

These were big production numbers and they involved wholesale practise on a daily basis. If somebody has to be credited for this major production, credit will certainly go to Ms. It could have been our fear of her that motivated us to synchronize our moves. Drama was likewise a big deal for us because the Paulinian Sisters somehow were heavily influenced by Fr. As I have mentioned earlier, we had a small class and therefore, all of us were involved in these activities, no exceptions.

The only question was — who was going to get the lead role? I somehow, and with some unabashed bragging rights, was regularly chosen to play some lead roles. I was a matador in a bullfighting field demonstration. I was also a lead actor in one stage play which seemed to me like a horror drama. Our formative years did not end up being thespians. We also developed our vocal cords as we formed the first glee club of the school.

Somehow, while Gregorian chants may sound sublime from the choir attic of the Iba Basilica, I prefer our version of the Sound of Music at the meeting place of the Knights of Columbus, to the enjoyment of our parents and relatives and friends. I never realized we will sound so cool. I do believe that this is not only true to me but also to all the pioneers of St. And while I did not attend high school at SAS, my heart belongs to this school where I had so much fun and great time.

The Augusteener December 27 www. Garcia of Iba, Zambales. Considers himself a Zambaleno as he grew up at Iba, Zambales where his parents made home. A consistent honor student from his grade school, he graduated salutatorian from high school — winning several awards, notably the Leadership Award and the Gerry Roxas Scholarship Award, among others.

He represented his school in oratorical competitions and won province wide. Entered the UST for convenience principally — the school being nearest home. At the insistence of his family he enrolled in a Pre-Med course. An inkling perhaps as to his choice of career was that he managed to get himself a commission as a cadet officer of the UST ROTC — while pursuing his pre-med course — the only science student at that time who was a cadet officer.

Took an entrance examination for the PMA at the first opportunity and passed it — at the same time that he passed his pre-med course and met all school pre-requisites for admission to the UST School of Medicine.

He chose to enter the Academy instead. His entire family father, mother, sisters and only brother was opposed to the idea. As a firstie, he represented the Academy in various track and field competitions and oratorical contests participated in by the Academy. He was Corp Executive Officer when he graduated and was among the upper third of his class in scholastic standing.

And like his classmates who were assigned in the Constabulary he drew the Constabulary when his class drew lots for service assignments. Reassigned to Recom 1, he, together with two other officer classmates under two of the training of new PC enlistees of Recom 1 — abbreviated ranger course — which men later on composed the Special Action Company of Recom 1 and to which company he was later on assigned a junior officer.

In one of his patrols, instinct and probably good luck saved him and his troops from a possible ambush by subversive terrorists at one hinderland village.

Passing through said village, he refused an invitation to take supper and stay overnight there at — and even light refreshments and a little rest. He decided to push on through and camped instead for the night in the foothills outside of and overlooking the village.

Later intelligence disclosed that at the same time that the villagers were enticing them to spend some time within the village an enemy group was at the outskirts of the village and which group could have inflicted heavy casualties of his patrol — had the enemy group been able to position themselves by the hanging bridge on the route his patrol took on the way out of the village.

The Augusteener December 35 www. He was deeply affected by the poverty and misery of the poor people of the hinderlands. He gave away his personal medicines he brought for his own use, to seek villagers.

Perhaps even at the outset he was never meant to be a doctor of medicine — for had he not chosen the military as a career — he could have been a priest.

Princess Notebook: Zambales Island Hopping I (Capones)

From his boyhood, he has manifested a special closeness to the church. Whenever he was at Iba he never failed to serve mass and visit the parish priest, the Bishop of Zambales and the sisters of St. He could have been a good priest too. It is likely, that his choice of the military as a carrier was influenced by his exposure to military life during his youth and early formative years. He spent his school vacations in PC camps and stations where his father was assigned and was thus exposed to the company of soldiers and young lieutenants.

He could have been a good lawyer and a successful politician as he was articulate and friendly to everyone and exhibited no airs. According to one of his foster mothers — he had a way of endearing himself with people.

