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bangshift march meet 2012 is proud to introduce our project "Yang" Nova drag car. . is proud to present Brian Lohnes' driving impressions of the Buick Regal Good Vibrations March Meet Live Stream by Posted: Sun Feb 26, pm Post subject: March Meet - Bakersfield Calif for LIVE video from the race from our former club member Chad. FREE LIVE streaming coverage of the historic March Meet! Published February 29, Courtesy of Bangshift. Bakersfield, CA – BangShift is proud to announce that we will once again be providing FREE LIVE streaming coverage of the.

Small, light, and packing one mighty punch, it's reminds me of a street legal go-cart. In my book, it is, to this day, the best looking Corvette ever built. Perhaps shockingly, the split window didn't go over so well and was killed rather quickly, though today, it's highly collectible and easily making my list.

Thinking outside the box, taking a Regal with it's plush interior, and adding a killer engine under the hood that outright embarrassed the Vette that year. As the last year for the the rear wheel drive platform, Buick truly went out with a bang and left it's skid marks in automotive history. This is my wife's dream car, and I have no problem fulfilling that dream one day.

I only partially agree with Bangshift regarding it's looks. It is ugly, but it's so damn ugly that it's cool. Talking about breaking the mold, this car looked like nothing else out there. A factory race car, it doesn't get much better than this.

Hall Bros. Racing: March Meet

In my opinion, it was THE best looking car at the time. In my opinion, it's unique styling would even place it amongst the best looking cars on the market today. If I were to pick a 1 from this list, this would surely be in the running, if not the winner. Arguably one of Ford's proudest moments, and one of my favorite year Mustangs to boot. The all aluminum was a track terror, and to this day, the fastest factory Camaro ever built. Arguably the most recognizable engine for the masses from the muscle car era, it is the reason the hemi name and engine was resurrected, and enjoys it's fame today.

bangshift march meet 2012

In my opinion, the 4 headlights on the were by far it's best looking year. I love the Challenger nearly as much, but given the choice, I'd take the Hemi Cuda Thursday morning we got teched in and we were ready for the first qualifying round.

Jim would need to do double duty with two cars since Bryan was short a crew member. Jeff Worms was working and could not make it. Bryan recruited Brian Reinaldo but he could not make it down until Fri morning. So we headed to the lanes for the only qualifying run for Thursday.

Mitsubishi Delica

Bryan ran first and since I was so far back in line I was actually able to be on the line to see his run. I was toward the end of the 37 cars and since I was so far back in the lanes Bryan and Don were able to get back to the line to watch. This however was not good enough for 1 and I ended up 3 qualifier. Bryan ended up 6 for the day. This made for a very high spirited night as we went back to our dirt pit. We were really roughing it as we slept on the floor of our race trailer.

bangshift march meet 2012

That is the only way we can afford to make these events. If you take a motorhome they charge an extra We also had to rough it when it came to our dinner as Cliff cooked Tri-tip and bake potatoes. The racers life is not easy! On Friday it would be the last qualifying pass. I went out first and my car drove toward the guardrail and I let off. When we got back to the pits after pulling the valve covers on Bryans car he had destroyed a couple of pushrods.

So apart it came. Bryan had left his spare pushrods at home so we needed a plan to get them here. They would be there Saturday morning.

bangshift march meet 2012

We also found a bunch of bad adjusters but found some new rocker arms at the swap that had adjusters. Problem solved, or so we thought.

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Brian Reinaldo and Don Caldwell got everything sorted out so it could go back together. It was a good feast and Cliff Hall made home made ice cream with the hand crank. It was a hit! Greg and Austin Means liked my apron that I was wearing. Now if you have been reading the previous race reports you will know that Bryan has not yet made one round of competition since he has owned the car.

This thing is really making him earn it. The car is deadly consistent but it has just been mostly small stuff that has kept him out of eliminations.

We get the call and to the line we go with both cars ready. Bryan runs first and everyone is nervous and Bryan wants to get that monkey off his back. Bryan gets the green and runs 7. This is the start of something good. I am up next and I cut a. Now it is Bryans turn to carry the Hall Bros banner. Back in the pits we pull the valve covers and find a couple of pushrods that have slight damage so Bryan fixes them and we adjust the valves a little tighter and Bryan says he will keep the burnout RPM down.

Hopefully this will help from beating up the cups. Saturday evening we get the call for the second round of eliminations and the bantam is ready. Bryan cuts a good light. He runs a 7.