He had several foster parents who adopted him and whom he adopted. He had three at Baguio City, one at Lingayen, Pangasinan, and even one as far as Tacloban City who acquired during his tour in the south as a cadet.

He was foremost of all — thoughtful. On the fateful day 13 Mayhe was, together with his ranger team on board a Land Rover about meters behind a lead vehicle on the way to Bontoc from Besao when they were ambushed at Sitio Banga-an, Sagada, Mountain Province by subversive terrorists on or about hours. The lead vehicle was fired upon by the enemy hitting and wounding one officer and the driver of the vehicle — and thus immobilizing the vehicle.

He had his team detrack, maneuvered his troops, returned the enemy fire, clear the area of the enemy and extricated the troops that were pinned down by enemy fire. He then made available his vehicle and driver to evacuate the wounded officer and driver to Bontoc; and personally operated the immobilized lead vehicle and maneuvered same from where it was ditched onto the road.

With him at the wheels, he had his troops and others board the vehicle and continued and proceeded with their interrupted trip to Bontoc. Met on the way by the Actg Provincial Commander of Mt. Province who came from Bontoc with reinforcements, they returned to the ambush site as ordered. For the second time that fateful afternoon, he and his troops once more scoured and searched the area for the enemy.

It turned out the enemy had returned to the area and a firefight ensued. Dusk was sitting in, and unmindful of his personal safety he aggressively maneuvered and redeployed his troops and continuously directed the movements of his men forward by voice and hand signals — moving ahead of the other elements with them, to dislodge the enemy from their entrenched position thereby exposing himself to enemy fire and leading by example until he was felled by an enemy shot on the forehead: A senior officer of his commented that with that fatal shot the enemy killed a potential general.

His body was flown home, by helicopter, to his parents at Iba, Zambales arriving before noon at the Iba Airstrip 15 May where he was met by his parents, relatives and other town mates. He was buried at high noon on 17 May His funeral mass was concelebrated by seven priests. Bob was awarded the Gold Cross Medal Posthumous for gallantry in action, and which medal was presented to his father in appropriate ceremonies at Camp Crame, Quezon City on 8 August We were always looking for a way to have fun.

We frequently found every small reason to be together. We were freshmen during the declaration of Martial law, too young to be really worried about late parties and stay-ins then. We had our own home curfewsso midnight curfews did not really bother us. We were sophomores when the SAS minor seminary opened. We had 5 minor seminarians to start with in our class. It was an adjustment for all of us.

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We had young boys who were away from their families. They came from all over Zambales. We learned mutually immediately how to make good friends, especially we had more boys added to our class. I am proud to be a graduate of SAS. I have spent 10 years of my life in its walls. It has slowly and gradually molded us morally and religiously. We were such a small school then and the nuns and priests around us have definitely affected our lives.

SAS has given me the chance to learn and live my faith up to this day. Back then, we took everything for granted somehow, not realizing how it would affect us now.

I do greatly commend our mentors for emphasizing the use of written and spoken English in the campus. All of these little things that have gladly paid off now as adults.

Each class change always started and ended with a prayer. Sometimes it would be hard to stay serious when the then Sr. It was precious to recall the presence of Msgr. Byrne sitting at the particular spot at the church. We would go and visit and be blessed. Whoever he remembers to be mischievous would get a knock on the forehead with his ring.

We competed against boys and girls. If it was the game is not finished through the break, rest assured we will continue the competition until the next break. Most of us would rather get punished than reveal the truth. This is how you find out who likes who and all the teasing during and out of the classes would start. We played on the few concrete benches by the bougainvillea bushes. Chalks were not used but we used folded up bougainvillea leaves to scroll on concrete.

The version of eco-friendly during that time. After storms, we would convince the teachers to take a long walk to the beach, just to be able to collect sea shells but really mostly to get out of the campus with their consent. Adolescence would not be normal without peer pressure. It was a positive influence in our class. We had a lot of musically talented classmates and the guitar was at the center of it all.

Most of us looked forward to the glee club and enjoyed the class musical competitions particularly the one under the supervision of Mr. We had a lot of talented classmates. In our younger years, we loved competing against the upper classmen. We competed in oratorical contest,spelling, singing, dancing and sports.

Whether we won or not, it was always fun rooting for our class. We loved our mentors as manifested in the fact that we still keep in touch with them. Simeon dela Rosa, Ms. During our Senior year, Sr. Carmen Cua was our religion and Spanish teacher. For us girls, it was special to have younger nuns then that we could comfortably ask silly and relevant questions. Sister Victoria was our high school principal and music teacher. We had a lot of classmates that came and went through the years.

There were 33 of us in our Senior year, 19 girls and 14 boys. Three of them have passed on away: Surprisingly, there are 14 of us based in the US. Two of us are in Australia and the rest are in the Philippines. We have become nurses, physical therapist, engineers, teachers, US navy officer, parents and other degrees that each of us have achieved. All of us are happy in our own ways. We are proud to have a priest in our class, Fr.

He is currently in Virginia Beach, Virginia. I do not think any other school would have molded us to be what we are now. Big thanks and gratitude to each and everyone that has been a major part of our lives.

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Though we spent our childhood together, we never expected that we would fall for each other in the end. The courting started out as a crush then into puppy love during our secondary years. Those significant moments are still vividly imprinted in my memory as I recall how Albert would do something to make our teachers allow him to sit beside me always.

Inside the classroom and inside the campus he was always tagging along. My stalker inside and outside the school! At that moment of our lives, Albert and I knew then that ours is a mutual feeling of genuine love for each other but we were also aware that it has its limits not until we finish college. We made a vow that no matter what happens, our priority goal was still to finish our studies.

Parents were more conservative then compared to now. After our high school graduation, I entered Pre-dent freshman at the University of the East and as usual he followed me and enrolled in BS Accounting at the same school making sure he kept his eye on me.

And maybe to become closer to watch over me, he shifted his course into Dentistry. Ours was just another on and off relationship just like any other couples. But we survived the roller coaster ride of love-hate-love relationship for six years until we graduated from college. There was even a time when we nearly gave up thinking that the rift was apparently irreparable. After graduation, I took the Dentistry licensure examination which I luckily passed on my first try.

At that moment I decided to go back home to Iba, Zambales to practice my profession. As usual, Albert followed me on my way back home. Our first baby boy unfortunately died of aspiration pneumonia and lived only for nine days after birth because he was a premature baby. After years of waiting, we nearly gave up. We thought God will never again bless us with a child. In we migrated to the United States.

And the first years were very difficult for us. During those trying times, we hurdled much obstacles as starters and strangers in a foreign land. We lived a life of ups and downs facing odd challenges for survival in the land of Uncle Sam. But God is really good, we were able to overcome those challenges. Amids these crises, however, we kept on praying to God to bless us even with only one child.

All those years I thought I was not meant to become a mom. But God is so unimaginably great. God gave me a miracle because I got pregnant at the age of We named our miracle baby, Justine after the combined name of my father-in-law and my dad. She was a miracle baby. She is a blessing directly from God, our most loved and cherished gift from the Almighty. We never succumbed to any vitro approach or artificial insemination.

Now she is eight years old, a very sweet and smart girl. God really knows what is best for us. God will give you the favor you ask in His perfect time. He gave Justine to us when everything was all in place like passing the board licensure examination, a green card and my own clinic. Now we are now on our 23rd year of happy and blissful married life. Aldave, Timothy Joseph L. Aramay, Cris Adrian V. Bolasco, Lemuel John S. De Guzman, Francis C. Dial, Mike Tyrone R. Dullas, John Rey R.

Ecalnir, Evan Nicholson E. Edora, John Benedict S. Escusa, Aldrin Paul C. Falinchao, Joshua Jude P. Gonzales, Jeffrey Lance A.

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Herrera, Gian Carl D. Labrador, Matt Cyrus L. Luartes, Josh Daniel G. Montalla, Raymond Darel N. Trinidad, Charles Arthur B.

Zaragoza, Mico Angelo O. Acuavera, Aleza Jane B. Agrabio, Jenalyn May T. Batinga, Joanna Marie O. Bautista, Camille Anne A. Cabal, Anne Charmaine S. Castillo, Jammie Fritz C. Castillo, Rose Anne A. Dacayo, Reena Jane B. Dazo, Almee Roselle O. Dolojo, Frances Mae L.

Ebuen, Honey Jane G. Ecalnir, Eva Marie Nicole E. Ecura, Rizelle Jen A. Abdon, Joan Abbygail M. Aguilon, Jianne Samantha Rae M. Apostol, Thelma Thed Jane B. Asuncion, Edsyl May E. Costa, Velia Faye C. Dumlao, Joana Mycah E. Gutierrez, Pearl Gem M. Lao, Mary Antonnette D. Lorente, Judessa Mai Y. Mabatid, Jenni Jeanne M. Megano, Ann Marie D.

clara meet 2012 iba zambales

Reyes, Rellene Juerell D. San Miguel, Angelica T. Graduates… Agana, John David M. Apostol, Moses Kim T. Arcala, Noriel Lemuel E. Bundang, John Del S. Carreon, Giuliano Mikael E.

Centeno, Michael Dave M. Villamin, Hannah Katreena L. Willis, Maria Isabel G. Yap, Lindsay Grace D. Graduates… Acuavera, Don Johnson B. Agana, Gil Bryan V. Basa, Jose Lorenzo M.

Borreta, John Clinto B. Bundang, Kim Luis R. Cabal, Paul Marie D. Camat, Christopher Terence R. Camba, Mark Niele B. The bathroom is clean and has a complete set of toiletries ready for us to use. The staff is courteous. Great customer service overall.

We also took a straight 3-hour surfing lessons with their partner Quiksilver Surf School, the instructors are indeed knowledgable and really knows what they're doing and teaching. I took lessons from Phil. Mary Anne Elizalde Good wave and comfortable place overall rate 4 over 5 I am a Japanese surfer I often visit the Philippines but first time did surfing here first time in the Philippines It was good wave and comfortable place and room. Surfing guide was kind may aircoon Spent only one night on a maximized stay.

Its low profile entrance area would make you think if it's going to be worth it. Warm welcome was given to us by the staff. And since we visited on a weekday, that explains the few to almost no other customers on board.

We were escorted to our Naomi room which is quite far from the shore and it's convenient enough to stay in since we want a private comfort room.

clara meet 2012 iba zambales

After setting our bags in, I decided to eat a late lunch meal in their restaurant. I thought it was closed since I didn't see any one soul eating inside. I was told it's open so I proceeded to order spam and egg meal and easily enjoyed it after-which I headed to the shore to take a peek of the beach. I saw a hammock towards the shore which is perfect to start the beach day with. Carrying my camera, I took some photos of the place and myself. Rodolfo Sulit de Gracia Jr. One of them is Dr.

The Reunion broke the record of attendees during past reunion events. A dedicated and organized person who keeps a diary which helps him keeps track of his daily activities. He is one of the 11 members of the Board of Directors who wo. Marquez, Ralph Atabay a. The committee selected Payoyo for the award because of his ou.

College of Engineering, College of Agriculture, etc. The informational meeting focused on the discussion of the upcoming reunion at the Mani. This is the 3rd Grand Reunion held in Las Veg. I humbly say that during my administration wit. CLSU registered a The Professional Regulation Commission recorded 1, p. The significant accomplishments of the alumni association under his exemplary leadership have broug. The Gintong Butil award is the highest award given to alumni who have distinguished thems.

Alfonso BS Bio led the team who won. Coloma finished BS in Agriculture at.